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Foley: Pool Safety Rules

Pool safety at your Foley home doesn’t have to be complicated. Keeping everyone you love in a safe and fun environment is possible when you are properly prepared. In this article, we are going to go over important pool safety rules that will keep you having fun in the pool for many years to come. pool safety

Pool Safety and What to Remember

Pools are a lot of fun and even more fun when proper pool safety rules are put into play. Here are some things you should remember before, during and after swim time. Put Up Appropriate Barriers Now that you have your beautiful pool, it is time to make sure no one ventures into the pool that is supposed to stay out. Children and pets are often curious about the water and having appropriate barriers to keep them out when it’s not swimming time is a must. An appropriate barrier means a 4-feet high fence or other barriers that have a self-closing and self-latching gate. You should place a safety cover on your pool when it is not in use. If you expect you may have any unwanted entry to your pool, you can get a pool alarm that goes off if anyone tries to get into the pool. pool safety Watch the Kids Even if your kids have been swimming for a long time, it is important to keep them supervised at all times. To properly prepare them for the water you can enroll them in age-appropriate swim classes. Having children that know how to swim is important and having your own pool to practice will ensure they are strong swimmers. Talk to your kids about the buddy system, no diving in the pool and other safety rules you’ve put in place for your pool so they understand the importance of adhering to your guidance. Having an adult at arm’s length reach of any weak or non-swimmers is important and will ensure all of your children are kept safe when swimming. Keep it Clean Keeping your pool clean and clear is going to allow for a great swimming experience but it is good for pool safety as well. When your pool is kept clean, you will be able to easily see where your kids are at all times, even when they are swimming underwater. Keeping your pool clean also allows you to have fewer earaches, rashes or infections. Always make sure that you have proper chemical levels in your pool for the best pool safety results.
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Your Backyard Playground

When you put the proper pool safety rules in place, you can swim happily knowing that your loved ones are well taken care of. When it is hot, it is a great time to take a dip in your backyard playground. There are plenty of features to add to your pool to make sure it is even more fun so make sure to consult with your pool professional about any options you are considering.

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Bayou La Batre: Pool Enclosures

Pool enclosures in Bayou La Batre allow you to enjoy your pool without having to worry about debris and pests getting into your pool. Some people in the area may have even experienced some other visitors that were not welcomed.  When you have pool enclosures, you are going to be able to enjoy it all season long.
pool enclosures
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Pool Enclosures That Are Right for You

When you have pool enclosures, it is going to be easier for you to maintain your pool. This means less time you have to spend maintaining your pool and less money you have to put out. There will be pool enclosures that are perfect for you. Look for different ones that will fit your space and have a shape and style that you like. You do not have to worry about fast replacement of your extruded frame or vinyl-coated fiberglass screen as it will last for years and years without any maintenance since it has a strong and durable frame. The frame has baked enamel finish that is scratch resistant as well as weather and chemical deterioration resistant. The heavier-than-standard screen material is meant to withstand outside weather conditions. You should also know that the pool enclosures are safe. All door handles are a minimum of 54″ from the ground so your kids will not be able to reach them. You also have a full warranty for your protection with the pool enclosures. Adding a pool enclosure can help you enjoy the season longer than normal and add a great deal of enjoyment.
pool enclosures
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Creating Your Backyard Paradise

When you get your pool, the last thing you want to think about is keeping it free from debris. When you live in a beautiful town, it is easy to forget that things get dirty and need maintenance but if you have a pool without an enclosure, you will soon remember there is plenty to clean. When you are creating your backyard paradise, think of all the things you would like to have in place. Maybe you want to have a pool in a certain shape. If it is a “strange” shape, you could have to speak with the installation professionals to ensure that your new enclosure is going to be able to fit with it. The best course of action is to plan your pool and your enclosure together so that you can be sure it is going to fit together. If you want to speak with a professional about how to best move forward with your project, make sure to reach out to us and we will be glad to walk you through the process.
pool enclosures
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Whether you are a first-time pool owner or if you have owned pools before, it is always nice to have professionals help you get the exact look, feel and function that you want. There is no reason to stress out over your new pool installation or enclosure installation because we are here to help you.

