Choosing a suitable water temperature for your indoor pool is partly about personal preference, coupled with the thought for consideration for how the swimming pool will be used and consideration issues of water hygiene. There is no accurate pool temperature since it is determined by a lot of different factors. It is often believed that the warmer the pool temperature, the more comfortable the experience for the swimmers; however, this is not necessary always the case. If the swimming pool is to be used for training or fitness swimming, it might be more enjoyable to have the water cooler than if it is a relaxing swimming pool, or if there are very young kids in the water.

pool temperature

Warm or cold pool temperatures

The ideal pool temperature is a personal choice; however, pools are maintained at an array of temperatures and people swim in an even broader range of temperatures.

It may be that you have got into the behavior of having your swimming pool at specific warmth; however, a minor adjustment can, in fact, suit you better but might not help you save money.

Of course, the warmer you have your swimming pool, the more energy it will take to heat it.

What is not so much known but just as true is that the warmer your swimming pool, the more energy it is going to lose.

So having a pool that is warm will cost you a reasonable amount of money. The question is, will it be worth it?

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Different activities suit different pool temperatures

Many hotels will maintain their swimming pool at about 30 degrees Celsius.

They want their swimming pool to be appealing to guests and, generally, the bathers in the pool will be enjoying the dip and possibly swimming a few leisurely laps.

If the laps are not leisurely, then look at competition swimming pools. For competitive swimming, it is typical for a pool to be maintained at roughly 25.5 degrees Celsius. That is much cooler; however; the temperature helps in deeper and easier breathing along with a quicker heartbeat.

If you are using your swimming pool for a workout and prefer to swim several laps at a steady speed, then maybe one degree warmer might feel more comfortable, but still, provide you with the same benefits. So now your swimming pool is at 26.5 degrees Celsius.

Still, a degree and a half below the 28 degrees Celsius standard, will save you money making your swimming pool more eco-friendly in several ways.

pool temperature

Less water is lost through evaporation in a cooler pool and so requires fewer chemicals to maintain the water in balance.

A warmer swimming pool is going to promote the growth of algae and so a cooler swimming pool will save you time and energy in cleaning also.

The above tips will help swimming pool owners to make a clear decision on what pool temperatures are efficient.

If you wished to be really brave, what pool temperature would you swim at?

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