What is the Cost of Maintaining a Pool?

Most homeowners like to save money, get a good deal, or find a bargain where you can. In this day and age DIY projects are ever growing, and you most likely can find a how-to video on almost anything. Since your swimming pool was a sizable investment in itself, you may think to yourself "How

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Create a Backyard Oasis Pool the Right Way

A pool in the backyard can be a great addition to your beautiful home. Besides the beauty aspect, it can also serve as an escape from scorching heat in the summer. No matter how small your backyard, you can always build a backyard pool. Want to know how? Here we have given few tips to

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Renovate your Backyard with Austin Pool Builders

With summer approaching, it’s time to renovate your outdoor spaces to make the most out of them. But before brainstorming the ideas for pool renovations, take a seat and think what you need from your backyard. Whether you want to transform it into a tropical retreat or a kids’ paradise, there are many options to

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How to Create Shade for your Austin Backyard

The backyard area is not only about soaking in the sun. It is, rather, the perfect place to relax in a shady spot away from harsh sun rays. So, add a shade to your backyard. This shade allows fresh air without keeping you under the direct sunlight. Also, it adds the element of privacy to

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Which is Better: Saltwater or Chlorine Pools?

If you own a pool, you know how difficult it is to choose the right sanitation system. Both chlorine and saltwater swimming pools come with their own pros and cons. While either of them is good for a hot summer day, you need to make a choice for the season ahead. It depends on your

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