When you have a swimming pool, stone features in Houston are one of the best ways to make it look even more beautiful and inviting. Your pool can be the focal point, but there still needs to be some supporting features. In this article, we are going to talk more about stone features and how to make sure they compliment your pool.

stone features

Selecting Your Stone Features & Design

You may already have a design idea in mind that is going to work the best for you and your yard but many people are held up with their new backyard space because they aren’t sure what they want to do with the design. The below information will allow you to get started on your project.

When you set up your stone features, it is going to determine how traffic goes throughout your backyard. You are going to see two different types of designs with many different variations. These two designs are the most rigid and traditional design. You are going to be able to notice these designs by intersections and straight lines. On the other hand, with the more whimsical designs, you are going to see haphazardly set stones that will allow people to take their own path to the pool.

Depending on what kind of environment you want to set up for the people that are going to be enjoying space, either of these designs could be a good option. For those of you that like to have something that is more structured, the first option will most likely be what you want to choose but if your tastes are freer and fun the second option could be your best choice.

stone features

What Stones Should You Use for Your Stone Features?

There are three main stones that are used for walkways when you are setting up your backyard. These three stones are Slate, Limestone, and Sandstone.

Slate gives you different color options and various textures to choose from. If you want durable, attractive flooring, this is a good option. High traffic areas are a good place to place Slate. Let’s say that you use Slate for your pavers, this is going to disguise damage that might happen. This is why it is a good option for high traffic areas.

Limestone is a perfect option when you are going for a minimalist feel. It gives you a earthy look and is available in soft colors of gray, taupe, tan and brown. You won’t take away a lot of attention from the pool and other elements of the pool area if you use these stone features. Another benefit is that Limestone is salt-resistant so it makes for a good pool area feature.

stone features

Sandstone is known for its loose grains and rough texture and is going to catch your eye with its many available colors such as red, gray, blue, taupe and tan. Liquids will be able to flow through with Sandstone. You will also be glad to know it is not slippery when it is wet. You can use a de-icing solution in the winter and you will not inflict any damage or change its appearance.

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