The notion of having a swimming pool in your own backyard is always an amazing feeling. It is easy to give into fantasies of hosting parties on weekends, spending long afternoons lounging at the poolside while working the ideal tan, and taking up a revitalizing workout routine, which includes laps after work. However, in your daydreams, one important element of swimming pool ownership is: the pool maintenance. Without the right pool maintenance routine, your swimming pool may not be as pool part ready a you’d hoped. Here are some surprising pool maintenance routine hacks!

pool maintenance

Below are swimming pool maintenance tricks that you must try today:

1. Get some baking soda

There is no doubt that chemicals used in swimming pools can be costly, so why not find some help right from the food store? Many swimming pool outlets recommend using sodium bicarbonate to manage the pool’s alkalinity without significantly lowering the PH levels. They will make available costly solutions so as to finish the job. Ordinary baking soda performs the same work as sodium bicarbonate for just half the price. Boxes for baking soda have “sodium bicarbonate” displayed on their ingredients label.

 2. Throw in a tennis ball

Oftentimes, when people think about tennis balls in a swimming pool, they imagine playing catch. But those playthings can work double duty. When swimmers get out of the swimming pool, certain oils may be left behind in the pool water; your skin’s natural oil, suntan lotion, hair product. But how do you get rid of the oil? There is a simple solution. Just toss a tennis ball into the pool water. The fibers on the tennis ball will help soak up the oils and keep them from leaving behind a smooth gloss on top of the pool water.

pool maintenance

3. Toe the tile line

Contaminants, residue, dust form as time passes and stick along the tile area and water line. Cleaning this part each week must decrease the speed at which the swimming pool becomes dirty and cloudy because the deposits on the tile do not get washed into the swimming pool. Cleaning this area each week also decreases calcium accumulation. It is also wise to clean the walkway or cement around the swimming pool area to decrease the transfer of grime and dust into the water.

4. Dogs must be kept out

Dogs usually like jumping in after their owners and have fun around in the swimming pool; however, chlorine is not best for dogs. Not only will the swimming pool irritate the skin of your dog, but the swimming pool will get a lot of hair and dirt faster. Ensuring there is no dog hair in the filters might become a full-time job during summer with dogs in the swimming pool. For your dog’s safety, the levels of chlorine in the pool must be maintained below 3.0 PPM.

pool maintenance

5. The pool should be kept cool

Swimming pools cost energy to maintain and operate, and keeping a swimming pool above 82 degrees might give you a higher power bill. Rather than having a high temperature, it is cheaper for the pool water to have a solar cover. You will also find options for solar-powered swimming pool heaters that will as well help you cut back energy.

Maintaining a swimming pool in good condition does require some work; however, it does not have to weigh you down. When you incorporate these swimming pool maintenance tips into a frequent cleaning routine, you are guaranteed to spend more time sunbathing as opposed to performing chores.

Ready to host your own pool parties?

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