If you are looking for some awesome swimming pool designs for your swimming pool in Texas, you can check out designs below.

Less Is More

This is a simple swimming pool in Texas. Boxwoods faster the base of the porch columns. On the other hand, thermal bluestone pavers create a grid-like pattern. This spa and pool look expensive because of its surrounding lawn.  Design by Barry Block

Mix and Match

This pool owner used different types of materials for his patio and deck. This combo of stone, redwood and brick makes this pool a lot more beautiful. Photo courtesy of California Redwood Association

Patio Flair

This well-designed patio is an ideal choice if you want to decorate your pool. A fire pit with integrated curved seating and a peaceful dining area is what make this pool family friendly and entertaining for everyone. Photo courtesy of Belgard Hardscape

Decked Out

This pool and deck design is a good choice if you want to have a lot of activity around your swimming pool in Texas. The multi-level decks provide plenty of space to eat and relax while others have fun in the pool. Photo courtesy of TREX

Poolside Pavers

When opting for materials, don’t underestimate the importance of texture. Pavers, random shapes and chiseled surface turn this hardscape into a vintage cut stone. This dream design is perfect for your swimming pool in Texas.

Hard Rock Appeal

Artificial rock, natural stone coping and random pavers make this pool a work of art on this mountain. What ads to the beauty is the large rock waterfall. Wonderful! Design by Alderete Pools; photography by Andy Abrecht

Shade and Sun

If possible, you pool area should offer multiple options for your guests. The covered patio near this pool allows visitors escape the sun and enjoy their drinks in the shade.

Natural Stone

This design features a small, warm and comfortable backyard. The raised spa and free form pool is surrounded by beautiful, natural stone and artificial rock formations. On the right side, you can see 3 urns and an amazing stone water feature with fountains. Photography by Andy Abrecht

Jet Set

This rectangular courtyard pool has a lot of mesmerizing features. It has travertine stone coping and decking. The side corners of this pool has 6 deck jet water features. Design by Memphis Pool; photography by James Roberts

Elevated Pool Deck

This pool is an extension of the room and bedroom of HGTV Dream Home. This pool deck is around 10 feet above the ground level. On the right side of the pool, you can see lush green scenery. Beneath the deck, the space allows for a garage and patio.

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