Pool Finishes- Pros and Cons

A lot of planning, material choice, and effort goes into building a swimming pool. But regardless of the pool's decorative features and design, pool finishes will transcend the complete design and play a huge role in how appealing the pool is. Whether you want to resurface your existing pool's plaster or select the finish for

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Inspiring pool designs for your backyard

If you're considering installing a new custom inground pool or thinking about remodeling your pool and backyard, there's no better time than now. Remodeling your outdoor space now lets you have the project finished on schedule. This will allow you to enjoy your pool throughout the summer season. If you are planning to take your

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Modern Swimming Pool Designs four your Backyard Space

Do you want to design a pool in San Diego, CA, which has modern, sleek, aesthetic? Most modern swimming pool designs are minimalistic! This means that the problem is not deciding what to add but determining how to help keep the look simple and sleek. As you're putting together plans for your new custom inground

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Pool Patio Furniture – More Reasons to Hang Out!

If you have your own personal custom inground pool at home in Salt Lake City, you're sure to use it regularly especially during the summer season. There's also a good chance you will be throwing some pool parties for friends and family. It is important that you add pool patio furniture to bring the much-needed

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Benefits of Unique Small Pool Designs

You might have never thought about having a pool because of the size of your outdoor space in San Diego. Probably you have a small outdoor space, or perhaps it is an oddly-shaped area. Fortunately, Premier Pools, your San Diego pool builders provide an array of unique small pool designs that can fit almost any

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Add Waterfall to Pool for a Stunning Staycation

Are you thinking about ways to offer your pool in San Diego that special addition? Incorporating a waterfall to your pool is a good way of enhancing the experience of your backyard pool. If you add waterfall to pool, it turns from a simple body of water to stunning oasis in your outdoor space. It

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Why You Should Build a Swimming Pool with Premier Pools & Spas

There’s no sense building a standard pool in your Tucson backyard when our expert team at Premier Pools & Spas can fully customize a pool to suit your needs and preferences. Every Tucson homeowner would enjoy having us build a swimming pool in their outdoor space. Keep reading to find out why you should build

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Considerations before Having a New Pool Installation

A new pool installation in your North Georgia home is a fun-filled addition for everyone to experience and enjoy the addition of water. Building a new custom inground pool requires budgeting and planning of time and finances before, during and after the actual installation. Here are things to consider before you decide on a new

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Build a Pool in Austin – Things to Consider

When the time comes to build a pool in Austin, you should think about various factors. Keep in mind, the reasons for renovating or building a new pool might be for working out, leisure or entertainment purposes. This means you should make sure that you hire the best Premier Pools, Austin pool builders to help

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