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Swimming pool care basics – testing the water

Pool care basics start with balanced water. Proper testing ensures that calcium levels are maintained and that there are no metals present in your pool water. These tests can be completed by you or your pool service professional. Below are some pool care basic guidelines for testing your pool water. Balancing your pool's pH First

Salt water pool health benefits

For centuries salt has been used in holistic health and relaxation. Salt water pools offer numerous other health benefits that range from soothing your skin to decreasing stress levels. They do require chlorine to sanitize and disinfect the water, but not as much as the typical swimming pool. Let's take a look at some salt water

How To Keep Your Swimming Pool Sparkly Clean

Owning a swimming pool means that you get to enjoy cool dips, splashes, and cannonballs all summer long. Everyone will flock to your backyard for summer fun. Clean pool water is key to that fun. Sparkly, clear blue swimming pool water is what we all dream of, but how can you keep your pool maintained

Planning for Great Austin Pool Parties

Austin pool parties are a good way to have some summertime fun, particularly when temperatures are very hot. One of the best reasons for having a pool is inviting friends, neighbors, and family over to enjoy it. With a bit of preparation and planning, you can make your backyard pool party unforgettable without resulting in

What to Know about Hosting Pool Parties

Pool parties are the perfect way of cooling off within the hot summer months in the Heart of Texas. Hosting pool parties is also a great way for kids to celebrate the end of the school year or a summertime birthday! Things you Need to do Before Hosting Pool Parties Your Guest List: While it

How to Achieve the Perfect Memorial Day Pool Party!

Memorial Day is right around the corner and that means it is the perfect time for a pool party. If you own a swimming pool, you might as well start off the summer season with a bang! Planning a pool party takes time, which means your weekend is also going to be busy. Keep reading

Pool Care Basics for New Pool Owners!

Pool Care Basics for New Pool Owners! Congratulations! You finally took the plunge and purchased your very first swimming pool! This is a huge milestone for you and your family. Now that you have a beautiful swimming pool, how do you take good care of it? Like any good investment you want to do your

Swimming Pool Sports That You Can Play in Your SW Louisiana Pool

Summer season in Louisiana is pool time. When the temperatures increase rapidly, children and adults head to pools to cool off in and have fun playing some swimming pool sports. While it is apparent that pools swimming pools are good for unwinding, playing games with children or taking a dip, are you aware they are

Ideas on How to Throw a Kid Pool Party

Kids’ pool parties are a good choice when you're hosting your young one's friends for an occasion. Whether you're marking the end of the school year or are celebrating a birthday, a kid pool party is a convenient and economical way for you to host in your SW Louisiana backyard pool. Not only are you

Create a Fun Easter Sunday Pool Party in Portland

What is even better than a regular party is to host your Easter Sunday pool party. In other words, you can give your kids and their friends the most memorable Easter party ever. When you think of Easter, what comes to mind are the eggs, bunny, and chocolates. In addition to the great ideas you

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