We love swimming pools as much as anyone, obviously. They’re our livelihood. But swimming pools in video games? Honestly, that isn’t something that has ever occurred to us. However, apparently more people do care about video game swimming pools. They care A LOT.

By “they,” we mean thousands of people. No joke.

Sims video game swimming pool

A little backstory: There is a popular video game series called The Sims, a “life simulation” spinoff of a game from the late 80s called SimCity. In the series of Sims games, “The player creates virtual people called ‘Sims’ and places them in houses and helps direct their moods and satisfy their desires. Players can either place their Sims in pre-constructed homes or build them themselves.”

So, the developers of the latest sequel, Sims 4, announced last month that the new game wouldn’t be including swimming pools (or toddlers) as options that could be incorporated into players’ towns. It turns out that fans of the games really, REALLY like swimming pools, as indicated by a flood of angry posts on Twitter, Facebook, and other sites. An online petition at Change.org currently has 17,444 signatures.

Seriously. No no. Seriously. Since June 25th, 17 and a half thousand people have petitioned the makers of the game to bring back their much-loved swimming pools and toddlers. Since writing began on this blog post, another 19 people have signed it.

We’re a little baffled by this, but hey, if people love swimming pools that much, who are we to judge? We of all people can appreciate just how awesome swimming pools are.