The area surrounding your pool is one of the most essential areas of your poolscape in Salt Lake City. Not only is it a spot where everyone gathers, but it also plays an important role in defining the style and personality of your pool. There’s a range of stone pool decking options, both natural and man-made materials. These materials create high-quality pool decks. But the ones created from natural stone are incomparable companions to classy pool settings.

stone pool decking options

It is essential to remember that for natural stone to retain its elegance around the pool, you should treat it using a certified sealer. This will allow it to withstand hard use, pool chemicals, and weather changes.

Common Stone Pool Decking Options:


One of the stone pool decking options is Sandstone. This material is made up of quartz grains and is often red or light brown. Extremely durable, even-toned sandstone is the perfect choice for swimming pools that are dramatic in texture and color. Most pool designers like it since they can get the amount of material they require and not worry about an extreme range of color.

Coral Stone:

This material consists of limestone, shell and coral fossils, sand, and coral. Toughened by nature, coral stone is a unique material, which can withstand several climate extremes, heavy foot traffic, pool chemicals, and saltwater. This makes it perfect for coping and pool decking. Practically non-slip, the material will also absorb just a little heat and is easy to maintain.

stone pool decking options


One of the world’s most preferred construction materials is limestone. The material is usually quarried from local sources. It is resilient and will retain its elegance for a long time, regardless of the weather. Most pool designers not only build decks with limestone but also choose to use its attractiveness for pool coping.

Appealing in warm weather and durable, the material will withstand extreme weather elements and constant use. Some of the colors it comes with include pink, tan, gray, brown, and blue, to name a few. You can cut limestone in a range of sizes and shapes as well.


This is one of the more common materials for constructing luxury pool decks. Nowadays, travertine is a preferred choice; particularly with pool contractors who prefer this material’s tendency to stay cool to the touch and porous nature.

Since travertine usually absorbs water immediately, pool decks built from it are virtually non-slip. In addition, this material can withstand all weather elements, which include freeze/thaw.


One of the toughest natural stones is granite! That is why professional designers at Premier Pools, Salt Lake City pool builders prefer it when searching for a consistent look that will withstand the elements for years.

Created mainly of quartz, granite is often dark in color, repels water, and holds to a shine. Granite decking is great for pool designs, which are natural in pattern. It is also the best option for stylish settings.

stone pool decking options

┬áStone pool Decking Options – Conclusion

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