Installing a pool in your Hamptons backyard is a difficult but rewarding task. But maintaining it is even harder. This is because it will involve lots of challenging tasks that can cost you a lot of money. So it’s essential for you to know your pool maintenance routine to keep the pool safe, clean and neat, for all to have a great time. In this article, we will highlight some vital pool maintenance tips. They will help you in maintaining the pool in the best way. Effective maintenance of your pool not only needs spending lots of money, but also requires the right pool maintenance techniques for keeping the pool in great shape.

pool maintenance tips

Here are some pool maintenance tips that you should try:

Cover the pool:

You should make sure that your pool is covered properly when it is not in use to keep the pool free of dirt and safe. Using a solar cover is the most effective choices for covering the pool. They are affordable and can warm up the pool during the summer season, and also help to trap the heat at nighttime.

Check the pool water level:

For your pool’s filter and pump to operate properly, you should be certain you have the correct amount of pool water. If you have low water levels, the pool pump will start to take in the air that will ultimately damage your pump’s motor, and this can be costly to repair.

Check out the skimmer opening and look at the level of your pool water. The water needs to be around halfway up the skimmer opening. Should you notice that the level of your pool water is below that, add water to the pool.

pool maintenance tips

Skim every day:

You should do this on a daily basis to ensure your pool water’s cleanliness and clarity. If you allow leaves, dirt, and other impurities build up for days before you skim, the pool water will have become very grimy. As a result, this might now need more than easy skimming.

Scrub your pool’s sides at least every other week, and watch out for any growth from time to time. If you feel a bit lazy but have some money to spare, purchase a robot vacuum instead. The perfect choices can scrub your pool’s sides and bottom well without draining you.


Each pool has traits that need regular measurement and adjusting. Most essential are the level of active sanitizers, alkalinity, and pH. By testing these three factors regularly, you will know how product application, weather, and bather load impact your pool water. Testing the water at least once every week can help you maintain the correct pool water balance and decrease the likelihood of issues.

pool maintenance tips

Pool Maintenance Tips – Conclusion

By simply following these pool maintenance tips, you can maintain the pool in the best way. It will ensure the safety of both your kids and loved ones. Without a doubt, these tips can help you ensure safety; however, it will ask for your attention initially. For preventing any more concerns, you should work with a professional to maintain your valuable backyard oasis. This is where Premier Pools & Spas with a good reputation steps up to offer perfection in designing and pool maintenance around the Hamptons.

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