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Best 10 Celebrity Pools in the Country

If you are in need of some inspiration for your pool design, have a look at the best 10 celebrity pools in the country. For New Orleans pool and spa additions, take a leaf out of these celebrities’ books. Read on below to learn how to get a unique pool style that suits your home.

Paris Hilton’s Beautiful Backyard Pool

Paris Hilton’s Hollywood Hills Spanish-style home has an impressive pool and spa. In addition to the magnificent pool that leads to a courtyard, there are cabanas and a fire pit. The backyard terraces of this three-story property bring old Hollywood glamour into focus.

Rob Lowe’s Classic Pool

The “West Wing” star Rob Lowe’s opulent Montecito, California estate sits pretty on 3.4 acres. For those of you who love the outdoors, this is a look that you must go for your pool design. An outdoor kitchen accompanies the one-bedroom pool house, with a stylish pool and spa. Two fireplaces, a koi pond, and fountains make it an absolute private retreat. For this reason, this could be the only New Orleans pool and spa inspiration you need for your home.

Oprah Winfrey’s Tranquil Pool

The large pool at Oprah Winfrey’s Montecito Home takes advantage of all the space available on the property. The palm trees, light turquoise water, and a koi pond, along with a small water feature form a quiet, relaxing spot.

Justin and Hailey Bieber’s Infinity Pool

The couple’s newly purchased Beverly Hills mansion has a stunning infinity pool. The spacious abode retains the classic colonial 1930s architecture while adding modern amenities. Similarly, you find a private courtyard upgraded with a fire pit addition to the pool area.

Lance Armstrong’s Gothic-Style Pool

Professional cyclist Lance Armstrong’s Spanish-Colonial house in Austin features a pool cabana, warmed by a majestic fireplace and lanterns. Sky high oaks frame the pool, providing a complete escape from the scorching heat. The covered patio and a mosquito system make the area a perfect spot for entertaining guests.

Miley Cyrus’ Cozy Backyard Pool

In a tucked away cozy spot, you find the pool at Miley Cyrus’ Hidden Hills mansion.  Complete with an in-pool basketball net,  this pool is perfect to beat the Californian heat or host a fabulous pool party.

Orlando Bloom’s Minimalist Pool

Another great idea for your New Orleans pool and spa addition is at Orlando Bloom’s Beverly Hills home. The pool and spa in the backyard boast of a contemporary zero-edge pool. In sync with the minimalist style of the mansion, you find a wood deck.  Furthermore, you have outdoor area features like a fire pit and a built-in seating area.

Mandy Moore’s Modern Pool

A mid-Century home in Pasadena got a modern look when actress Mandy Moore renovated it. You see the mid-century modern vibe in the glass walls and blond brick surfaces. Added to this, the pool has a copper fireplace hood. The deck has tab chairs to lounge around and drink in the splendid views.

Mark Wahlberg’s Natural Looking Pool

Mark Wahlberg’s Beverly Hills pool has a giant waterfall and a spa and grotto feature. The natural pool design is in such a way that it enhances the beauty of the area around it. With trees surrounding the pool and gazebos, you too can replicate this woodland scenery right in your home.

Adele’s Picturesque Pool

The grand pool at Adele’s Beverly Hills home is really a royal sanctuary. Surrounded by stone flooring and potted plants, the pool area also has a gazebo and an elevated hot tub. Mini floating lanterns light up the area, bringing the pool into the focus of the entire property.

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pool maintenance

Contact Premier Pool Service of Roseville for weekly swimming pool maintenance

Owning a swimming pool is every homeowners dream, and when that dream comes true responsibility comes with it. Owning a swimming pool means that you have the option of a luxurious and relaxing backyard oasis. Most homeowners want to spend all of their time relaxing poolside, not worrying about the maintenance of their pool. Keep reading to learn why you should hire a professional pool service company.

