If you own a swimming pool in Marin, CA, you might be asking yourself when it will be time for an upgrade. When swimming pools in Marin are installed in the right way, they can last for years without giving you any major problems. But every swimming pool is still prone to some eventual deterioration.

Swimming Pools in Marin

Just like every other part of your property, there reaches a time when your swimming pool needs an update. When that time comes, make sure you consult Premier Pools, Marin pool builders for help and get much more fun out of your backyard oasis.

Here are some signs that swimming pools in Marin need remodel:

Outdated landscaping

You should remember that your swimming pool does not stand alone. Rather, it is part of the bigger equation of your outdoor space. If you want to enhance one piece, you may want to consider freshening up the others, which include the landscaping around your outdoor space.

Think about adding dynamic features such as:

  • Flowers, shrubs, trees, and other plants
  • Attractive decking
  • Water features

Poor energy efficiency

Swimming pools in Marin built over a decade ago are by no means as energy efficient and economical as pools today. Although a remodeling a pool can cost you more upfront, it will end up saving you ultimately. Modern equipment lets your swimming pool work more efficiently.

Swimming Pools in Marin

Worried about safety?

If you have kids or intend to soon, it is best if you reconsider the safety of your swimming pool. As you plan your pool update, think about adding other safety features, installing safety fencing, or extending your pool’s shallow end. Improving the safety of your pool in Marin is a great idea generally, not only for your children’s sake.

Out-of-date or faded deck

To really make swimming pools in Marin eye-catching, they need a stunning deck. An outdated, faded, or dull decking can make you feel fed up with the pool.

There are never-ending options with regards to your swimming pool deck. You can use pavers to replace the concrete or add some lighting or gorgeous plants for an easy fix. There is hardly any reason why your deck should be dull.

Swimming pools in Marin need regular repairs

It is easy to get bored with anything that needs regular fixes. A swimming pool is no different. If the pool regularly malfunctions, it can be time that some of its mechanism needs replacement. A Premier Pools & Spas of Marin expert will help you establish precisely which renovations are necessary.

Noticeable wear and tear around your swimming pool

Finding clear signs of decay is one of the simplest ways to tell if swimming pools in Marin need upgrades.

Look out for signs of issues including:

  • Obvious leaks
  • The presence of rust
  • Stained, discolored spots
  • Blistering or cracked surfaces

Swimming Pools in Marin

Need Help With Your Pool Repair or Renovation?

Have you seen any of these pool update mentioned above around your backyard? If yes, contact us at Premier Pools & Spas of Marin today to know more about how we can make your swimming pool safe and stunning once more. We’re a team you can trust!

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