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5 Unusual Tips for your St. Louis Pool

How do you cool on a hot summer day? A dip in the St. Louis pool is the way to go. Making sure that your swimming pool is sparkling clean does not need to be as complicated as you may think. All  swimming pools are different, and so is maintenance. Regardless of whether you depend on a St. Louis Pool service provider to look after your swimming pool, you will still have to do a couple of things on your own to make sure your swimming pool stays in good condition for a long time. St. Louis Pool

Below are tips to make your St. Louis pool sparkling clean:

1. Get some baking soda

Outlets that sell swimming pool cleaner will often offer something known as an “Alkalinity Increaser” that is a simple choice for maintaining a pool’s pH levels. Buying some cheap baking soda from the outlet delivers the same objective, yet does for a lot less money. An Online search will show you how much baking soda you need for a swimming pool your size.

2. Make bathing suits an essential requirement

Your relative is allergic to the sun, so he swims in a T-shirt. A close friend forgot a swimsuit, so he takes a dip with his khaki shorts on. A swimming pool party gets a bit rowdy, and shortly everyone’s fully clothed in the swimming pool. In minor doses, apparel will do no harm. However, fiber dyes and frays can trickle when in contact with chlorine, making your swimming pool eventually appear cloudy. Always make it a rule that only swimsuits are allowed. St. Louis Pool

3. Throw in a tennis ball

Sunscreen and suntan lotion usually end up in the swimming pool after they are used on a swimmer, and can make the swimming pool dirty quite fast. Tossing a standard tennis ball into the swimming pool to float for some time will absorb up all those extra chemicals and oils, which do not belong in the swimming pool. It is okay to leave the tennis ball floating in the swimming pool over night or even consistently.

4. Supercharge the skimmer that skimmer

Skimmer baskets do an excellent job filtering out leaves and other foreign matter from your swimming pool; however, they also leave plenty behind. How can you make your skimmer to work harder? Take a used pair of pantyhose and wrap them around the baskets. Fine dirt, hair, and sand are no match for the tiny fabric holes. Make sure you clean out the baskets once every week and skim the pool surface for large particles every couple of days or as required.

5. Toe the tile line

Contaminants, residue, and dirt form gradually and stick along the tile area and water line. Cleaning this place once every week should decrease the speed at which the swimming pool gets dirty and cloudy because the residue on the tile does not get washed into the swimming pool. Cleaning this area every week also decreases the accumulation of calcium. It is also best if you clean the walkways and cement around the swimming pool area to minimize the water getting grime and dirt. St. Louis Pool With the help of these unique and simple swimming pool maintenance tips, you will be able to have a cleaner swimming pool each summer. Maintenance and time wasted pouring chemicals into the pool water will be minimized. A clear and clean swimming pool also gives a far more fun swimming experience for your loved ones. A frequently serviced and well-maintained swimming pool will also save you lots of money in the long run. Are you looking for pool maintenance services? Contact professionals at Premier Pools & Spas and you will never regret it!

5 Unusual Tips for your St. Louis Pool

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Pool Decks – A Helpful guide for keeping it clean

Cleaning the decking area – using pressure washer Unfortunately, pools can be very tricky to maintain. They usually accumulate dirt, algae, and a lot of other types of bacteria. These bacteria might be a serious issue, and it poses a health hazard to anybody that is using the pool. Fortunately, there are efficient and fast ways, which you can use to clean up the swimming pool and the area around the swimming pool. For example, if you are cleaning the decking area, pressure washing is a very highly effective way to do that. decking A pressure washer is powerful, and it features various settings, enabling you to customize the machine for the job at hand. When using the pressure washer together with a good cleaning solution, you can remove this build up around the swimming pool. It will allow you to clean the area from any bacteria, dirt, or algae. This kind of cleaning method also saves money, energy, and time. Pressure washers are economical, user-friendly, and they work their magic fast. As a swimming pool service provider, pressure washing is the best option.
Pool preparation
image source: https://commons.wikimedia.org Angel Saavedra and Joshua Caslill, both lifeguards, clean around the pool deck

Make sure that the pressure washer is on an appropriate setting

You need to ensure that that the pressure washer is on the right setting for the task. When you are cleaning pool decks, you need to make sure that the pressure washer is on a setting, which is secure and not over-pressurized. If the setting is too high, you might begin to peel away the wood on the deck area, which can remove any paint or even stain the deck’s exterior.