Contact Premier Pool Service of Roseville for Weekly Swimming Pool Maintenance

Northern California is heating up! Everyday we get closer to summer. The summer months in Northern California are May to August, and our summers up here get hot! No doubt that you will be getting the most use of your pool during this time. Roseville is no exception. So how can you truly make the most of your pool this summer? Proper swimming pool maintenance. Now, more then ever, it is essential that you maintain your swimming pool. Otherwise, you may find yourself in deep at sun splash on a regular basis because your pool is out of order.

The most efficient way to maintain your pool is to hire a professional for the weekly upkeep. You have way more important things to be doing this season then slaving over your pool in the summer heat. So, naturally you turn to Premier Pool Service of Roseville for all of your pool maintenance needs. This way you can rest assured that your pool will be sparkling all summer long. They will take care of all your pools unique and specific needs, while keeping you in the loop about the maintenance taking place.

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What to Expect from your Weekly Swimming Pool Maintenance

Weekly swimming pool maintenance is essential, but what exactly does it include? Premier Pool Service has multiple service packages to choose from, so the next steps listed can vary from package to package.

Here is a breakdown of some basic pool maintenance practice that you can expect to be preformed on your pool. First off your service professional will remove leaves and debris from both the skimmer basket and the strainer-housing basket. Next, they will use a leaf skimmer to remove any leaves, dirt, or other debris that have fallen into the pool. Afterwards they will likely vacuum the pool to remove any dirt and debris that may be resting on the pool floor of the liner.

Once the pool is free of debris, a service professional will test your swimming pools water for total alkalinity and pH balance. If the pool is not alkaline they will add the appropriate amount of chemicals to help it achieve alkalinity. Next they will test Free Chlorine and Total Chlorine and add chlorine tablets to your chlorinator as needed. Followed by adding 1 oz. per 5,000 gallons of Clarifier and 1 oz. per 5,000 gallons of Algaecide. This of course is per your request and swimming pool maintenance needs.

They will check for filter pressure and backwash the filtration system if necessary. Although, this process may not be done every single week. They will check the pool’s water level and adjust accordingly. As a rule of thumb the second screw from the top of the skimmer is an easy way to tell if water needs to be replenished or if water needs to be drained. Your service professional will access your pools overall health and determine what kind of treatment it needs going forward. For example, if your pool water is cloudy, looks like milk, or is the color green, they may add 1 pound of shock per 5,000 gallons to treat the issue.  Now that you have a basic understanding of what goes into weekly swimming pool maintenance, you can sit back, relax, and let Premier Pool Service of Roseville get to work. 

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Celebrities Own Pools Too: 10 Celebrity Pools

By now, most of us know there are lots of celebrities who are not scared to show off their wealth. One of which is their incredibly luxurious properties. From buying ultra-costly cars by Rolls Royce, Bentley, and Maybach to their spa-like bathrooms and spacious living rooms to great outdoor activities and gourmet kitchens, it is all that we require to attest that life as a superstar is as flashy as they come. One amazing feature in any celebrity’s backyard that often gets lots of attention is their luxurious pools. Celebrity pools have set new greater standards for luxurious pools and backyard space.

Here’s a look at the celebrity pools for inspiration.

1. Sophie Anne

This expensive looking swimming pool does not belong to a specific celebrity. It’s home to Sophie Anne (vampire Queen) on the well-known series True Blood.

celebrity pools


2. Cindy Crawford

This Cindy Crawford’s beautiful vanishing edge pool is set above the Malibu coastline. It lines up nicely with the Pacific Ocean, forming what seems to be a never-ending ocean right outside her backyard. Though this oasis is a little bit smaller, it’s no less stunning. Natural stone terraces surround this pool, which includes lush palm trees and shrubs, which create a natural ambiance and privacy.

celebrity pools

3. Rob Lowe

Located in Santa Barbara, California, this dream home is constructed by Lowe and his wife Sheryl. The twenty-room main house is set on four landscaped acres. There’s a swimming pool that matches the property and house to perfection.

celebrity pools

4. Rod Stewart

This residence is complete with a classic Roman swimming pool to fit the personality and style of the home.

