Turn your Gulfport backyard into an entertaining haven with a stone fire pit that keeps you warm on the coldest days. If you are blessed with a substantial outdoor space, transform it to provide the perfect ambiance to end each day.

Stone fire pits are permanent fixtures designed to complement your home and surrounding landscape. Should you have a creative bent of mind, use it to build one from scratch while referring to DIY kits.

An inviting backyard comprising a fire pit entices your family to gather around more often once the sun sets. Liven up your evenings in the backdrop of the warm fire glow amidst delightful company, interesting conversations, and tempting treats.

Factors to Consider before Building a Fire Feature

fire pit in Gulfport backyard

  1. Determine the size of the fire feature based on what your Gulfport backyard can safely accommodate
  2. Leave a minimum space of seven feet between the pit and any permanent backyard fixtures
  3. Build the pit on a level surface and at a safe distance from your home, supply lines, low hanging branches, and any storage areas
  4. People should be able to freely move around the fire whether they sit, stand or walk
  5. Choose your fire fuel wisely from among natural gas, wood or propane, based on the material used and provided space
  6. Familiarize yourself with the terminologies associated with the different stones available

Given here are some stone fire pit options you can choose from to light up your Gulfport backyard:

Camp Style Look

For a rugged appearance ideal for an informal setting, stack stones of different shapes and sizes on gravel. To achieve this style, place a wood burning log right on top within a circular frame.

Modern Style

When you want a low, simple yet functional pit, this design works well. Stones clustered in a circular pattern provide this classic look. It gels well with a desert landscape comprising clear skies and spectacular sunsets.

Tempered Glass Effect

Outdoor fire pits mostly use traditional wood. To up the style quotient, a popular alternative nowadays is colored tempered glass chips. The glass itself is used as fillers for the pit as they add to the visual appeal. Though they provide warmth, the heat emitted is not as much as wood. Source of fuel for these types of pits are propane or natural gas.

Tempered glass withstands heat, retains its color and does not emit toxins and pollutants. The two types of glass mostly used are tempered reflective and recycled fire glass. Made from window scraps and glass bottles, the latter variety is more environmentally friendly.

Rectangular Pit

outdoor fire pit

Instead of the usual round pit, your backyard will stand out thanks to this unique shaped fire pit. Should you want to specifically create an outdoor seating space around the stone pit, design it keeping the shape of the pit in mind. For a classy touch, you can use granite slabs and fill the pit with amber glass rocks.

Above all, before investing in a stone fire pit, check the legal and safety aspects from your local fire department.

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