We know you want to spend all day in your swimming pool, so here are a few friendly swimming pool safety tips to stay safe and have fun before you jump in!

Here are a few swimming pool safety tips to keep in mind before you jump in your pool

It’s hot.  Really, really hot.  After looking at the temperature forecast for today here in California (and our offices across the country are dealing with 90’s and high humidity – yikes), and seeing a huge “111” – it wasn’t a difficult conclusion to come to to say that we’ll be in our swimming pools all day.  Here are Premier Pools and Spas, our families are addicted to our pools, so we’re pretty familiar with these prune-fingers types of days.  In our offices across the country, we’ll be geared up for a day on the pool deck, but we want to leave you with a few swimming pool safety tips to make sure you enjoy your day worry free:

Check your deck and pool for hazards.  Do a quick scan around your deck, and the bottom of your pool, for anything that could cause tripping, glass, etc.  You’re typically in control of the pool area in your home, but you never know what’s lying around or was left from last time you had a gathering pool-side.

Check your pool chemical levels.  If this is the first time you’re jumping into your pool this year, make sure you’ve got the appropriate chlorine and pH levels.  If you’ve been swimming for a while, regularly stay on top of this to make sure your pool water is clean.  Nobody likes those burning red eyes.

Sunscreen, sunscreen, sunscreen.  One of the biggest health hazards involved with swimming really has nothing to do with your pool.  It’s that darn sun – and we often forget that it’s there while in the water.  Make sure that you and your family is protected, even if you’re out for a very short time.  Use waterproof sunscreen, and apply very regularly in intervals throughout the day if you’re out for long.

Make sure to regularly apply sunscreen

Take a break once in a while to hydrate and rest.  We’re guilty of spending all day in our pools too.  It’s fun and an incredible place for friends and family alike to bond and enjoy a relaxing day.  But when you’re in the water, you often aren’t aware that you’re actually dehydrated.  So make sure to take a break every once in a while to sit in the shade and hydrate up.  It will make your day last longer!

For the adults – watch what you drink.  Of course, for us grown-ups, nothing beats a hot day, a floating raft, and a cold beer or mixed drink.  But what we need to be aware of is that all that time in the sun (and if we’re following the previous tip, replacing water with ‘other’ liquids) will cause us to dehydrate much more quickly than normal, and it takes less alcohol to get the same effect we’re used to avoiding.  Make sure that you’re monitoring how much you drink so you don’t find yourself in a precarious position that you’re not sound-minded enough to manage.  Keep it light while you’re in the pool.

Keep a friend around.  Swimming alone when you’re exercising, sitting by yourself in the hot tub, or lounging poolside on a warm day are fine.  But when you’re being a little more rambunctious, make sure you’re not alone.  Most pool accidents are easily manageable when you have someone to help.  And if your kids are  going to spend the day in the pool, make sure there’s an adult available in case anything happens.

have fun in your pool this summer

HAVE FUN.  We admit it – we love our swimming pools.  There’s no better place in your own home to relax, exercise, bond with your family and more.  We also know there’s a little bit of extra work involved to make sure that your pool is in its tip-top shape, as well as a few more things to think about when it comes to safety and health.  But don’t worry about it!  If you follow a few simple tips, you’ll spend every day in your own backyard resort.  So grab a drink, a pair of shades and a beach ball, and enjoy!

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