For most of the homeowners, a swimming pool is a desirable backyard feature. With so many Gulfport pool designs and patterns, a pool can be the focal point in your home. It increases the curb appeal and valuation of your home by several notches. But, building a modern pool takes more than imagination. You need to plan every aspect of design. Here’s how:

How to Successfully Design Your Gulfport Pool 1

Size Up the Backyard

Before designing a swimming pool in your backyard, measure up the available space. It makes certain that you choose a pool sized for your home. When sizing up your backyard, also factor in the space you may need for a patio, deck, and any other landscaping feature. With these measurements, you can determine the size of pool for your space.

Pool Designs and Technology

Choose the Type of Pool

When selecting Gulfport pool designs, you must make wise selections. Before finalizing a design, consider whether you need an in-ground pool or an above ground pool. Above ground pools are cheaper options but they lack the ability to customize. On the other hand, in-ground pools offer the freedom to choose any material, design, or shape depending on your preference. You can choose geometric pools, freeform designs with vanishing edges or a classic rectangular pool.

Location of the Pool

Depending on available space, you can select an appropriate size of the pool. Here, the balance of scale matters a lot. Hence, you must also take into account the position of your pool in the backyard. You can keep it one meter off the boundary where it becomes easier to meet the construction needs without getting into any troubles. When digging near the boundary, you must follow the property protection measures to protect the neighboring property.

Gunite Material

Select the Right Material

Once all other things fall in place, select the right material for your pool. You can either opt for cookie-cutter pools or choose custom-built designs. The choice of materials includes concrete, fiberglass, vinyl liner, and ceramic. Each of these materials has its own pros and cons. While concrete can be molded in any shape or design, fiberglass is an affordable option. The selection can be made as per individual preferences and allocated budget.

Consider Fencing and Safety

When it comes to pool construction, many homeowners ignore the safety aspect. Your pool must comply with local safety standards, to start with. There are specifications about height, access, and barriers. Consider these factors. Also, think about the fencing that your backyard needs for privacy.

Add Custom Water Features

If you want to add more pizzazz to your swimming pool design, add some custom water features. A waterfall, fountain, swim-up bar, or a water slide can spruce up your entire backyard. You can also add a hot tub spa to your pool or kids-friendly water features to create inviting private retreat in your backyard. Whatever is your choice of features, make sure that it creates a soothing ambiance and cuts the unwanted noise in your oasis.

Above all, you should get in touch with professionals to bring your Gulfport pool designs and ideas into an amazing reality.