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Trending Palm Desert Water Features in 2019

Installing a custom inground pool in your Palm Desert backyard is luxury without comparison. There are lots of items to consider when planning a building project, from the location and style to size and colors. You'll find a variety of Palm Desert water features to think about for your pool project. You want to ensure

In’s & Outs of Solar Pool Covers Unveiled

If you are thinking of purchasing a pool heating system and have done some online research, you have most likely run into information and ads about solar pool covers. Dealers of Pool Heat Pumps will also recommend the use of solar pool covers to their clients since they offer lots of value to pool owners.

Benefits of water therapy for your baby

Water therapy is recreation, physical, or occupational therapy that occurs in a heated swimming pool. You will usually find water therapy talked about in connection with rehabilitation for those who have experienced strokes or have been in accidents. These low impact workouts carried out in the water can help those who are seeking to regain

Is Your Pool Party Ready? Here’s How to Clean It!

With the summer season very fast approaching, it is time for you to think of swimming pool parties. Backyard pools bring friends and family together, and having a party provides you with a reason to invite everybody you know over to enjoy your swimming pool. Your guests would not like to swim in a pool

Landscaping Ideas for Your Above Ground Swimming Pool

An above ground swimming pool is an amazing addition to your backyard. However, alone and as it, it can be an eyesore. Here are some landscaping ideas that can bring the wow back into your backyard! Pool Decking An essential component of any pool is its decking. Like in-ground pools, an above ground pool has