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How to Choose a Pool Shape You Will Enjoy in Your Backyard

Determining your pool shape is one of the major concerns when deciding to construct a pool in Tucson. Wherever you want to place the pool, choosing the shape is the first step in terms of constructing a pool, since there are limitless possibilities. Before you determine the pool shape, you should carefully look at the

Pool Shape Options for Your LA Pool

What Are My Pool Shape Options? With a variety of materials at your disposal, pool shape options may seem like a daunting task. If you're a positive thinker, so many different options will enable you to design a pool that is completely unique to your specifications. If you’re unsure on how to even start designing

All You Should Consider About Swimming Pool Designs

When you're thinking about pool designs for your future Palm Desert pool, there's plenty to choose from. You will find different styles and designs available on the market, or you can create up your own. There are lots of combinations of additions, features, and shapes that you could have a unique swimming pool. In this

Los Angeles: Choosing the Best Pool Designs & Shapes for Your Pool

With the hot weather in Los Angeles, building a swimming pool might be in your near future. Finding the best pool designs and choosing shapes that work in your backyard is the first step, and picking the best pool design for you is not difficult. There are several popular options to choose from and you can

Pool Shapes and Pool Designs for Your New Orleans Home

As you are looking through the available pool shapes and pool designs for your New Orleans home, you may be experiencing complete overload. There are so many beautiful pool shapes and pool designs that are available that your head could be spinning. How do you know which one to pick? Which one is going to

Concrete vs. Fiberglass

Concrete vs. Fiberglass There are certain companies that are sticking with the traditional methods of concrete swimming pools or gunite swimming pools. In an effort to steer you toward the gunite option, these pool companies may misinform you of the benefits of fiberglass pools. Premier Pools and Spas is here to clear up any misconceptions