Pool Finishes- Pros and Cons

A lot of planning, material choice, and effort goes into building a swimming pool. But regardless of the pool's decorative features and design, pool finishes will transcend the complete design and play a huge role in how appealing the pool is. Whether you want to resurface your existing pool's plaster or select the finish for

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Choosing Pool Finishes That are Best for Your Austin Pool

One of the advantages of installing a custom inground pool is that you can customize the design to perfectly go with the design aesthetics you are looking for. One place that’s perfect for customization is the finish, which is used on your Austin backyard pool. Pool finishes differ quite greatly in texture and look. It

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Gunite Pool finishes for a Stunning Inground Pool

Thinking of investing in a gunite pool? If yes, bravo on making this great step in ultimate summertime fun! When designing and constructing a gunite pool, you have some decisions to make with regards to function and style. Premier Pools & Spas of Gulf Coast is here with more information on gunite pool finishes to

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Gulf Coast: Pool finishes to Consider For Your Backyard Oasis

Once you have decided to add that dream swimming pool in your Gulf Coast backyard, the next thing to determine is the interior finish. Elevate your pool to a whole new level by using a finish that matches your poolscape and home decor. There are numerous types of pool finishes to pick from, which include

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