Building the pool of your dreams will mean having the details right. The days are long gone where a standard diving board at the pool’s end was considered trendy. Nowadays, you can add jumping rocks, custom water slides, built-in seating, fancy waterfalls and more. There are lots of benefits associated with adding a few swimming pool features.

swimming pool features

To start with, they will automatically enhance the value of the Tucson property and illuminate your backyard like never before. Keep in mind that even the smallest changes make significant effects. Secondly, you will have a great time with your new pool when you add features to it.

Here are Some Swimming Pool Features You Can Consider Adding to Your Pool:

Water Features

There are many water swimming pool features that you can add to your new pool to make it more visually appealing. This is because water features allow you to enjoy recreational activities that will prove to be soothing to both you and your loved ones.

Water features can be creatively tweaked to add waterfalls in your backyard. Picture a natural stone waterfall made with rocks collected from the area, where water flows gently cascading over them, pouring into your pool. Waterfalls complement lagoons in a way no other natural resource could. You can include a rock wall in your swimming pool features to match the cascading water to one end of your pool and enjoy the stunning visuals also displayed.

swimming pool features

Fountain Bubblers

These swimming pool features normally protrude upward in the same way mini-geysers do. They have become popular with children. In addition, they look stunning and pool owners do not have to pay a lot for these pool features.

Water Slides

These swimming pool features combine the features of the pool and backyard to deliver a water park experience in your own backyard. This will guarantee endless entertainment and fun to children and adults alike with the inclusion of a water slide.

There are slides that are longer and spin into features that look like corkscrews. Additionally, a water slide is easy to integrate with other swimming pool features such as rocks.

Consider Adding a Spa

A pool promotes health and wellness to all homeowners who use it effectively. The spa also promotes this.  You can achieve hydrotherapy in your backyard pool with the addition of a spa. Water therapy combines heat, massage, and buoyancy to effectively deliver a wellness program. This pool feature will help both your mind and body relax. Water is divine in its own way yet it remains to be a simple and pure feature of nature.

swimming pool features

Interested in Your Own Unique Swimming Pool Features?

Consider how you’ll use your Tucson before choosing custom swimming pool features. For example, you can use your new pool for a little friendly competition. Basketball hoops and volleyball nets can offer many hours of enjoyment for children and adults alike. Additionally, you might choose a swim-up bar if you entertain regularly. Do you need help installing pool features? Contact our experts at Premier Pools & Spas of Tucson today! We’ll able to help you choose which pool features to add to your new pool.

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