How to build the perfect backyard oasis

Considering creating your own perfect backyard oasis? The most crucial element of your backyard design is to ensure it fits your lifestyle. You can plan your outdoor space to be whatever you want. Whether you are looking for a tropical entertaining spot, a relaxing retreat, or a grilling area, your outdoor space can reflect

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Landscape Design – the best hardscape for your backyard

When you are considering landscape design, usually the first thoughts are of shrubs, trees, and flowers. While these additions definitely add to the appeal of your backyard space, adding hardscape can create the backyard oasis of your dreams. Hardscaping is simply any design element that is not living. Strategically places rocks, walkways, and benches are

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Inspiring pool designs for your backyard

If you're considering installing a new custom inground pool or thinking about remodeling your pool and backyard, there's no better time than now. Remodeling your outdoor space now lets you have the project finished on schedule. This will allow you to enjoy your pool throughout the summer season. If you are planning to take your

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Create a backyard oasis that you’ll never want to leave

Create a backyard oasis where you can relax and cool off on those hot summer afternoons. Your outdoor space can be a stunning spot for pool parties, family dinners, and entertaining.  Turning your outdoor space into an oasis does not have to be hard. Think about some of the following choices or discuss with a

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Natural landscaping: protect your backyard oasis

Throughout every season, homeowners plant different varieties of plants to enhance their backyard landscaping. But most homeowners don't understand how the environment and the backyard area can benefit from natural landscaping. Native plants have through the years to the habitat they reside in. This provides you with amazing benefits and a reason for planting plant

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Design tips for your backyard oasis

There is no denying that the perfect design is one of the most important parts of your ideal backyard oasis. Just don't forget the rest of the features! Let's take a look at a few design tips for you to keep in mind.   Choose captivating colors You don’t have to repaint your backyard walls

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Top custom leaf covers for your swimming pool

Your backyard should be your sanctuary. You go there to escape and relax. However, sometimes you are faced with some unwanted guests. Are you suffering from unwanted dirt and debris in your swimming pool? Do you constantly have to net out large leaves? You definitely need a custom leaf cover fitted for your swimming

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How to choose the best leaf net pool covers

As summer comes to a close, many pool owners have pool covers on their minds. What's the best way to protect your inground pool from dirt, leaves, and debris? What's the best type of leaf net pool cover? You spend a good amount of time and energy on your pool. Who wants to keep tending

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A Few Pool Maintenance Tips for your Inground Swimming Pool

If you own a inground pool, you know all the work that goes into keeping it sparkly clean and enjoyable. You have a regular maintenance routine, and schedule out your time to clean your pool. However, you may be making more work for yourself! Here are a few pool maintenance tips that will make your

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