Make sure the pool is drained before cleaning

The swimming pool has to be drained so as to pressure wash the area properly.

Get rid of any items or accessories on the decking area

You need to ensure that you have a clean environment and that there is no obstruction around while you are pressure washing. You must get rid of any items or accessories, which are on the deck.

Use a washing liquid with the pressure washer

It is essential that you incorporate a washing solution with the pressure washer. Sometimes, water is not sufficient so as to properly clean the area and remove all bacteria. decking

Angle at 90° and gently clean the deck

Using the pressure water at an angle of 90° will let you push bacteria away from the pressure washer, and it will make sure that you are not going to miss any spots. It is also essential that you be gentle while you are cleaning, making sure that you do not damage the pool deck.

Allow the mixture sit and then spray with water

After you have cleaned the deck, you need to permit the soapy mixture settle and soak in on the concrete and the deck. After that, you can spray it off using water approximately ten minutes later. These are a few of the things, which you need to consider when you are cleaning pool decks.

It is your oasis! Keep it looking beautiful


Health benefits of having a spa built in your backyard

Hot water bathing has long been a custom in most civilizations since Roman times. However, most people do not realize that nowadays tubs and spas offer important health benefits. Let us explore how having a spa built in your backyard can be beneficial to your health:

1. Knee pain relief

A study done recently has shown that patients who had gone through knee replacement surgery discovered that not only did they suffer less pain, but their recuperation time was quicker compared to for non-soakers. Their range of movement improved considerably quicker and they used less pain medication compared to the non-soakers. Spa

2. Better sleep

Most people today suffer from mild to chronic insomnia and others the sleep ailments. The study has shown that soaking in a hot tub before going to sleep can help insomniacs attain a deeper, more soothing sleep. Soaking in 102-degree water 2 to 3 hours before going to sleep will soothe you and re-set your body thermostat, which makes it easier for you to fall into deep sleep.

3. Improve your game

Improving your game is an easy thing when you soak after playing. You will avoid muscle discomfort the next day. You will also have increased blood flow, which gets rid of lactic acid, which is what brings about build up of fatigue and soreness through a rigorous game. Spa

4. Back pain

Have you ever asked yourself why hot tubs soothe your muscles? Even ancient Romans and Greeks understood the soothing and healing benefits of a spa. The word spa, is from the Latin phrase, “salus per aquam,” meaning “health from water.” The soothing originates from:
  1. Heat
  2. Buoyancy
  3. Hydrotherapy
The external use of water for the treatment of particular diseases and conditions is called hydrotherapy.  It is a natural therapy, which has been used for centuries and continues to be an essential treatment method in medical facilities nowadays. Hot tub hydrotherapy is a similar thing, only it works by using your hot tub as the external water source to help you do it at home. You receive all the health benefits, which come with the hydrotherapy together with the added comfort of being in your own hot tub. Ensure your hot tub is at least 95 °F, so as to see the best benefits from the therapy. Spa

5. Stress relief

There is no better way to invigorate the body’s natural endorphin release than using a hot tub. The heat speeds up blood circulation and the therapeutic massage relieves muscle aches. Stress is bad for both body and mind. The resulting fatigue, headaches, muscle tension and soreness, which can continue over time can result in serious health issues. Not only does a spa’s buoyancy relieve pressure on muscles and joints, the natural relaxation and the mood elevation response is a priceless solution to improve health.