celebrity pools

5. Cher’s pool

The celeb’s vanishing edge pool seems to run off the property’s edge straight into the ocean below. The pool appears as though it sits almost directly behind her Cher’s mansion, letting her dive right in. The loggia situated beside the luxurious pool has hand-carved marble arches. It also has comfortable couches that provide spectacular views of the swimming pool. This creates a pool space that’s the classic case of beauty.

celebrity pools

6. Mark Wahlberg

The pool has a 12 ft. waterfall, as well as a grotto and spa feature. Actually, this proves how updating the area around the swimming pool can improve its overall elegance.

celebrity pools

7. Anna Faris’ Tropical Pool

There’s a lot to say when it comes to the incredible tropical swimming pool at this celebrity actor’s residence. This lagoon-like pool is unique as it’s situated in the midst of a landscape that has lush greenery. The kidney shaped pool, lighting, and some lounge furniture pieces transform the pool space into a private getaway.

celebrity pools

8. Ralph Lauren’s Pool

This celebrity fashion designer owns has a number of homes. Besides the main house and various guest rooms, his 16,000 acre Double RL Ranch has a breathtaking pool, horse stable, preserved very old barn, and a full gym.

celebrity pools

9. Roberto Cavalli

Similar to his well-known fashion pieces, this swimming pool is bold! The posh swimming pool has Roberto’s popular prints of animals on chaise lounges.

celebrity pools

10. Vera Wang

Do you want the best view of Beverly Hills, California? Visit the pool of this fashion icon. The best spot to daydream while having an evening swim.

celebrity pools

Thank you for taking a look at these celebrity pools. Remember to visit this article again for inspiration. If you want a new custom inground pool installation please contact Premier Pools & Spas of St. Louis today!

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Jamie Lee Curtis Pool - Celebrity Swimming Pools

Jamie Lee Curtis’ Swimming Pool

Jamie Lee Curtis’ swimming pool is right next to her beautiful home she has had for over two decades. Now not only can she enjoy one pool, but now two!

If we aren’t already jealous enough of this beautiful actress and her famed husband, screenwriter-composer Christopher Guest, we will be now. Curtis and Guest have just bought a home in Santa Monica for $2.2 million! This deal was completed off the market and sits right next to their current home that they have had for over two decades.

jamie lee curtis' swimming pool

More and more celebrities are choosing to buy up neighboring homes for more privacy so pesky neighbors won’t be getting in their way or in their business.

While you aren’t going to get much information on the house they purchased, we do know that tax records show the wood-paneled two-story home was built in 1987, has three bedrooms, two baths and is more than 1,900 square feet. The mature landscaping allows for plenty of shade and of course the swimming pool!

Jamie Lee Curtis’ Swimming Pool And Her Claim to Fame

Jamie Lee Curtis is the daughter of actors Tony Curtis and Janet Leigh and through her role in 1978 horror film, Halloween got her first taste of fame. Since then, it has been an amazing journey and you and I have enjoyed Jamie in many different types of roles. We have seen her in “A Fish Called Wanda” in 1988, True Lies in 1994 and who could forget 2003’s Freaky Friday?

Where do we catch Curtis now? We can see her on the Fox series “Scream Queens”

jamie lee curtis' swimming pool

There are many gorgeous styles of pools when we are looking at all of the different choices and while we do not know what style of Jamie Lee Curtis’ swimming pool, we can dream about how beautiful it is and which one of the styles she chose.

Maybe Jamie Lee Curtis’ swimming pool is one of the following popular pools:

  • Architectural
  • Family
  • Indoor
  • Infinity

Any of these pools would be a beautiful fit for Jamie Lee Curtis. Jamie Lee Curtis has grown into, not only a star but a person that we love to think of as one of our celebrity family members.

She plays her roles so beautifully and has been able to connect with us in a beautiful way. Imagining Jamie spending a relaxing day by the pool is a great way to connect with one of our favorite people.

