Small pools are perfect add-ons to small backyards. At the same time, they offer a more private experience. To avail the perfect small fiberglass pools for your backyard, here check some of the amazing design options.

If you go for big pool design, you can convert your backyard either into a landscape or into a relaxing space. But with small pools, you can have both of them. Small pools are great for homes with limited space. However, they can offer an exquisite appearance to an outdoor space even of big homes.

The only thing is to consider an ideal shape and customize your pool according to your unique preferences. So, here we share with you some really amazing small pool ideas.

fire pits

Small Pool with Lighting


With selected lighting elements used in a small pool, you can create a space that stands out from others. Select your preferred pool shape based on the size and shape of your backyard. Precisely create a modern look.

Add Life to Your Outdoor Space


A beautifully and simply designed pool design can add more life to your exterior space. It is great if your backyard is simple too. Add planters and lighting on one side and a comfy chair beside it for an ultimate experience.

Small Pool in Backyard

No matter what shape your backyard is, you can create a perfectly complementing pool for it. Design the pool with the available space in your yard. Small fiberglass pools seem to be jumping on the trend train for 2019.

Integrate bright colored blue tiles in the bottom to add a tint of color. If space allows, divide your pool to create a more personal space.

Pools with Well

Your swimming pool can be a peaceful and serene place to relax at night. Create a well design at the wall on the far side of the pool. Complete the look with mosaic tile at the center with water flowing from all sides.

Wells Small Pods

To create an alluring and unique experience, design a small pool in one of the best exterior areas of your house. Artistically landscape the entire area. The look can be enhanced with bricked walls and long chairs. To make it more distinctive, consider adding a stone basin at any of the walls.

The Slate Deal

Limited space in your backyard can be offered a cool and tranquil appearance. Use it to create a small fiberglass pools to offer freshness and liveliness to your entire house.

Add small stone tables at the pool center, which will also serve as an adequate area for eating.

Pool with a Spa

raised spas with flagstone

Including waterfalls in your pool will sure add more life and make you feel connected to nature. Make your pool look chicer with an additional small spa created with the same materials as used for the pool.

Wooden Deck

The freshness and coolness of your water body can precisely complement the open space in your backyard. The small pool is perfectly enhanced with wooden deck and a glass wall has been mounted against one of its sides. This sleek, glossy body separates the area from the remaining backyard.

These are some small fiberglass pool designs that you can consider for your backyard oasis.

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