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What pool filter works best?

A pool filter is one of the main reasons that your swimming pool is able to stay clean. A swimming pool needs maintenance and proper care to stay crystal clear. Without proper pool maintenance, you’re looking at a dirty pool that your friends and family don’t want to swim in. Keep reading to learn what

What Type of Filter do I Need for my Pool?

There are many different options when it comes to choosing a pool filter. Sand, cartridge, and DE filters. Are all filters created equally? Certainly not! Although all help the circulatory system of your pool, and all aid in filtering out debris. Each filter preforms those tasks at a different level. What Type of Filter Do

How to Properly Clean a Pool Filter

Every homeowner should know how important their pool filter is. As a part of your pools circulatory system, the pool filter helps ensure that dirt and debris are screened out of the pool water. It aids in overall water flow and keeps your pool clean and safe to swim in. Keep reading to learn how to

What is the Best Type of Filter for my Pool?

You are contemplating taking the plunge and purchasing your very own swimming pool! How exciting! You know you are going to need a filtration system and are not quite sure which one is right for you. Depending on the type of swimming pool you are planning on building, you may need a different type of

What is a Diatomaceous Earth Pool Filter?

Swimming pool filters are an essential part to the swimming pool's cleaning system. They help clear out any of the dirt and debris that may be floating around in your swimming pool. In this article learn what a DE filter actually is, and how it is the best pool filter for your swimming pool. What

How to Take Care of Your Redding Pool Filter

For Redding pool owners, few things are as fulfilling as crystal clear pool water on a hot summer day. To make sure that clarity will remain throughout the season, you should properly clean and maintain your Redding pool filter. It is important to effectively maintain your filter all season long. Also, particularly you should ensure

Pool Filters: Frequently Asked Questions of New Buyers

You will need pool filters for an exciting and fun swimming time. Pool pumps and pool filters are both important equipment every pool owner needs. This is because their work is to keep the pool water crystal clear. Pumps permit water flow and push it via the filtration system while the filters get rid of

Las Vegas: How to Clean a Cartridge Pool Filter

Residents of Las Vegas are serious about their pool care. As you know there are different types when it comes to a pool filter depending on which one has been chosen and installed in your pool. For this article specifically, we will be talking about the cartridge pool filter. We are going to talk about

Reusing your Vacaville Pool Filter Water

If you are wondering how to go about reusing your Vacaville pool filter water then you're in the right place. When storms come and flood your pool, you may not understand how bad it is on your yard when it is washing through the soil. You may also know that it is not allowed for