A pool acts as a backyard oasis in your outdoors in Salt Lake City. It is important to know that the landscaping around it needs special considerations as well. Apart from being part of a visually appealing area of relaxation, the swimming pool surroundings should be eco-friendly, safe and practical for both the swimmers and the pool area. Flowering plants that draw bees, for instance, aren’t the best option near your pool.

swimming pool surroundings

Here are ideas of swimming pool surroundings:

1. Lighting and seating

An important part of the delight of a pool is the soothing atmosphere around it. Enough comfy seating, chairs around tables and reclining chairs, provide guests a spot to relax without the need of being in the pool. Toned down landscape lighting will provide you with an intimate, private ambiance during the evenings in Salt Lake City! It will also provide plenty of light when using your pool to see properly.

2. Difficult areas around your pool

Since a pool can occupy lots of space in your outdoor space, there usually appears to be a little bit of unused area at the perimeter, along a building or fence. Instead of having to deal with mowing or allowing it to grow wild near your pool, stirring up dirt and grass clippings near the pool, use polished river rocks to landscape these borders.

You can get the stones in monochromatic color schemes or multi-colored packages to complement the decor of your swimming pool surroundings. These stones are smooth enough to step on and will not get any damage due to the chlorine in the water.

3. Privacy

This is an important element is for many custom inground swimming pools, particularly if neighboring homes are close. A big privacy fence around your property’s perimeter can keep out unwanted pool guests and nosy neighbors while you are away.

swimming pool surroundings

Look at local laws before setting up such a fence, since some towns have laws about the maximum height of the fence and certain regulations for swimming pool surroundings.

4. Water features

If the poolside space is big and has visually empty spaces not put into use, water features will continue the relaxing ambiance of the pool area. With a sizable budget, a custom built waterfall flowing straight into your pool will create a wow factor in your swimming pool surroundings. The running pool water will create an air of relaxation while reading or sunbathing near your backyard pool.

5. Walkways and stepping stones

If the concrete edge around your backyard pool flows straight into your lawn, or if swimmers need to walk through dirt or grass to reach your pool, debris and grass clippings trapped to the bottoms of feet can find their way into your pool. Also, wet feet will track foreign matter back into the changing area or house. This will result in regular pool maintenance and mess cleaning.

A slate walkway or stepping stone covering the most natural path to your pool will reduce both home and pool debris. Go for flat stones that are smooth to the feet of the swimmer and visually appealing. Groupings of garden art or a couple of small statues along an extended path will add an interesting, creative air to the swimming pool surroundings.

swimming pool surroundings

Need to Improve Your Swimming Pool Surroundings?

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