How to build the perfect backyard oasis

Considering creating your own perfect backyard oasis? The most crucial element of your backyard design is to ensure it fits your lifestyle. You can plan your outdoor space to be whatever you want. Whether you are looking for a tropical entertaining spot, a relaxing retreat, or a grilling area, your outdoor space can reflect

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Best plants for landscaping around your pool

Landscaping around your pool is a good opportunity to create a relaxing oasis in your outdoor space. If you have a pool, go the extra mile and get really complementary plants. There are many challenges that you should deal with when landscaping. To start with, to create the gorgeous oasis look the plants need to

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Getting all the details on swimming pool construction

When it comes to getting all the details about pool construction, there's no detail that’s too small. Pool building is an extremely elaborate and complex process. The end result should be done well to ensure durability and safety. Each detail is well-planned to ensure your backyard oasis will last for years to come. Each detail

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Is it better to buy a pool in the summer or winter in Fresno

You have been thinking of installing a backyard oasis for a while, and you are now ready to take the plunge and buy a pool.  The question in your mind now is whether to buy a pool in the summer or winter.  It all comes down to what time you are ready. This can vary

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Why you should build a pool with Premier Pools & Spas

Pools are a worthy addition in outdoor spaces. When you build a pool, durability and quality will depend on the builder you work with. The benefits of working with the best experts at Premier Pools & Spas is that our pool builders will go beyond the aspect of finance as you get a chance of enjoying

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Gulf Coast: why a gunite pool is the best option

Owning a pool in your Gulf Coast backyard can transform your lifestyle and make your home a lovely vacation spot. A well-built gunite pool in your backyard will also add class and value to your home. Gunite pools are the most in-demand since you can customize them to fit your budgetary limits as well as

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Free Swimming Pool Plans for Your Backyard in San Diego

From the stylishly simple to the exotic, a custom inground pool constructed by the best Premier Pool, San Diego pool builders will transform your outdoor space. Check out our pool gallery to see the many examples of pools built pool experts. Our expert team will work closely with you to visualize and execute free swimming

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Can you build a spa without a pool?

Swimming pools are the main attraction to a backyard oasis, and they are normally accompanied by an attached spa. While swimming pool and spa combinations are popular, one or the other can be built. If you just want a spa in your backyard, that isn't a crazy dream. Swimming pools and spas both have great

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What is Houston Pool Construction like?

Enhancing your Houston outdoor space is one of the most fascinating things you can do. Sometimes, the weather in Houston, TX, is unpredictable, and some summer seasons feel like never-ending scorching heat waves. Houston pool construction will totally change the way your loved ones gets to spend its time. By installing a pool to your

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