You recently became the proud owner of a beautiful swimming pool. You are the envy of all your friends. Your house just became the summer hot spot, spring break party destination, and family bbq house of choice. You are ready! Sun tan, new swim suit , and pool floaty engaged! However, you now have a responsibility to keep up your new investment. Is it easy? It can be! How you decide to approach pool maintenance will determine how well kept your pool is.


lap pools TucsonUnderstanding your swimming pool

All pools are composed of a few basic parts. Of course there are endless upgrades that can be added overtime to truly meet your personal standards. For example pool heating, lighting, underwater speakers, and pool covers. These all add to the overall enjoyment of your swimming pool. Before you go crazy, let’s get back to basics. Your pool water, pool’s interior wall or line , pool’s filter system, and finally the pool’s system of skimmers and returns.

Pool Water

You can’t have a swimming pool without water. So naturally the first component of pool maintenance would be keeping your pool water clean. You need to keep it clear and free of contaminants. This can be done by balancing the PH levels. You can call a service professional to handle the pool chemicals. However, you can aid in pool maintenance by regularly clearing your pool of leaves, or bugs that may fall into the water. Regular upkeep is the key with your pool water.

Are Swimming Pools Easy to Maintain? 1Pool Interior

The walls of your pool liner should be kept clean. Since they are constantly in contact with the pool water coupled with the fact that they slope and can be harder to clean it is important to keep an eye on them. The interior of your swimming pool can become host to algae, mold, and other debris. Proper pool maintenance such as a pool brush, vacuum, or sweep can help to ensure clean clear interior walls.

Pool Filtration System

Your swimming pools filtration system is arguably the most important in regards to your pool maintenance.Your pool pump draws in water and keeps the water circulating throughout the pool. Your pool filter clears dirt and other contaminants from the water. If your filter stops working you will end up with a dirty murky water swimming pool. There is specific instructions you can follow depending on the type of pool filter you posses. Pool filter types include DE or diatomaceous earth, cartridge, sand, or a salt water chlorinator.

Pool Skimmers and Returns

Your pool skimmers pull the dirty water from your pool into your pool filter. Your pool returns push the fresh filtered water back into the swimming pool. Like all other working parts of your pool, the skimmers and returns need to be clean and free of obstruction so they can operate at an optimal level.

infinity edge poolPool Maintenance is simple

Now that you have a better understanding of the working parts in your swimming pool, you can keep it clean and well maintained. Every pool is unique, so of course you will occasionally you will encounter problems specific to your individual pool. However if you keep in mind these basics, your pool will be in good shape.

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