Backyard fire features: Make your backyard a warm, memorable place

These days, having a fancy or well-customized backyard with a swimming pool has become a coveted trend. People bejewel it with mesmerizing interiors or with beautiful water features. But out of all the prevalent trends, the key elegant attribute that truly makes your backyard experience memorable are backyard fire features. Creating an atmosphere of joy and

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Six outdoor lighting ideas for your backyard pool

An ambiance with perfect lighting can take your nightly swimming experience to a whole new level. Who doesn't like the idea of relaxing in the swimming pool at night? Many homeowners consider spending money on outdoor lighting ideas. It makes the swim experience safer and beautiful. If you are confused about what will suit your

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Six swimming pool trends to consider

It's great spending a day lounging near the pool having fun with your friends and family. Whether it's partying or spending the afternoon barbecuing with your family, a fabulous pool area adds a luxurious touch to your backyard. There are many ways to customize your pool: shapes, sizes, colors, tile, etc. Below are six swimming pool

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Are these five swimming pool myths real?

Swimming pool myths persist. Will my hair turn green? Does a clear pool mean a clean pool? It can be hard to parse fact from fiction with so many myths floating around the pool world. So let's take some time to sort out what's real, and what's not. 1. Wait an hour after eating or face the

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