How to Fix Green or Cloudy Pool Water

Despite what many pool owners may think, the secret to clean and clear swimming pool water is more complicated then just balancing the chlorine and pH levels. Sometimes that alone just isn't enough. What do you do when you are faced with cloudy pool water? Or how about if you are confronted with green pool

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Top Rated Pool Automation Systems

Pool automation systems have recently become more easily accessible and readily available for home owners. Everyone is looking for ways to streamline their lives. Technology has become such a huge component of daily life because of the peace of mind it provides. Pools are no exception. Swimming pool automation makes routine maintenance a breeze and

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Backyard Swimming Pool Features and Landscaping Ideas

The sound of rushing water adds peace and serenity, while its look can give that finishing touch to your backyard oasis that it desires. A waterfall is one of the more common swimming pool features people tend to add when redoing their Phoenix backyard. It is best if you get to know the essentials

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Contact Premier Pool Service of Roseville for weekly swimming pool maintenance

Owning a swimming pool is every homeowners dream, and when that dream comes true responsibility comes with it. Owning a swimming pool means that you have the option of a luxurious and relaxing backyard oasis. Most homeowners want to spend all of their time relaxing poolside, not worrying about the maintenance of their pool. Keep

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Why You Need an Automatic Pool Cleaner for your Pool

No doubt you are doing your best to keep your swimming pool clean and well maintained. You most likely already own an telescoping pole, pool brush, skimmer, and vacuum. You are keeping up with all the weekly pool maintenance, like testing your pool water and doing your best to keep algae and dirt under control.

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How do I know if my Pool Pump needs replacing?

How do I know if my Pool Pump Needs Replacing? If you are reading this there is a fair chance that you are dealing with a malfunctioning or completely out of service pump. This is a code red situation because of the potential havoc that algae is about to wreck on your swimming pool. The

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Pool Service: Why you should Choose Coachella Valley for your Pool Service needs?

You've invested time and money in a swimming pool, so what's next ? Wouldn't you agree that it would be wise to protect your investment? Pool service is the best way to ensure that you get the most out of the pool you've payed for. As well as the added peace of mind for you

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