Swimming Pools in Las Vegas Add Enjoyment and Value to Homes

If you are considering a home improvement that can add fun to your Las Vegas property and value, as well, then swimming pools are worth a closer examination. The reasons why swimming pools in Las Vegas are so alluring on both fronts are numerous. Financially, pools that are well-designed often tend to increase the value

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Decorate your Redding pool this Holiday Season

Your backyard is full of activities during summer as you and your family enjoy swimming in your backyard oasis. As the holiday season approaches the weather is cooler, and you mostly stay indoors. This holiday season decorates your Redding swimming pool and has more fun as you usher in the New Year. Whether you winterize

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Pools & Putting Greens!

If you are searching for ways to combine your love of golf and swimming into one crazy summer activity, then you can use a putting green, which can remarkably be positioned within any swimming pool. While playing mini putt in your yard will surely be an enjoyable activity for summer, the difficult level and lack

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3 Unusual Swimming Pools Around the World

We've seen some unusual and unique swimming pools, but these made our jaws drop! Unusual Swimming Pools: Floating Barge Badeschiff-Germany Photo Credit: Sansculotte On the east harbor section of the River Spree in Berlin, a barge has been reconstructed into a floating swimming pool. This unique pool offers bathers a safe swimming area since

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Amazing Infinity Pool Designs

An infinity pool is a swimming pool whose positioning gives the impression that it merges into the ocean or other surrounding landscape. In simpler terms, an infinity pool will make your jaw drop. We've been able to build some stunning infinity pools for our clients, here are a few of those and a couple more

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