Could you imagine having a pool of your own just like Jamie Lee Curtis? Maybe you won’t have two yet, but that could happen as well. Don’t delay your dream. See what you can do about it right now.

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Christina Aguilera’s Pool

Christina Aguilera’s Pool

Christina-Aguileras-new-house-grounds1An 11,000 square foot, $10 million mansion located in Beverly Hills. This beautiful mansion has the theme of the Mediterranean, situated on a double lot. Christina Aguilera is known for transforming houses into beautiful master pieces, like she transformed her other home to more of her style and type of living. 6 bedrooms and 8 bathrooms isn’t the only thing that makes her home exciting. Check out Christina Aguilera’s Pool, it comes with a saltwater pool and spa, bathhouse, gazebo, and built in barbecue. You can only imagine her backyard summer pool parties! Her design to the back yard is something like in the jungle, surrounded by vines and trees, it’s like a hidden oasis.

A backyard oasis can transform the atmosphere of your home, an elegant oasis incorporates a central pool that is bordered by tropical flora that fit the aesthetic of the setting, without being too overbearing. While the area is obviously man-made, when you strategically place water features to help create a sense of life and motion it gives the backyard a realistic image. Adding stone tile pavers can also add to this natural feeling by invoking an earthy atmosphere, both in color and texture. 

Check Out The Inside Of Christina Aguilera’s Home & Pool

Ready For Your Own Celebrity Pool?

Celine Dion’s Water Park Home

Celine Dion’s Water Park Home

Celine Dion showed the public her extravagant Bahamian-style beach side water park home, let’s take the tour! Her $72 million home located in Florida, you already know it’s the perfect place for a swimming pool, let alone a water park at home! It’s hot and sunny 10 months out of the year, nothing like sliding down a water slide when it’s hot out and in the comfort of her own home.

Celine Dion’s waterpark home was inspired due to the fact that as a family they had trouble visiting theme parks. Not being able to visit other parks without being surrounded by fans or harassed by the paparazzi, they decided to take matters into their own hands and build a jupiter island waterpark at their own home on the beach!

Celine Dion’s water park home went up for sale because the family spent most of their time in Las Vegas, rather than their Florida home that includes three pools, a tree house, bridges, slides, and a lazy river!  The Jupiter Water park includes two of the swimming pools and the lazy river, which has a slow current, which makes it easier for carrying swimmers around. The third swimming pool is located on the rear end of the  property close to the ocean.

This Pool Features Amazing Ocean Views

This picture is the view of Celine Dion’s water park home, with all the water slides in the back, sitting pool side and views of part of the house.

Having a home in Florida means you either live at the beach or you have your own swimming pool in your backyard. Temperatures in Florida are always between 70-90 degrees. There isn’t much of a winter there if any of one at all. The humidity really makes for having a swimming pool useful. Being able to jump in your own inground swimming pool is a luxury, throwing pool parties or just being able to relax by yourself.

Looking For Your Own Celebrity Pool?

Leann Rimes Home

Leann Rimes Home

Leann Rimes1Leann Rimes owns a $7.45 million home located in Tennessee, just outside of Nashville. This Grammy-winning country star’s house sits on a small hill, in the Franklin Subdivision of Avalon. The house has 6 bedrooms and 7.5 baths, including an infinity edged salt water swimming pool in the back!

The House & Pool Are As Unique As Leann Herself!

Leann Rimes designed the house herself, with a zen vibe to keep things peaceful, there’s a lot of white on white aspects to her home. One of the upstairs rooms includes light grey walls to match a white trimming. As well as a fireplace and french doors opening up to a wrap around covered porch. Other fun rooms in the house are a yoga/workout room as well as guest quarters. There’s high technology all throughout the house, with wiring that could be set up to allow a music studio in the million dollar mansion. This stunning house was built in 2008 and was put up for sale less than a year later at the price of $7,450,00.