6. Soothing relief for arthritis ache

For anybody that is suffering from arthritis, soaking in your Hot spa can help relieve your pain. Joint swelling from arthritis leads to stiffness, inflammation, and pain, usually leading to the loss of joint movement. Immersion in warm water generates hydrostatic pressure on the body, which leads to decreased joint swelling and greater mobility. Spas provide you with the soothing warm water and buoyancy required to release stress and improve your quality of life. The usage of hot water or heat is recommended for most people with arthritis, but not all. Always seek advice from your doctor.

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Do I purchase my pool in spring, in the summer or in the fall?

If you are asking yourself what time of year is perfect for installing  a new swimming pool, many professionals would suggest, fall. The idea would be to wait until its offseason when you can potentially get better rates on labor and materials from builders. It is difficult to argue with that logic, although every season does provide pros and cons with regards to installation. Below are short notes of 4 different seasons: pool


Early-to mid-summer is usually the worst time for you to install a new pool. Rates are still high, excellent installers still have lots of work, and you do not even get the entire summer to enjoy your new swimming pool. Actually, constructing one might put a constraint on your fun during summer time. When you are dealing with contractors, it can be time-consuming, and as soon as building starts, your backyard might be out of use the moment you need to use it the most. In light of that, late summer can be a great time for you to start getting in touch with the builders, who might be willing to prolong their busy season and keep their staff working.


When the weather begins to heat up, so do pool sales. You heard that right; spring is the time when most property owners finally act on long-term plans to install, whether it is above ground or inground. A spring pool installation means you will have full use out of your new swimming pool all through the summer. Unfortunately, with high demand, it is difficult to come across great deals at this time of year. Well-known builders might already be seeing their work schedules clog up with new projects, and the suppliers have a small bonus to reduce prices on materials. Pool


If you are seeking to make the most of your negotiating leverage with the contractors, winter may be the time for you to strike. But there are some factors that may frustrate your plans. -First, the climate in most areas can make winter swimming pool installation hard or unachievable. -Second, some contractors go into hibernation at this time of year, closing down operations until demand increases in spring. – And thirdly, at the beginning of the year is the time price adjustments usually take effect for all types of materials, and costs hardly ever drop.


The major disadvantage of fall pool installation is obvious: You will not get to use your new pool until spring (unless, obviously, you happen to reside in a place, which has temperatures that are warm year-round). In most other ways, a fall pool installation makes lots of sense. The builders are not as busy and might feel pressure to maintain their bids as low as possible. You can make most of the closeout sales on equipment and material. And, pricing aside, it provides you the rest of fall and the following spring to focus your attention on your landscaping before you open the swimming pool. pool

Is timing really everything when purchasing a pool?

The point is, there are real seasonal differences with regards to installation. If you are taking your time in planning your new swimming pool, then there is no reason to rush through installation. You can decide on the season, which provides the best savings and fits your schedule.

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Tips to help when opening my pool!

Are you thrilled to welcome the summer by doing an imposing leap into your pool? I’m certain you are. However, before you can do that, you have to ensure that your swimming pool is all set to meet a new season. Unfortunately, your swimming pool will not be ‘swim-ready’ once you take out the winter covers. As you have most likely expected, opening an inground swimming pool for summer means a lot more than filling it up with water and running the filters. So, what I my supposed to do after opening my pool? opening my pool Important things that I may need when opening my pool:
  • a pump for a swimming pool cover
  • a skimmer net
  • a broom
  • a winter cover cleaner
  • a brush to clean floors and walls
  • a start-up chemical kit
  • swimming pool sanitizer
  • a handy helper
  • manual vacuum

Tips of opening my pool:

Take out the covers

Keep in mind that you must remove the winter cover as carefully as possible to prevent dust and debris getting into the swimming pool. In that case, use a swimming pool cover pump to remove the water, which has amassed on top of the cover. After that, you must use a skimmer or a soft broom to get rid of the leaves from the cover. opening my pool

Take the freezing protection equipment off

This means removing all the inner winter plugs, return/step jets, plugs, ice compensators on skimmers, etc. Remember to replace lines with fittings (eyeball jet or eyeball one), and also change the skimmer baskets. If you stick to inground pool closing guidelines, you will not need to clean the filter before summer. You may as well invite swimming pool professionals to prepare your pool equipment for a new season and ensure that the water is clean and safe for swimming.

