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Stunning Swimming Pools that are Owned by your Favorite Celebrities

The leading celebrities from Hollywood are known for their luxurious residences with amazing swimming pools. Celebrity pools rival the famous resorts with their high-end features and stunning aesthetics. From infinity pools to classic lagoon-style marvels, you can find it all in pools owned by Hollywood A-listers. Here are some spectacular pool designs that will inspire

Celebrities and Pools – Who has an Amazing Swimming Pool in their Backyard?

When it comes to envy-causing pool designs, celebrities definitely steal the show. Celebrities and pools are both breathtakingly awesome. These gorgeous swimming pools carry a universal appeal and they rival the luxury pools at the leading resorts on the planet. From vanishing edges to oceanfront marvels and lagoon-style havens, there’s a lot of inspiration coming

Best 10 Celebrity Pools in the Country

If you are in need of some inspiration for your pool design, have a look at the best 10 celebrity pools in the country. For New Orleans pool and spa additions, take a leaf out of these celebrities’ books. Read on below to learn how to get a unique pool style that suits your home.

Celebrities Own Pools Too: 10 Celebrity Pools

By now, most of us know there are lots of celebrities who are not scared to show off their wealth. One of which is their incredibly luxurious properties. From buying ultra-costly cars by Rolls Royce, Bentley, and Maybach to their spa-like bathrooms and spacious living rooms to great outdoor activities and gourmet kitchens, it is

Jamie Lee Curtis’ Swimming Pool

Jamie Lee Curtis' swimming pool is right next to her beautiful home she has had for over two decades. Now not only can she enjoy one pool, but now two! If we aren't already jealous enough of this beautiful actress and her famed husband, screenwriter-composer Christopher Guest, we will be now. Curtis and Guest have