Inspiring pool designs for your backyard

If you're considering installing a new custom inground pool or thinking about remodeling your pool and backyard, there's no better time than now. Remodeling your outdoor space now lets you have the project finished on schedule. This will allow you to enjoy your pool throughout the summer season. If you are planning to take your

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Choosing the best pool features for your backyard oasis

Your pool is an ideal spot for you and your loved ones to gather for memorable moments. If you want to construct a pool that your entire family will enjoy, think about selecting the best pool features that create possibilities for both relaxation and fun play. Your backyard pool has lots of different choices, and

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Features to consider when creating your swimming pool designs

A pool already has lots of benefits for homeowners. Incorporate some luxury features and it transforms into a resort-worthy getaway so marvelous you will never want to leave. Features that were once found only in high-end resort pool designs are now popular in most homes. Fire features Stunning fire features are the newest trend in

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Want to go chlorine free? Pros and cons of salt water pools

Everyone is familiar with chlorine swimming pools. It is likely that your first pool experience and memory has something to do with a chlorine pool. However, it could easily be said that most people do not actually like chlorine. This is for many reasons. Chlorine stinks and it is irritating to the skin and the

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Pool maintenance steps for beginners

Whether you’ve just moved into a new house with a pool or recently had one installed, you know that having a pool requires regular time and effort. First time pool owners can easily feel overwhelmed with all the details. Once you learn these basic pool maintenance steps, you’ll feel more confident maintaining your pool yourself.

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What pool cleaning chemicals should you use?

You have decided to take on pool chemical maintenance all on your own. How do you choose the right tools? Pool cleaning chemicals are extremely hazardous, so for your safety it is vital that you research the right chemicals and know how to properly handle them. Sanitizers These are the pool cleaning chemicals that you

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Do you need a leaf net pool cover?

Pool owners always have pool covers on the mind when the ever predictable fall season comes along. What do you do to make sure your pool stays safe? Simple. Invest in a leaf net pool cover. Leaf net pool cover Leaf net pool covers were created to prevent leaves and debris from falling into your

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5 creative pool features to add to your swimming pool design

If you have a swimming pool in your backyard, you can add some creative pool features to improve its design. For example, you can install a slide, grotto, or swim bar. With these features, you can make your backyard much more appealing for your kids and friends in summer. In this article, we are going

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How Can a Pool Leaf Cover Help You?

Are you suffering from unwanted dirt and debris in your swimming pool? Do you constantly have to net out large leaves? You may be in need of a pool leaf cover. What is a pool leaf cover? A pool leaf cover is a device that was designed to prevent leaves and debris from falling into your

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How much does pool maintenance cost?

Congratulations, you are the proud owner of a new swimming pool. Now you have to decide if you want to keep track of all of that maintenance yourself, or hire a professional pool service. Here are some basic things to know about what's involved in pool maintenance to help you make your decision, and why Premier Pool

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