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Pool Safety for Your Cat – Keep Whiskers Happy!

When you think pool safety, you most likely are thinking about your humans. You also need to think about your cats as well. Our companion animals are going to be around the water even if they don’t like it, they could end up in the water at some point. In this article, we are going to discuss pool safety for your cat. pool safety

Pool Safety Preparation

As you are thinking of things that you can do to make pool safety apparent at your pool, you need to get ready for things that may happen to your cat. Just your cat does not enjoy the water does not mean that it can’t end up in the water. If your cat is being chased or is running around during the night, it may end up falling into the water. While cats are usually natural born swimmers, that isn’t always the case. Besides for that, it could be hard for your cat to get out of the water if you only have a ladder or if there is an overhanging ledge edge. To make sure that your cat is experiencing top of the line pool safety, you want to make sure that you have a skamper ramp or a similar product installed on your pool so that your pets can always see a way out. If your pet does not have a way to get out of the pool and you are not there to help them, your pet could drown so this is a very important matter. pool safety

Pool Safety – Look Out For Conditions Around Your Pool

Your pool isn’t just enjoyed from the inside, it is also enjoyed poolside. While your cat may not be hanging out in the pool, they are most likely hanging out by the pool. If it is very hot where you are, your cat could experience a heat stroke so make sure to keep a lookout for any symptoms that let you know that your cat is in distress. If your pet starts acting strangely and is extra tired or not moving around as it normally does then your pet may be affected. If your pet is not used to the water then you need to introduce them to the water gradually. Don’t throw your cat into the water and expect them to like it. They are most likely going to cause quite a fit and run the other direction. Make sure ease them in if they have any interest at all.
pool safety
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If your cat does fall in or if you give your cat a bath, make sure to dry their ears with a cotton ball so they do not get an ear infection. Ear infections can be very painful and difficult to get rid of as well. When you are creating your poolside paradise, having pool safety and your pet in mind is a great idea. This will keep you from having to go back and fix things after they have been created.

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Pool Safety for Dogs – Keep Your Pup Safe

Pool safety isn’t just for two-legged people, it is also for our furry friends. We want to make sure that our dogs are safe around the pool as well as ourselves and our kids. In this article, we are going to go over some tips that will make sure that you are able to keep your dog on point with pool safety.
pool safety
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Training Your Dog On Pool Safety

While you may think that your dog will be just fine because of course, they are able to doggy paddle. While they can doggy paddle, there are still other things to think about. Dogs are amazingly loyal and fun to lay with but they don’t have the foresight to understand what could happen in different situations. If your dog doesn’t understand how to get out of the pool because they aren’t used to a ladder they could actually get stuck trying to get on the ladder and actually drown because they aren’t able to make it. This is why it is important for you to stay with your dog and make sure they understand how to get in and out of the pool without getting frustrated or panicked. You can show your dog where they are supposed to go and where they should not go. If your dog is not a strong swimmer because they are older or possibly have been injured then you should make sure to keep an extra close on him or her, but you also want to make sure they know their limits through proper training. pool safety

Watch Out for the Heat – Pool Safety

The heat can get a little crazy whenever you are out in the pool and you may not think about it with your dog but they can get overheated just like a human. With all of the fur on most dogs, it can be easy for them to get overheated.  Besides for heat exhaustion, they could also hurt their feet on the concrete or other surfaces so make sure you are keeping an eye on them. If your dog is overweight, swimming is a good way to get some weight off on them, but you still need to make sure that your dog is not overdoing it. pool safety

Pool Safety for Your Dog Conclusion

Instead of just hoping that your dog is going to do well with pool safety, you can also take them to special dog swimming lessons to make sure that they are up to par on their swimming technique. Dogs do drown and being able to have all of the help to keep that from happening is important. You want to have fun in your swimming pool and part of that fun is your dog so make sure that they are safe. Your dog loves the water and loves having fun times with the family and friends, but you are the one that knows what your dog’s limits are going to be. Make sure they don’t overdo it.
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Maine: Closing your pool for the Winter Season

Winter is approaching, and it’s time to start thinking about winterizing the pool. The key purpose of winterizing your pool is to protect it from damage due to the possibilities of your swimming pool water freezing over and pipes freezing and potentially cracking. If you close your swimming pool properly it ensures that it will stay clean for the next season.