Remove debris

Winter cover protects your inground swimming pool from most of the debris. However, the likelihood that you will need to skim the water, and also vacuum the sand, dirt, algae and small debris particles to clean things up before the swimming pool opening are quite high.

Fill your inground pool up to its normal level of operation.

Your swimming pool will not come out of winter with the best water levels. You will need to fill it up to the needed level. opening my pool

Start your pump and filter

When all things are pre-checked and broken down parts replaced, prime the pump and start it together with the water filtration system. Watch out for the accumulated pressure and air built up in equipment and plumbing. You must release it beforehand. Furthermore, monitor the swimming pool and its equipment for some time to check if there are any leaks.

Restore the chemical balance of the swimming pool water

Do not throw the chemicals in immediately. Allow the water to circulate the in your inground pool for eight to 12 hours, after that test the pool water for alkalinity and pH.

Set up your pool accessories and deck equipment

Check your pool accessories like diving boards, handrails, ladders, slides, etc., and deck equipment for damage to make sure the swimming pool is safe and set them up securely.

Test run for a day

After introducing the chemicals, allow your inground pool test run for 24 hours or so. If your swimming pool has a water heater, it will perform its job during that time.  

Tips to help when opening my pool!


The Sarojin’s Gorgeous Pools

This tropical paradise is regarded as Thailand’s most well-preserved places. The Sarojin is regarded by most people who have visited it as the most lavish resort in the area.
Image source: http://www.sarojin.com/en/khao-lak-resort-sarojin.html
It is an award-winning five-star luxury boutique beach resort, with only 56 rooms. Wonderfully set on a private yet sheltered 11km white sand beach in Khao Lak, offering year-round water sports and swimming, and only a hour by car from Phuket International Airport. The famous dive sanctuaries of the Surin Islands and Similan Islands, Phang Nga Bay famous for fascinating sea cave canoe excursions and stunning limestone islands and five breathtaking primary rain forested national parks, are all quite easy to access.
Image source: http://www.sarojin.com/en/khao-lak-resort-sarojin.html
In spite of the minimalist angular and styling structures, and clean lines that make up the resort, this seafront getaway in Khao Lak exudes radiates all the warmth and Thai personality you would anticipate in the Land of Smiles. The 10-acre resort grounds overflow with lily pad-filled ponds, coconut trees and lush gardens with coconut, and stones and local wood are used throughout. The swimming pool is lined with indoor and outdoor spaces that join seamlessly, and cube-shaped cabanas, thanks to walls created totally of glass. The entire effect is undoubtedly elegant, yet magnificently romantic. All of The Sarojin’s dwellings have their own outdoor sun terrace and private door.
Image source: http://www.sarojin.com/en/khao-lak-resort-sarojin.html
The highlight is the Garden Residence that has an indoor/outdoor. The roof is covered, so no bugs can enter giving you the satisfying feeling of being outdoors. There are two showers; a rainfall one and an adjustable one, plus a handy beach tote, complete with robes and slippers.