Zen Lifestyle- There are simple steps to living a more peaceful lifestyle. Like Leann Rimes transforming her house to be more welcoming, inviting and give off a zen vibe, there are simple steps to help you live a peaceful life style. Simple things like correcting your posture, focusing on your breathing and not trying to control every situation thrown at you. These simple lifestyle changes give you a chance to be more relaxed and happier with life. This is one of the main reasons Premier Pools and Spas encourage inground swimming pools to our customers. A swimming pool can provide a stress-free environment and help you relax, especially if you add on a spa to your swimming pool.

Like at Leann Rimes home, a swimming pool is just another key element that provides exquisite beauty and a sense of peacefulness. The way your pool is set up is another element to provide a sense of zen, located in just the right area of your backyard and covered by a cabana or designed to match the theme of your backyard. This can really bring a sense of beauty to your home.

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Wilmers Valderramas Pool

Check Out Wilmers Valderramas Amazing Pool

Wilmer Valderrama owns not only two houses but a celebrity compound, which includes two houses, a multi-purpose building, sports facilities, and a $300,000 beach entry pool and spa. His $300,000 dollar pool has the additions of a spa, slide, waterfall and grotto. His rooftop deck overlooks the swimming pool and has an additional barbecue and seating area. With a long trudge to a beach, Valderramas brought the beach to his celebrity compound and put in a sand volleyball court. There are features inside Valderramas house that you can’t help but look at, such as his old saloon bar. An antique that give his house such character. Some other interior composites are his high story great room, equipped with a two-story fireplace and loft. This room gives off the ranch style look to his house. Valderramas Multi-Purpose room shows that he can both work and hang out with the family here. With a movie projector he can put on family movie nights.  

Who wouldn’t want their home located in Los Angeles, California? The state where they have everything from oceans, to deserts, to the rocky mountains. California is a beautiful state, where the winters are snowy/rainy and the summers are hot and perfect weather for owning a swimming pool. Let alone a $300,000 beach entry swimming pool like Wilmer Valderrama. Summer weather reaching 90 degrees, don’t forget your sunscreen when you go for a swim!

Inground pool cost in California really is based on where you live. There are areas that are more expensive than others, of course, so you’ll have to do a little research when looking at inground pool prices for your area. A standard pool in California will be right around $30,000, that’s without add ons you might like. Additional things people want on there pools might be a waterfall or beach entrance.

Additional things people want with their pools are things like a waterfall or slide. You can add a spa to your swimming pool or a beach entrance. There are people that go big with there swimming pool construction and put in a grotto or even a lazy river.

Looking For Your Own Celebrity Pool?


Mark Wahlberg shows off Amazing Pool

Mark Wahlberg’s property is situated in a gated enclave well-liked by celebrities such as John Voight and Demi Moore and boasts a nearby mountain range and southern views of the canyon. If you ever take one of those celeb bus tours through Beverly Hills, you will before long realize that the bigger the celebrity, the bigger the residence.

Mark Wahlberg's Beverly Hills, CA Home Image source: celebcasas.com
Mark Wahlberg’s Beverly Hills, CA Home Image source: celebcasas.com

Wahlberg bought the land that the 30,000 sq.ft. home currently sits on in 2009, paying out $8 million in the process. The home has lots of room for the four Wahlberg children to play. There is also lots of space to entertain; with the swimming pool area alone being a larger space compared to the majority of us gets to live in, inside a full home. As nice as the swimming pool is, with the rock waterfall and other treats, there is plenty of things to adore on the inside, as well.

There is a private basketball court where Mark Wahlberg, a passionate Boston Celtics basketball enthusiast, had mascot Lucky the Leprechaun inscribed. The mansion as well features a spa and grotto, a private “paradise pool” with a cascading 12-foot waterfall and putting green, and water slide. If swimming does not tickle his guests’ fancies, they are able to enjoy other backyard activities such as racquetball or tennis.

Mark Wahlberg
Image source: celebcasas.com

The home, designed in a French mansion style, is the creation of Richard Landry, a designer who is developing a solid reputation as the property maker to the celebrities.

