If you are like me, you have probably heard a lot of swimming pool myths. A lot of these things we have heard simply came from someone saying it once and other people repeating it not knowing if it was true or not. In this article, we are going to talk more about these swimming pool myths and see which ones are real truths.

swimming pool myths

Swimming Pool Myths – What You Need to Know

Eating before swimming can cause problems. This is not true. Most people have heard that you need to wait at least thirty minutes before you swim after you eat. This is normally because it is believed that stomach cramping is possible while you are digesting food and swimming at the same time which could result in trouble swimming.

It is true that digestion does cause blood circulation does go toward the gut and away from muscles of the stomach, severe problems from eating and swimming has not occurred. While you may experience discomfort, you won’t be in any danger.

Sunscreen isn’t needed if you are swimming. This is another thing that is not true. Even if you are in the water, you need sunscreen to keep your skin protected and you need to reapply it as you continue to be out in the sun since being in the water can wash it off and when you contact people or clothing, this can also take your sunscreen off.

swimming pool myths

Sunburn fades into a tan. Not true. It is not possible for sunburn to fade into a tan when your skin is wet with chlorine water or ocean water. Sunburned skin is a simple response to DNA changes to your skin cells that have been damaged from too much exposure to the sun. When you are burned, your body reacts by sending blood to the skin cells for repair and this is why there is the red color. Your body will then heal and peel which allows for a new layer of skin to form. This is your normal skin color vs a tan. Sunburn is very dangerous and you need to make sure that you keep your skin protected.

You should rinse off before you swim. True. 70% of people don’t rinse off before swimming. Chlorine does kill communicable pathogens like bacteria or parasites, but it doesn’t kill everything. Anyone that gets into the pool should shower before getting into the pool and you should also rinse after you use the sauna and then get into the pool.

swimming pool myths

Swimming Pool Myths – Conclusion

Now that you know more about swimming pool myths and what you do not have to do to keep yourself safe and the things you may not have been doing that should be done, you will be a safer swimmer. When you are a safer swimmer, this makes it easier for you to be a confident pool owner. Give us a call to get started now.

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