Swimming pool tips are helpful for the newbie and the seasoned pool owner. You never know when you may have forgotten about one of the great tricks that make your life easier. Let’s go ahead and jump into these swimming pool tips.

swimming pool tips

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#1 – Your Filter

Your filter is basically your pool’s kidneys. It is always working to get rid of impurities from the pool. Impurities like dirt and leaves. Make sure that you clean out your basket at least once per week so that it does not get clogged. You may even find some small toys in the filter if you have kids that play in your pool. Once a month it is a good practice to clean out your pipes that are used by the filter system. You can do this through backwashing. This is a setting on your filter and is not hard to do. One of the easier swimming pool tips.

#2 – Skimming & Scrubbing

Even though you might think it is a no-duh kind of task, you should always remember to skim the leaves and debris out of your pool. You should do this on a daily basis. You can also buy a robot vacuum that can clean the bottom of your pool. You also want to make sure to scrub the sides of the pool so there is no algae build-up. This doesn’t need to be done too often. Maybe once every other week. Just make sure to keep an eye out for any growth that might decide to give you a visit.

#3 – Shocking a Cloudy Pool

If you have a cloudy pool, you should not be afraid to shock your pool is needed. If you notice a murky look to your pool, that is because of bacteria. You want to get rid of that as soon as possible.

What does it mean to shock your pool? It means to drastically raise the chlorine levels for a short period so that you can kill bacteria. Dilute three to five times the normal chlorine you would put or whatever other chemicals you use, with water then pour it into the pool’s return line. Let it filter through the pool and then slowly refill the pool with water.

swimming pool tips

Swimming Pool Tips Conclusion

These are some very important swimming pool tips that you should keep in mind if you are thinking about getting a pool. While it is not as difficult as many people act to take care of a pool, you do need to know what you are doing so that you can take proper care of your new play area.

swimming pool tips

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Imagine being able to walk out your back door and have your new pool in the backyard just waiting for you to come out and take a swim. Instead of having to go find another body of water to swim in, you can have it right where it is easy for you to access. Enjoy your home even more with your latest addition.

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