Below are a few tips on closing your pool:

Closing your pool
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1. Balance the chemistry of water

A few weeks before closing, shock the swimming pool using a non-chlorine shock or chlorine shock. Let the level of chlorine return to 1.0 to 3.0 ppm before you add any winter algaecide and your pool cover. Extremely high chlorine often breaks down both pool covers and algaecides. You should not add algaecide and chlorine or shock chlorine all at once and not just before covering it. Above all else, you should shock the night before you intend to close the swimming pool and let the filter run all throughout the night.

2. Remove ladders, cleaners, skimmer baskets, solar blankets, wall fittings from the swimming pool

Store these in a secure place during the winter. You should not coil pool cleaners hoses tight, and ensure that the hose and cleaner are totally drained.

3. Clean and backwash the filter

You will have to do one last brush and vacuum to winterize your pool. As soon as you are done, you should backwash your filter.

4. Lower the level of water

You may either use a submersible pump or your filter pump to lower the level of your swimming pool water. You will have to lower the level roughly 4 to 6-inches below the lowest plumbing line, usually the water return line. Ensure that the level of water is at least below the skimmer. You can take out the above ground swimming pool skimmer.

5. Drain all chlorinating, filtering, pumping and heating equipment

Many heaters, chlorinators, filters and pumps, have drain caps or plugs to permit water to drain out. All water should be blown out or drained, or it will freeze and crack. After draining Cartridge filters, Diatomaceous Earth or filter grids, they should be taken out and thoroughly cleaned. If the pump and filter is small enough to take it out and keep it indoors, this is recommended. If not, with the help of a little bit of air from a shop compressor or vacuum is used to blow out any water which might still be in the equipment. Make sure you always keep the drain plugs removed during the winter season and store them safely, in the event any pipes get un-winterized.

6. Empty your chemical feeder

For those who have a chemical feeder, now can be the best time to have it drained and emptied. When you leave chemicals in your chemical feeder during pool winterization, you may wreck your equipment. Make sure you put the top back on the chemical feeder and remember to put on safety gloves and goggles.
Closing your pool
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7. Winter pool covers

You need to break out your inground pool winter cover or above ground pool winter cover to keep the debris out of the swimming pool. You can use a solid cover that keeps out the sun and all debris. These solid covers need to prevent algae growth and keep the swimming pool clean. You also need to use an air pillow. These types of air pillows hold the swimming pool cover up like a tent. As a result debris and water fall off rather than accumulating on the top. They also aid to absorb any water expansion that may take place from freezing and probably lead to the wall of your above ground pool to split. Do you want to save money and time after the winter? Closing your pool properly will ensure you get prepared for the coming season.

Maine: Closing your pool for the Winter Season

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Games that teach young swimmers to be better swimmers

Learning how to swim is a rite of passage for most kids, and can be a good experience when instructors use creativity and patience. With the help of age-appropriate games, young swimmers learn basic swim strokes and water safety skills that encourage a lifetime of fitness and fun. Research has shown that giving kids the formal swimming lessons may help decrease the number of childhood accidents. young swimmers

Young swimmers mimicking game

For young swimmers, the mimicking game helps to generate comfort in the water. Seat the youngster securely on a step in the pool’s shallow end, directly in front of you. First, take a cup of water and pour it on your hair, stating “washing my hair”; as you both giggle, give the cup to the little one to pour water on your head, after that ask him to wash his hair, as well. Rinse and do it again until interest decreases.