It also boasts a movie theater and a library a built in, basically making it completely unnecessary to venture out the looking for entertainment. There is a two-story, two-bedroom guest house, plus a kid’s wing with high ceilings that opens up onto the grounds.

The property has since gone through significant renovations giving it a more contemporary feel, which include changes made to the master bedroom, kitchen and movie theater.

What might come as a surprise to most is that most of the crazier features we are familiar with seeing in celeb homes, like indoor basketball courts and bowling alleys, are not included. On the property, there is an airport hanger to build a two-story, 2,500 sq.ft. fitness center where Mark put his very own professional boxing ring.

Mark Wahlberg
Image source: hollywoodreporter.com

Make your swimming pool similar to Mark Wahlbergs’ by allowing professionals at Premier Pools & Spas install sheer descents, wok pots or gushers wok. We can even add a waterfall to your swimming pool and make it look natural, as though were hidden in Beverly Park.

Do not undervalue the power of a new, shiny swimming pool deck. Just like Mark Wahlberg, investing in what is around the water may give your backyard a totally different aesthetic. We can help you choose some elegant tiles or material, and use them to accentuate your landscape.

How Can I Finance My Swimming Pool?

From unsecured loans to secured home improvement loans, our partners offer a variety of pool loan financing options with a typical turnaround time that ranges between 24 and 48 hours. They offer fixed rates with no prepayment penalties which allow you to get your swimming pool when you want it – NOW!

We also recommend talking to your local lender or credit union as they may have programs that are not published. For specific details, contact your local Premier Pools and Spas branch.

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What is a Tanning Ledge?

If you want to enjoy your backyard luxury swimming pool design, there is a pretty good chance that you are also going to get a bit of sunshine. Actually, most people love to spend a bit of time soaking up the sun rays and working on their tan in times of hot months.

Christy Gurley - Hannihan-3
Design with plenty of shallow areas to place a chair and get a tan!

Obviously, that can get to be sweaty work. So what exactly should you do? Jump in the swimming pool to cool off. It is a terrific system, apart from the part where you are frequently moving to and fro, between the water and your patio chair. You can always use a lounger or floating chair; however, most of the time you will still be out of the water, although you can hang your legs and arms in. You can request your pool designer to include a tanning ledge to the design of your swimming pool.

tanning ledge
Oversized shallow ledge in entrance of pool

If you are installing an inground pool, below is how you can use a tanning ledge to add both class and function to your backyard swimming pool.

What is a Tanning Ledge?

It is an addition to your pool, which comprises of a shallow raised area or platform within the water. This expansive ledge can measure just a couple inches deep to over one foot. The idea is that you can relax in the water without the need to float or swim. These can be used by families with small kids, though most people position a few lounge chairs on the shelf, in the water, instead of using floating lounges in the pool’s deeper sections. You will need to consult your pool builder regarding the features, size, and depth that will work for you when you include a tanning ledge to your pool.

Christy Gurley - Alleva-3
Large shelf for tanning chairs

Enclosed shelf

This kind of shelf is mainly just a shallow, small, pool where a low wall separates it from the rest of the pool, similar to a connected hot tub. The Spillways allow the water to be shared with the pool. This installation is good for families with small kids since the wall between the tanning ledge and the rest of the swimming pool will stop children from wandering into places they should not be in. Additionally, some people opt to include water features such as jets or fountains to enclosed tanning ledges to transform them into an appealing point of interest when sunbathers are not using them.

tanning ledge

Tiers or slope

Ledges can also be tiered or sloped leading into the pool’s deeper sections; however, this is usually known as a beach entry style instead of a tanning ledge, although you might use it in mainly the same way.

Open shelf

Some of these ledges are included in the swimming pool itself, like an extremely big step sticking out into a part of the pool. This is often an excellent installation for adults that need to sit in the water while they tan and simply go into a deeper area of the pool to swim. Tanning ledges are usually big enough for setting up a few lounge chairs or to accommodate numerous people.

tanning ledge

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Let Premier Pools show you all the stunning possibilities. We can design a swimming pool to best meet budget and lifestyle.

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