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Cleaning your pool the right way

Your swimming pool needs constant maintenance. That's what every pool professional says. Keep reading to learn why cleaning your pool the right way is so important. Why do you need to clean your pool? Your swimming pool needs chemicals to stay clean. There are also other things that you can do to prevent your swimming pool

Which Pool Filter is the Right for your pool care

Opting for the right pool filter is important for your regular pool care. Nowadays, it can hard for you choose the right pool filter for a number of reasons. If you are a beginner, it can be difficult for you to make a choice. Ideally, it's important that you buy one that can stand the

What are sand pool filters?

Like swimming pool pumps, the pool filter is apart of all the pool equipment that is essential for your swimming pool. There are a few different types of pool filters. There is the sand, cartridge, and DE pool filters. Each of them do the same job differently, but some people believe that some are more

How Do Pool Filter Systems Work?

As you know, when you build your swimming pool the pool builders also build an equipment pad that connects to your swimming pool. On that equipment pad are pool filter systems, which are put in place to help keep your swimming pool clean. Keep reading to learn how pool filter systems work and how to

Why you Need Professional Pool Care for your Swimming Pool

Summer is finally here and that means so are the pool parties. To have a successful summer and pool party you have to have a clean swimming pool. Owning a swimming pool, like most things, comes with a lot of responsibility. Most homeowners do not have the time to keep a routine schedule of their

How to keep your Salt Lake City swimming pool clean

Pool maintenance isn't as hard as everyone makes it out to be. Keeping your pool clean is an easy task, especially if you stay on top of it. Having a swimming pool most likely means you'll want to enjoy it all summer long, so keeping up with swimming pool maintenance is key. Keep reading to

How to Keep your Cleveland Swimming Pool Algae Free

With St. Patrick's Day right around the corner, everyone is prepping for a very green celebration. However one thing you don't want to have green is your Cleveland swimming pool. One of the main things prepping for the warmer weather consists of is making sure your swimming pool is pretty and clear for the summer months.

Pool Filters: Frequently Asked Questions of New Buyers

You will need pool filters for an exciting and fun swimming time. Pool pumps and pool filters are both important equipment every pool owner needs. This is because their work is to keep the pool water crystal clear. Pumps permit water flow and push it via the filtration system while the filters get rid of

Las Vegas: How to Clean a Cartridge Pool Filter

Residents of Las Vegas are serious about their pool care. As you know there are different types when it comes to a pool filter depending on which one has been chosen and installed in your pool. For this article specifically, we will be talking about the cartridge pool filter. We are going to talk about

Weekly Pool Maintenance – Keeping It Simple

Weekly pool maintenance is the "necessary evil" as they say. While you may not be excited to get around to it, it is important that you get it done or you are going to have a big mess on your hands. I mean that quite literally since you are not going to be able to