An Infinity Edge for My Idaho Pool and Spa

To Infinity and….. Your Backyard? Meeting high expectations with a Premier Pools and Spas swimming pool is easy but taking it one step further with an infinity edge can make a huge difference. Interested in an infinity edge, also known as a vanishing edge, for your Idaho pool and spa? Let the experts of the

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Add Shade to your Treasure Island Backyard

Giant trees are the best way to receive shade in your backyard. It's convenient to relax under a shaded area of your backyard during the hot summer days in Treasure Island, Florida. However with the modern architectural properties, there aren't many trees to provide shaded areas. That is why Premier Pools & Spas of St.

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Salt Lake City, UT: Basic Maintenance for your New Inground Spa

Salt Lake City, UT homeowners if you love your inground spa, you need to make sure you understand basic maintenance for your new purchase. In this article, we are going to talk about how to keep your new inground spa looking beautiful and functioning optimally. Once you've got your new spa, you are living a life

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