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What to know about the pool installation process

While most homeowners are thrilled about the idea of installing a pool, they initially don’t know everything that the pool installation process involves. There are lots of planning and concepts and phases that go into building a pool. Pool installation is a good way to enjoy the backyard whether for relaxing, exercising or entertaining friends and

Why You Should Consider Pool Installation in Your Tucson Backyard

If you are seriously considering having a pool in your Tucson backyard, you are not alone. There are many homeowners who face backyard pool installation come every summer. As is the case with most things, installing a pool in your backyard has pros and cons. But the pros will outweigh the cons and we’ll show

How to Budget for a Small Swimming Pool in Your Backyard

As the summer season is nears, families eagerly look forward to having those refreshing dives into a pristine maintained swimming pool. Having a lavish swimming pool right in the backyard is a necessary prerequisite to throwing those summer parties for your friends and family. But at times, people desirous of constructing a swimming pool are

10 Questions to Ask Your Pool Builder

Getting a pool built is a one-time endeavor and takes a great deal of planning much like a home remodel. Therefore, it’s important to bear in mind the intricacies of the project as you shortlist a pool builder OKC. Here are a few questions you should ask your pool builder before getting started. Ask Them

7 Fun Pool Games for Families

Summer shall soon come to Marin. So it’s time to head to the pool to cool off and have some fun with friends and family. Get your bathing suits out of the closet and jump into the blue waters. Wondering how to spend your time in the pool? Here are some ideas for all the

5 Outdoor Living Ideas for Your Family

Contemplating creating a relaxing space to unwind in your backyard? You can hold numerous parties, play dates for your kids and their mates, or simply enjoy some quiet ‘me time’ with indoor pools Marin. All that and more is possible with a bit of innovation and remodeling. Here are some ideas that will make your

Best Time to Build Pools in Marin

Pondering over building a pool in your backyard? Many tend to wonder whether they should start building one right away or wait for the right season. The ideal time to build a pool in Marin is right after the fall and in the midst of winter. Experts recommend you begin your Marin pools project between

10 Pool Maintenance Tips to Keep Your Pool Clean

You’ve probably heard the popular saying, “prevention is better than a cure”. This stands true for Marin pool maintenance. Neglecting your pool can lead to an unsavory bacteria build-up, which causes the water’s hygiene levels to nosedive. Here are some simple techniques to keep the pool pristine all year long! 1. Track the Water Composition