Facilities at The Sarojin

One of The Sarojin’s most popular features is its spectacular pool. Bordered by floating pavilions, it includes a sunken jacuzzi space and looks terrific by day and equally wonderful by night.
Image source: http://www.sarojin.com/en/khao-lak-resort-sarojin.html
Pathways Spa is a superb spot to relax from the trip. It is close to the swimming pool but hidden behind a leafy boardwalk. You can also find four outdoor treatment pavilions, complete with an air-conditioned room for facial treatment and also couples’ rain and bath showers. When it comes to experiences, one you cannot miss is obviously a walk along the beach. White Sand Beach is well known for being by far the most stunning and uncrowded in Thailand. Fishermen still use their traditional boats to set out from here and you can see them at the end of the day bringing their catches home. Guests at The Sarojin Khao Lak as well enjoy cost-free use of a hobie cat, sea kayaks, paddle boards and a dinghy boat.
Image source: http://www.sarojin.com/en/khao-lak-resort-sarojin.html
Other excellent areas on the property are the spa, where the treatment rooms are the outdoor pavilions facing the Andaman Sea. Also, the outstanding restaurant Ficus has tables set romantically next to a lotus pond in the shade of an ancient ficus tree on the property and serves scrumptious Asian-inflected Mediterranean delicacies.
Image source: http://www.sarojin.com/en/khao-lak-resort-sarojin.html
The resort will amaze you from the time you set foot. Whether you are in search of excursions, sporting activities or total relaxation, there is something for everybody and the exquisiteness of the area will have you returning again for more! Are you looking for perfect relaxation of your body, soul and mind? Visit the Sarojin today and experience memorable fun!

The Sarojin’s Gorgeous Pools


We all want to swim in Hotel Hacienda Na Xamena’s pool!

Situated on top of a cliff facing the coast of Ibiza, this private property is actually 2 hours journey from every city in Europe. It is set in an untouched natural reserve park, which lets you have the opportunity to unwind in a natural setting. Hotel Hacienda Na Xamena’s whitewashed walls are in traditional Spanish style and the architecture blends gently with the local landscape’s olive-groves; Na Xamena cliffs are located nearby.
Hotel Hacienda Na Xamena
Image source: www.haciendanaxamena-ibiza.com
The holiday resort has a total of 77 suites and rooms. The rooms set in angles, rock formations, many spots to tarry outdoors, which include a library, lounges, and seating alcoves lounges allow the 5-star resort appear both playful and compact. It as well includes a hint of Andalusia in the interior courtyards with palm covered swimming pool and palm trees. All this is just 25 minutes away from the Ibiza town and it is self-explanatory why most public figures visit hotel Hacienda Na Xamena to escape from it all. It is virtually easy to overlook the place itself, exotic and elegant, owing in large part to the Indonesian and Indian furnishings used liberally all through, not forgetting other Asian artifacts. Do make time to witness at least one Ibizan sunset that is famous for its special texture and richness.
Hotel Hacienda Na Xamena1
Image source: www.haciendanaxamena-ibiza.com
As long as we are talking cascades and pools: there are pools all over; an indoor swimming pool, two huge outdoor swimming pools and much more in the spa area. They are intended to be enjoyed; for example, in the spa, you can reserve a “Cascadas Suspendidas Pool Experience“, and it is a dream encounter. You can try eight different pools, which step down the bluff slope and you allow various massage water temperatures and water jets in each improve your circulation. Another way of experiencing the sunset and bubbling water at Hotel Hacienda Na Xamena is in your quarters. Since all rooms except for singles have their own Jacuzzi; the “Eden Suite” also comes with a small swimming pool in its own garden. This dreamy island vacation spot is heaven for romantics, nature lovers, and those looking for peace who wish to experience the real Ibiza.
Hotel Hacienda Na Xamena2
Image source: www.haciendanaxamena-ibiza.com
The hotel offers healthy delicacies, made with products from the local Ibicencan market and centered on the natural garden at the Hacienda Na Xamena; giving the simplicity and taste of the hotel’s natural environment. At the restaurants, you will come across a real sensory experience with a focus on relaxation and taste in the scenic surroundings of the island. You can have a meal at one of five banquet halls, sit out on the patio to experience panoramic views or even stop by the open-air amphitheater to catch an original performance. Hotel Hacienda Na Xamena’s spa features indoor and outdoor spots, which include the Suspended Waterfalls Thalassotherapy Circuit that offers amazing views. There is a massage spot situated in a bamboo hut that looks out over the sunset in the west. What a view! It is no overstatement to say that hotel Hacienda Na Xamena offers one of the best views in the entire of the Balearics.