Games with melodies

To encourage underwater swimming, position yourselves in a circle in the shallow end of the pool, holding hands while singing the kid’s tune;”Ring Around the Rosy”; we all fall down”; learners go underwater after bending their knees. Next, line kids up in the water, each holding onto the side. Get a volunteer to play a music CD with different beats and rhythms. Encourage the young learners to keep the beat with a simple dolphin kick or up-and-down flutter kick. young swimmers

The superman glide

Once learners can blow bubbles, submerge their faces and kick, they are all set to leave the wall. Have them stand with their backs against the wall in the pool’s shallow end and impersonate Superman, extending their arms straight out in a soaring posture while using their two feet to push off the wall. Position yourself very close so that youngsters do not have to glide far, then slowly move further away to let learners move smoothly and kick if they are comfortable.

Search and recover

Youngsters at home usually enjoy a challenge when having swimming lessons. After analyzing the abilities of your learners, select the right swimming pool depth and throw submersible objects into the water. Young swimmers should search underwater for the objects and get them up from the bottom of the swimming pool, returning them to you for points. To stop needless competition, allocate each learner a different number or color of objects to locate. This game helps the young swimmers develop lung capacity and gain courage in their swimming ability. young swimmers

Safe swimming

Research has shown that most backyard pool accidents under age 5 victims were alone when they fell into the swimming pool. For this reason, it is essential that parents give enough supervision, and that kids master swimming skills at an early stage. The ability of a child to swim two feet and get hold of the wall could easily save his life. Ensure that your little one knows to ask permission before getting into the water, and that access to swimming pools is controlled when they are not being used. Remind kids about the rules, like running or horseplay on the deck. Life jackets must be worn by children who are unable to swim, except if an adult is offering close supervision in shallow water. You can hire an experienced lifeguard if you are hosting a pool party, to guarantee the safety of all guests.

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Pool Stains – Identify your pool discoloration

Is your swimming pool filled with unsightly discolorations that are hard to remove? If you would like to see your pool water sparkling clean, keep reading to know more about the most common pool stains and their source, and learn how you can remove them permanently. pool stains

Types of pool stains

Organic pool stains

If you have ever left some leaves at the bottom of your swimming pool for a bit too long, you have most likely noted that even after getting rid of them, there are residues of brownish coloring left on the bottom of your swimming pool. This is a good example of an organic stain. Such pool stains are often as a result of algae, leaves, acorns, and other organic materials, which are left untouched in the pool for some time.

Metal stains

Usually identified by an oxidized color, metal stains may often occur due to metals in the water or even metals from pool equipment and ladders getting worn-out with age. Iron also causes problems, since it’s found in various pool heating pipes and also swimming pool chemicals and other pool related equipment and plumbing. You can run a quick vitamin C test to check for iron stains. Just take a vitamin C tablet and hold it against the stain. When the tablet dissolves, and the stain vanishes or lightens, it is likely due to iron in your swimming pool.

Pool stains

Treating pool stains

Treatment varies based on the type of stain. Performing a chlorine shock and hard scrubbing can get rid of organic pool stains. You can also find various enzymes that are made to assist with breaking down organic leftovers, which can help in the treatment organic stains. Metal stains aren’t quite as simple to deal with. Usually, they need a hard-hitting swimming pool chemical, which has an acid like diphosphonic or ascorbic. Using these pool stain removers to treat will work well when applied on the stain directly. If you find that your water source has metals, you will probably have to use metal sequestrants that bind metals and assist in preventing them from causing pool stains. There are various popular sequestrants available that can effectively treat stains, keep in mind that they do wear down in your swimming pool water after a while, so you should not keep adding them.

Pool stains

As with many pool problems, the best method of handling pool stains is prevention. Keeping your swimming pool clear of metals and organic remnants may be slightly challenging, but is usually worth the effort, as stains that go undetected are at times not realistically removable. If you examine your water for excess metals (usually at the source is the right place) and are diligent in getting rid of debris, you may probably detect and get rid of any pool stain issues before they happen.

How Can I Finance My Swimming Pool?

