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Energy Efficient Pool Pumps

Is there an energy efficient pool pump for swimming pools? The swimming pool pump is the most effective way to keep the circulation consistent throughout your swimming pool and it also helps keep your swimming pool clean. If your swimming pool becomes cloudy, or you notice it starting to get dirty, you should check all

Which Pool Pump is the Best for your Swimming Pool

Your swimming pool is a staple to your backyard oasis. It is what brings everything together. During pool parties or a family get together, the kids and adults alike want to take a dip in the pool. Knowing the anatomy of your swimming pool is important. Additionally, that is why it is important to know

How Do Pool Filter Systems Work?

As you know, when you build your swimming pool the pool builders also build an equipment pad that connects to your swimming pool. On that equipment pad are pool filter systems, which are put in place to help keep your swimming pool clean. Keep reading to learn how pool filter systems work and how to

Why you Need Professional Pool Care for your Swimming Pool

Summer is finally here and that means so are the pool parties. To have a successful summer and pool party you have to have a clean swimming pool. Owning a swimming pool, like most things, comes with a lot of responsibility. Most homeowners do not have the time to keep a routine schedule of their

How to Maintain the Schedule of Variable Speed Pool Pump?

Before installing a variable speed pump in your swimming pool, you should consider the energy costs for running it. A variable speed pool pump allows you to control the speed and offers more energy efficiency. Since a pump runs throughout the day, it makes sense to program its run schedule for maximum cost saving. Here’s

Ways to Make Your Swimming Pool Energy Efficient

Pool ownership is a costly endeavor. To save money on pools, you need to rely more on sustainable resources and regular maintenance. With proper measures, you can make your pool energy-efficient and environment-friendly as well. You can cut down on wasted energy and huge utility bills. Here are the ways to make it happen so

Making Your New Orleans Pool More Eco- friendly

Your grass might be green, but is your New Orleans pool eco-friendly? Perhaps not; but you can work with the best Premier Pools & Spas pool builders to implement improvements and updates. This will offer eco-friendly benefits as well as cost savings. Whether you are in search of cost savings as it relates to heating