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New Orleans: Tips on Pool Maintenance

The thought of having your own backyard swimming pool is always a homeowners fascinating dream. It is easy to have daydreams about spending long afternoons lounging at the poolside while cultivating the ideal tan, hosting weekend parties, and taking on a rejuvenated workout routine. Although, in those daydreams, an important element of swimming pool ownership is usually ignored: the pool maintenance. Without the right pool maintenance routine, your swimming pool could give in to various problems; algae accumulation, green water, and broken filters, just to mention a few. Nobody would like to rest by a swimming pool that is not properly maintained.
Pool Maintenance
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Top 7 pool maintenance tips are:

1. Enzymes in the off season

One way of wading off contaminants such as pollen, bird droppings and other organic matter that might enter your swimming pool during winter months, is using an enzyme product that will break these down. The product will also decrease the amount of scrubbing you will need to do come spring.

2. Use a mid-winter Algaecide

The battle against algae does not cease just because you are unable to take a dip. On the last day of swimming pool operation, add algaecide that is created to remain in the water for a long time. For full circulation, you can run the pump for a day and then switch off your system for the winter season. A product that lasts for 3 months will make sure your swimming pool is protected for a huge part of the winter months.

3. Use the right cover

The best covers are those with a loop-lock feature since you can vacuum and hose off debris frequently. It also helps to keep your swimming pool protected from kids and wildlife.
Pool Maintenance
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4. Add chlorine

Before you close your swimming pool in the fall, add a little chlorine to the water to ensure it stays clean throughout the winter season. Chlorine can also be added during spring just before opening your swimming pool. This helps to get rid of any algae that might have grown over the winter season. If your pool has green algae come spring, you can start dealing with it by shocking it and running the filter. Keep testing your water throughout the winter season also and keep levels of pH and alkalinity correct.

5. Trim your trees

You might be asking yourself what your trees have to do with anything; however, if you have huge gardens or trees around your swimming pool, it is not unusual for falling branches in the winter season to puncture pool covers. All through the season, ensure that you remove any leaves or debris that might have built up on your pool cover.

6. Air pillows

If you have issues with your cover building up junk and water in the off season, you can use an air pillow to help keep the cover up and scatter the debris off the pool’s sides. This is especially helpful on above ground swimming pool covers.
Pool Maintenance
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7. Do not drain the pool

Whatever you do, do not drain the swimming pool. This could lead to more damage than it will ward off. Looking after your water throughout the winter season will make for a less strenuous opening and maintenance during the summer season. If you want help maintaining your swimming pool, talk to a pool expert so that your swimming pool stays in perfect shape for swimming season and does not end up needing a lot of money in repairs. For great pool maintenance results, use a professional from Premier Pools & Spas.  We have the experience of maintaining proper pool chemistry that will help you save money and time!

New Oreleans: Tips on Pool Maintenance

Pool Care After Rain

Pool Care After Rain

rain-poolDoes your pool need care after it rains? There are many things to consider after it rains in terms of your swimming pool. Taking care of your swimming pool after it rains isn’t something you’d normally think of having to do. Although, after it rains heavily there are some steps you can go through so your swimming pool gets the best care. If it only rains a little bit there isn’t much to worry about. The main effects that rain has on your pool is, diluting it, causing the pH balance to be thrown off, and causing it to overflow. Rainfall can be very acidic throwing off the pools pH balance. Here are some tips for taking care of your pool after it rains. Pool care after rain benefits the condition your pool will be in for the summer season.  In Austin, Texas weather can vary from 90 degrees and hot or you get 40 degrees and raining. Owning a pool in Texas can be very beneficial especially during the hotter months of the year. When it rains you’ll wanna know how to clean and take care of your swimming pool. Inground swimming pool prices are lower in Texas then other states in the U.S. such as California or New York. Owning a swimming pool in Texas is a must, especially with the warm weather and low costs.

Cleaning your Pool

The first thing to do for your swimming pools care after rain, is to clean it. Cleaning the debris off the top of your swimming pool and the from the bottom of your pool is the first step to returning your swimming pool back to it’s former self. During rain storms, winds can pick up and blow dirt and leaves into your swimming pool, which causes the starting of algae growth.  

Check pH and Alkaline Levels

Acid rain is what causes your pools pH level to be thrown off balance, a solution to return your swimming pools pH balance to a normal level is adding alkaline to your pool. Alkaline is what is also affected to your pool, it may be at a higher level than your pH level, which is nothing to worry about.

Check Sanitizer Levels

luxurious-pools-4The best thing to do is just go through and test your swimming pools water for all the different pH levels. Checking your chlorine levels is something we, Premier Pools and Spas, recommend do to the rain diluting your water. Sanitizer helps fight off any contaminants that the rainfall brings in.

Check Water Levels

Of course with the rainfall adds water to your pool, causing it to overflow. Just watch the water levels and drain any excess water that is not needed. You can drain it using the “waste” setting on your water filter. Looking For A Free Quote?

4 Tools San Diego Pool Owners Need

For alot of swimming pool owners in San Diego, it makes sense to hire a swimming pool service company to care for their pools routine maintenance and service needs. Quite often, many pool owners do this because they don’t have the time to keep up with cleaning their pool and the maintenance can quickly become a headache. Things like balancing the water chemistry of their pool and other essentials can be daunting for homeowners. Still, even if you are working with a San Diego Pool Contractor – there are a couple of essential pieces of equipment that no pool owner should be without to perform the most basic pool maintenance between visits. san-diego-pool-cleaning-service Your friendly San Diego Pool Builders – Premier Pools & Spas offers this quick checklist of pool equipment items to keep on hand:

1: Pool Brush for Cleaning Walls & Tile

Pool owners should keep a tile brush and a pool brush on hand. Plan to take a couple moments a few times a week to brush down the interior pool walls and tiles. Your builder will tell what kind of brushes to use for your specific pool material type.

2: Telescopic Pole

Here’s one item no pool owner should be without. Ever pool contractor knows that a telescopic pole is one of the most useful tools a pool owner can have. These poles quickly adjust to the necessary length needed and allow for various attachments and pool cleaning accessories. The skimmer net, one of the most often used pieces of pool equipment — can attach to the telescoping pole and allows you to scoop out leaves or other little bits of debris before it sinking to the bottom of the pool. A leaf rake is also a useful attachment for scooping up any debris that may have fallen to the bottom of your pool.

3: Water Testing Kit

A ph water testing kit is super useful between service visits, this is even more true if there is a sudden rainstorm or dust storm or if live in a desert area like the southwest. If you’re planning to test the water between service visits to find out if it needs an adjustment in water chemistry, you may want to call your pool builder for additional advice before making these changes yourself.

4: Vacuum System

It’s hard to commit hours on end every year to vacuuming out leaves from your pool. Especially if your property has many trees in close proximity. A vacuum system for your swimming pool can be a godsend. They come in either the robotic type, built into directly into the pool itself as an in-floor cleaning system or in manually-operated models. This is a piece of pool equipment that’s useful between pool service visits if you find your swimming pool becoming dirty. A vacuum will clean the pool walls and floor and keep debris from clogging up the filter basket. This has been a helpful hint from Premier Pools & Spas of San Diego. Remember, autumn is just around the corner and if you’re looking to upgrade to an in-floor cleaning system or automate some of the ways that you clean your pool, why not give us a call or send us a message. You’ll be glad you did.

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