It’s great spending a day lounging near the pool having fun with your friends and family. Whether it’s partying or spending the afternoon barbecuing with your family, a fabulous pool area adds a luxurious touch to your backyard. There are many ways to customize your pool: shapes, sizes, colors, tile, etc. Below are six swimming pool trends that you might take into consideration this year. Let’s get started.

vanishing edge

Darker colored pool surfaces

When selecting the color combination for your pool tiles, try opting for a darker theme. It embodies qualities like opulence and sophistication. Ebony blue and Sapphire blue are two distinctly unconventional colors. These give your swimming pool a more dramatic look, and darker colors help people feel more calm and relaxed.

fire features

Enticing fire features

Fire features are a trend that has created a huge buzz this season. Regardless of the weather, a warm and cozy fire pit always adds that extra spark to every home exterior. During nights, you can enjoy reading a book sitting next to the fireplace, or maybe relish in a romantic dinner for two. This swimming pool trend enhances your pool’s appearance and your home’s ambiance.

swimming pool trends

Infinity pool

usually only seen at exotic vacation resorts or mansions, you can also build a coveted customized wet-edge pool, also known as an infinity pool in your backyard. This swimming pool gives the spectacular effect of water flowing with no boundaries. Captivating and elegant, wet-edge pools paint a flawless picture and serene atmosphere in your estate.

High-end custom materials

High-quality custom materials have become a major architectural trend. Adornments festoon every pool today, as owners have an eye for pebbles, glass tiles and marble decking. They even choose the finest mosaic tiles and novelty decorative pieces along with many more selections that have now become a staple to the modern age pool standards. One of the unique interior selections, the in-pool chaise, is the epitome of lavish extravagance in pool trends.

Smaller pools

These small wonders create a huge impact. Smaller pools leave you with much larger space to decorate your garden with landscaping or beautiful flowers. Maybe a vertical garden can be setup which can be alluring. Be it in a circular shape or the regular rectangle shape, you can build hot tubs that have steamy jets of warm water.

swimming pool trends

Advanced LED lighting

A backyard with beaming and dazzling LED lights in innumerable colors can perfectly illuminate your deck area at night. A program can also be automated which can be changed according to your soiree’s theme from shimmering disco nights to a dewy romantic dinner night. Ambiance has always been a prime concern while constructing a swimming pool in your estate.

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