From unsecured loans to secured home improvement loans, our partners offer a variety of pool loan financing options with a typical turnaround time that ranges between 24 and 48 hours. They offer fixed rates with no prepayment penalties which allow you to get your swimming pool when you want it – NOW! We also recommend talking to your local lender or credit union as they may have programs that are not published. For specific details, contact your local Premier Pools and Spas branch.

Pools and your pets- Pets in the pool?

Summer is a time when people are relaxing and cooling down by the pool. If you are fortunate to have a swimming pool in your backyard, then your furry friend most likely loves to spend time with you when you are enjoying the water. Most dogs love hanging out in or around the swimming pool. You need to keep your pets in the pool safe. Below are essential tips that will help to ensure your dog’s safety.
Pets in the pool
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Always keep an eye on your pets in the pool

Regardless of whether your dog can swim, you should not leave him around the swimming pool unattended. Ensure that the fence is high and secured so that the dog cannot push through, leap over, or squeeze under. Bring your furry friend with you when you are done swimming for the day, and make sure the gate is secured properly. In case you have kids playing and swimming while the dog is around, then you need to ensure that they can play safely with the dog, both around and in the pool. Teach the kids to never grab onto the dog while they are swimming, and at all times watch them carefully.

Introduce your dog to water gradually

Before you allow your dog to dive into the swimming pool, ensure that the dog is a strong swimmer. Spend some time to introduce your dog to the pool water slowly, and ensure that you are close by in case the dog needs help. Most dog breeds swim naturally; however, others are not natural swimmers and might need some time to help them master how to swim.
Pets in the pool
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Get life vests for your pets in the pool

If your dog is going to be spending lots of time swimming, then you should buy a canine life vest. This is especially crucial if your dog is not a good swimmer. Dog life vests are available in various sizes.

Give fresh water

When you are spending time with your dog at the poolside, make sure you give the dog clean, fresh water to drink. Your furry friend might attempt to drink the swimming pool water, which is not good for the dog’s health and should be discouraged. Make sure you present your dog with his water container and encourage the dog to drink from that container only. Pets in the pool

Wash your dog off

After all the fun in the pool, take a moment to wash the dog off. The chlorine that is in the pool water can easily irritate the dog’s skin. You should use a gentle shampoo if you need to wash your dog frequently during the summer, as this will help keep your dog’s skin healthy.

You should not leave your dog unsupervised near a pool

A pool can pose a danger to your dog if the surface is slippery. Unluckily, not all dogs are good swimmers. Even if you are only dashing inside to get your refreshment, you need to bring your dog with you to prevent any incidents. Have a safe and great time with your furry friends this summer!

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Summer Vacation? Keep Your Pool Clear While Away!

Do you have plans for going for summer vacation, and perhaps not sure what to do to your pool while  away? Below are a few tips of how to keep your pool clean while away.

Leave somebody in charge when on summer vacation

It is essential to have a family member or neighbor stop by at least two times a week while you are away, to add several products to the swimming pool to ensure that it stays well maintained during summer. Before leaving, have them come over and show them these few essential things:
  • How to switch on/off the filter system.
  • How to check if the filter requires cleaning or backwashing; show them the way this is done.
  • How to examine the water with your test kit or test strips; show them the proper ranges.
  • Show them where the chemicals are kept.
  • Clarify each chemical and the right dose for each.
  • Show them where pump and skimmer baskets are and show them the way to clean them.

Have your water examined before leaving

Get a sample of your swimming pool water to your local pool store and have it expertly examined. Ensure when you get it examined that you fix any issues before going. You want to ensure that your alkalinity and pH are balanced correctly and your levels of sanitizers are right.
  • pH: 7.4-7.6 ppm
  • Alkalinity: 100-150 ppm
  • Calcium Hardness: 175-225 and 225-275 ppm for plaster swimming pools
  • For Salt Water or Chlorine Swimming Pools: 1-3 ppm
  • For Bromine swimming Pools: 3-5 ppm
  • For Biguanide swimming Pools: 30-50 ppm
  • For Mineral System Swimming Pools: 0-5 ppm of chlorine

Pool covers and solar blankets

Remove your solar blanket from your swimming pool before you leave. It will just heat your swimming pool and decrease the effectiveness of your system and skimmer. Purchase a mesh swimming pool cover for safety and put that cover on the pool before leaving. Getting a safety cover on the swimming pool not only keeps your pool clean but also increases sanitation and filtration.

