Why You Should Consider Heating your Pool

No one wants summer pool parties to come to an end. However, with new technology there are ways to extend your swimming pool season, and enjoy your swimming pool in the colder months. Keep reading to learn how you can extend your swimming pool season by heating your pool. What are the Advantages to Heating

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How to Properly Replace Pool Lights

Don't know how to replace the pool lights in your swimming pool? Don't fear Premier Pool Service is here! Premier Pool Service of Coachella Valley can help you with your pool maintenance needs. Keeping reading if you want to learn how to successfully replace pool lights in your swimming pool. It is a minor inconvenience

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Pool Cleaning Tips to Help you Out During the Summer

Owning a swimming pool is every homeowners dream. The dream of having all of your friends and family members in your beautiful backyard oasis, while you guys are creating life-long memories. Nothing beats a summer well spent like that. To make all of your summer dreams come true, you have to remember to keep up

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Pool Care Tips from a Pool Professional

Owning a swimming pool is one of the best decision’s a homeowner can make! Not only are you now able to spend quality time with your friends and family, but you now have the backyard of your dreams. With a swimming pool comes extra responsibility, such as pool maintenance. Keep reading to learn more pool

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