Do you have a small issue that is getting in the way of your beach dreams? Worried insufficient funds will get you down? No worries! If there is an issue, there is a hack. Discover a solution to your summer fun problems with 6 of our preferred hacks for the pool and beach.

Night swimming with glowsticks

Turn your family’s swimming pool into a classic underwater laser display by tossing in some glowsticks. These are quite affordable and can and are available in many stores. Your children will love you! They will be able to take a dip at night and will have a lot of fun searching for the glowsticks at the bottom of the swimming pool and bring them up to the pool surface.

summer fun


Create a floating cooler and take summer fun to a different level

Do you not detest having to exit the swimming pool to go and get your preferred ice-cold drink? Bid farewell to those days by creating a floating cooler from swimming pool noodles. The idea is easy and only requires a couple of minutes to create.

summer fun

Accelerate sand removal

Baby powder is not only for baby’s bums, regardless of what the packaging informs you. True, it may help get rid of some of the foot odor, but it is also a beach bag essential. Preparing to go inside but feel as though your hands are covered in sand-gloves? Shake out a bit of baby powder and use it to remove sand. Not only are you going to be sand-free but you will even be baby-scented.

Become an s’mores expert

Summer fun is not complete without campfires and s’mores. But the worse time comes when you have to wait for your turn with a roasting stick. Using this hack you will make multiple s’mores for everybody at the same time.

Purchase a new rake and you are all set. Not only is this an excellent investment for assisting you to make awesome summer fun treats, but you will even be in a position to use the rake as soon as fall hits.

Cool the burn

Aloe gels are good and calming sunburn relief. To enhance upon perfection, place your bottle of aloe into the refrigerator before going to the beach or swimming pool. The cool temperature will increase the relief.

Whatever you decide to do, ensure you are using aloe gel, not some moisturizing skincare lotion with aloe. Lotion will only trap the heat from a burn, making longer your pain rather than relieving it.

summer fun

Summertime reading bingo

This summer hack is fun for adults and children alike. Help your kids continue reading over the summer by taking part in summer reading bingo. Create a chart with your children and place it in the refrigerator. Give them rewards as incentives once they get a bingo.

This hack does not need to be performed with reading only. Try it with anything that you would like your children to work on while they are out of school.

Do not worry; you can try this hack even if you do not have children. Pick a habit that you would like to develop over the summer. Make your own bingo boxes and reward yourself every time you get a bingo. For instance, you can have the target to shed some weight before a certain period. One square would be to exercise with a friend and another would be to go an entire day without sugar. This is a more innovative and fun method to accomplish change in your life instead of simply checking off a to-do list.

Summer Fun Hacks That Will Change Your Life

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