Swimming is good for your health. It provides you with the ability to do aerobic workouts without the harsh impact on the joints. Your pool is the perfect spot to work sore joints and stiff muscles, especially if you are suffering from arthritis or you’re overweight. Swimming is the best way of increasing muscle tone and muscular strength as well. It enhances flexibility since it will push your body through an array of movements that will help ligaments and joints stay flexible and loose.

Swimming is also the best way of improving the key muscle in the body; the heart! We’ve already stated that swimming is an aerobic workout that can strengthen your heart. This will result in better circulation of blood throughout your body. A good way to have a healthy heart!

good for your health

Enhance posture

Swimming in your own pool will help strengthen joints and enhance posture by enhancing the spinal column’s position. This will make it a great workout for those who have all types of back issues and problems.

Control blood pressure and blood sugar

Research has shown that swimming will improve a range of measures of blood sugar control, like sensitivity to insulin. This is true though swimmers often weigh more and have much more fat in the body than, say, cyclists or runners. Swimming in your pool is helpful in this regard not only since it will offer an aerobic exercise, but also since the resistance offered by the water will build muscle, which will help to control blood sugar.

Burns calories

One of the best and easiest ways of burning unwanted calories is by swimming in your own pool. You can burn about 500 calories by just swimming for an hour. Your metabolism will increase as your swim, continuing the “burn” for some time even when you have left your pool.

good for your health


Swimming in your own pool will not only improve cardio capacity while increasing the strength of your muscles, but it will also provide your body with a break from higher-impact activities such as weightlifting, running, and basketball. By creating a well-balanced exercise routine, athletes will avoid injury by letting their body time to heal, while not doing without every day working out sessions.

Better flexibility

The range of movement that’s involved when swimming lets you work almost all of your body muscles. That means that there’s a lengthening of muscles allowing flexibility of the joints.

Relieving joint pain

If all that logging miles on your runs or jumping around in the boot camp sessions have led to some pain in the joints, the solution is swimming in your own pool. Not only will water provide you with some relief by minimizing the amount of pressure on the body, but also the warm water will play a role, help to clear away any discomfort or rigidity you are suffering from. Essentially, you are having a calming, low-impact exercise that is amazingly gentle on the body.

Perfect for the family

Swimming is a good activity for the entire household since all abilities and ages will have a great time and splash around in your pool together.

good for your health

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