We all want to swim in Hotel Hacienda Na Xamena’s pool!

summer fun

Is Your Pool Party Ready? Here’s How to Clean It!

With the summer season very fast approaching, it is time for you to think of swimming pool parties. Backyard pools bring friends and family together, and having a party provides you with a reason to invite everybody you know over to enjoy your swimming pool. Your guests would not like to swim in a pool that is not clean. pool

Below are steps you can follow to liven up to your swimming pool before the party.


Connect a brush to the telescopic pole and brush the walls, floor, and other unreachable areas in your swimming pool, which include behind steps and ladders. Brushing will help get the debris and dirt out in the open in order that the cleaner or filter can remove it.


You would like your swimming pool to look its best, so you must vacuum it thoroughly to make sure there is no debris or dirt hanging around before your guests show up. You can use your automatic cleaner or manual vacuum to do the job. pool Automatic cleaners are available in three varieties: Suction-side cleaners: They function similar to a manual vacuum. They attach to your skimmer that draws in water, making a siphon to your filter system. Pressure-side cleaners:They work with the help of the water that comes from your filters system. It connects to your return jet and uses the clean, filtered water to drive the unit, producing a water whirlpool that pushes dust and debris into a mesh bag. When your swimming pool is cleaned, you just need to empty the bag. Robotic cleaners: These are self-contained units, which uses electricity to drive it around and suck dust and debris into a bag. The only disadvantage in having a robotic cleaner is the cost.


It is essential to examine your water at least once every week with using test strips or a home test kit. It is wise to get the water expertly checked before a big party. You want to ensure your swimming water is in the perfect condition.



As soon as you have gotten your water examined, you might need to add some chemicals to get the correct levels in your water. The vital chemical readings are your pool’s chlorine, pH, and alkalinity levels. Ensure that your sanitation level is correct, your pH is balanced at 7.4-7.6, and your alkalinity reads 100 to 150 ppm. If, for instance, you use chlorine to sanitize your swimming pool, ensure your chlorine level is at least 3.0 ppm.


Now that your water is sanitized and balanced, there is just one more thing you must do. It is best if you shock the water the night before a huge party. This will super-chlorinate the water and oxidize any dead chlorine particles. This makes the water clean and all set to be enjoyed. With correct chemistry, cleaning, and circulation, you will not have any problems, and you will all enjoy using your swimming pool much more during the party.

Is Your Pool Party Ready? Here’s How to Clean It!

Hot Tub & Spa Workout Routine

Most people usually associate pools with exercise, while considering hot tubs and spas as areas for relaxation. You can carry out lots of exercises in a hot tub or spa-low-impact activities that promote flexibility, weight loss, heart health, muscle tone, and help in rehabilitation or injury prevention. Transform your heated hot tub or spa into an aquatic fitness center with these simple hot tub and spa exercises. spa

Below are some easy, and effective hot tub & spa workout routines:

Kicking your feet

In a seated posture with legs extended toward the center of your hot tub and spa, rotate your feet and legs in and out. Then bend the knees as though you are pedaling a bike. To loosen tight hip flexors and work your quadriceps, you can even lift, straighten, and lower your legs against the water resistance. Perform either move for 3 sets of 20 to 30 repetitions. spa

Rolling shoulders

Positioning yourself straight in the center of the hot tub or spa, start your exercise with light shoulder rolls, forward and back. With the resistance of water and heat, this easy motion may help improve circulation to your shoulders, neck, torso, and improve joint mobility.