Secure your swimming pool safety

You can never be too careful with regards to swimming pool safety. It is important to keep barriers around your swimming pool; in case a neighbor’s children attempt to swim in your unsupervised swimming pool you will be pleased you did. Locking the fence can assist in preventing a disaster while you are not around. Make sure you do not leave a solar blanket over the swimming pool; this will reduce skimmer effectiveness and can be a safety risk if somebody falls on top of it. summer

Set your pump timer

If your pump does not have a timer, purchase one. Buying a timer will help you to save time in maintenance year round and money in energy costs. Set your pump to run 8 to12 hours every day. If you do not have a pump timer, it is advisable to have a swimming pool sitter manually switch it on and off or leave the pump continuously running.


Ensure not to switch off the filter system before going for summer vacation. The filtration system must run many hours every day. You can buy an automatic timer, which will run your filter at least 8 hours daily. If you do not have a filter, ensure somebody can keep an eye on the filter and swimming pool while you are away.

Summer Vacation? Keep Your Pool Clear While Away!


Top Reasons to Remodel your pool

Like the majority of things, a pool requires frequent maintenance and care to keep it in great shape, and even then it will not last forever. Contracting a professional company and purchasing high-quality equipment to construct the swimming pool for you might extend its life; however, in due time it will have to be replaced completely or remodeled. There are lots of reasons you may need to remodel your home pool, whether that is a simple renovation to enhance the look of the existing swimming pool or more extreme improvements. remodel

Swimming pool needs repair or is damaged

If your current swimming pool is looking a bit the worse for use, you may consider remodeling it at the same time as making the needed repairs. You might have damaged tiles, structural issues or broken pipes that need more than a simple clean up. Should this be the scenario, why not consider changing all of the tiling to give the swimming pool a new look? Based on the existing condition of your swimming pool and the scope of the work, which must be completed so as to make it usable, you might find this a cost-effective time for you to make other alterations to improve the look of the swimming pool as well.

Add safety

For kids who frequent your swimming pool, safety is a big worry. To avert any hazards, you should not let kids swim unsupervised. Keep in mind: kids between the ages of one and four are at a high risk for accidents at residential pools. To protect against any type of incident, ensure you install a fence around the pool’s perimeter. Your fence must stand at least 4 feet tall and should be separate from the house. As an additional safety measure, install a self-locking and self-closing gate. Installing underwater motion swimming alarms and also alarms to swimming pool gates will stop any youngster from getting an accident by alerting people around.


Swimming pool features

To make your swimming pool more appealing, you might want to consider including fun water features during your pool remodeling. For instance, some well-liked water features are slides, waterfalls, and fountains. During your remodel, you might also include sun shelf; a versatile ledge that features a consistent shallow depth, which is a secure place for young kids to play and the perfect place for tanning. Your swimming pool remodeling professional can help you select the right features for your newly remodeled swimming pool. Remember to purchase a good swimming pool cover! Doing so, will add an additional protection layer  to your swimming pool and save you on expenses. remodel

Change pool appearance

Taking a swim in an out of style swimming pool is not a luxury; it is an inconvenience! When you go to your backyard, why not have it feel like a resort-quality swimming pool? Changing the tiles, liner, and interior resurfacing may transform your pool in a big way! These slight remodel changes to your swimming pool are affordable and do not require a lot of time to finish. If you follow these tips, you will not be disappointed when it comes time for you to open your swimming pool next summer! No matter your reason for a remodel, Premier Pools & Spas can help. Ask for a meeting with our swimming pool design professionals today and allow us to help you choose the right option for your loved ones.

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