Clapping hands

In a standing posture, you can submerge your arms under water and extend them out from your sides. With hands flat and thumbs toward the sky, bring your arms to make contact with your palms, after which you extend them back out. This easy move works your shoulders, biceps, chest, and triceps together. To isolate your chest and successfully exercise your arms, always keep your shoulders relaxed. Perform 3 sets of 20 to 30 repetitions. spa

Twisting your torso

In a standing or sitting position with shoulders submerged, you should cross your arms across your chest. Now contract your ab muscles and twist gradually from right to left, and left to right. Breathe out as you twist, and breathe in as you go back to center. Keep your shoulders relaxed, and concentrate on increasing your range of movement. Perform 3 sets of 20 to 30 twists.

Bending knees

You stand on one leg in your hot tub or spa and bring one knee to your chest. To achieve a cardio burst, you can quickly exchange raising and bending each leg in a high-knees running movement working against the resistance of the water to work your legs and abs. For additional stability, you should keep both hands on a flotation device or on the wall. Perform 3 sets of 30 to 60 repetitions. spa

Sitting and standing

With this exercise, you can squat without hurting your knees by supporting this traditional workout in the low-impact hot tub or spa environment. First, you need to tilt your hips back as though you are sitting in a chair, and then extend your arms for balance. Then, slowly sit back and pause halfway down, contracting your ab muscles and pressing your hips forward while you go back to a standing position. To prevent stress on your joints, refrain from locking your knees. You can even use a sturdy chair or step for support as you sit back. Perform 3 sets of 15 repetitions. These simple exercises are terrific ways to improve overall fitness, joint mobility, and cardio health in the controlled, low-impact surroundings of your hot tub and spa. To get a more demanding exercise, you can make any movement tougher by increasing the number of repetitions or by adding light hand weights for a prolonged burn.

Easy, fun and effective Hot Tub & Spa Workout Routines

What is a Swim Spa?

When you are considering owning a pool, but backyard size or budget are getting in the way, consider a swim spa. Wishing that somebody would come up with something that had all the best-combined features of spa and swimming pool? Well, your wish has come true since though swim spas have been in existence for quite some time, they are just now becoming a lot more available and a lot more common. Swim Spas use minimal space in your backyard or home to give you the best of both worlds, a pool to cool off in and a spa to relax in! swim spa They also function as smaller pools, (we call them: spools) meaning you can play around in them, or with a few of the split-designs, you, in fact, have a swimming area in one end and a hot tub spa in the other end. Swim spas are available in various sizes and categories and with Premier, you get to design the whole thing! Every single swim spa is unique to your tastes and backyard topography. Different types of Swim Spa may facilitate a setting, which will let you to workout constantly, hang out with friends and family in the comfort of your home, or unwind by simply soaking in the warm water to calm your body and mind. Research has shown, only 30 to 60 minutes of exercising 3 to 4 days each week can help decrease your risk for diabetes, heart problems, and stroke. As a frequent workout, swimming can even help lower cholesterol and blood pressure. IMG_1963

Below are the different kinds of Swim Spas?

If you want to purchase a swim spa, there are plenty of options to think about. Below are the different kinds of Swim Spas: IMG_1936

Inground acrylic Swim Spa

Most are built similar to a Hot Tub Spa formed out of acrylic. Installation is just like an inground pool where the heater, pumps, filter, and all other equipment may be placed wherever you decide on and the Swim Spa can be put up into a deck and landscape around it, anyway you prefer. IMG_1977

Inground vinyl Swim Spas

This is essentially an inground pool with the additional benefit of swim jets. This lets you swim constantly against water current for a never-ending swimming. Contrary to a pool, you will never need to turn around to continue to swim laps or hit the wall.

Self-contained portable Swim Spa

These are simple to install and you do not require a lot to begin using them; chemicals, electrical, and water are all you need. And just as the name means, a portable Swim Spa does not need to be installed permanently, so it is simple for it to be shifted from one place to the next in a backyard, or you can take it along should you move. For that reason, whether you are searching for a means to a low-cost option for a pool, a way to relax, an enjoyable way to entertain friends and family, or just a healthy solution to exercise, you will find it all with a Swim Spa.

Would you like a Swim Spa?