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Types of Pool Exercises That Will Keep You in Shape This Summer

When you are looking through the different types of pool exercises that are available, you may be wondering which pool exercises are the best ones to focus on this Summer. Having a healthy Summer body is important and is sure to make you feel good about yourself each time you go to the pool. In this article, we are going to go over some tips to help you great the most out of your pool exercises. pool exercises

Pool Exercises & Creating Your Summer Body

Exercising by running at the park or getting on the treadmill might feel like work but when you are able to get your exercise by swimming, it is enjoyable and allows you to get all the gain without the pain. Here are some pool exercises you can use to get kickstart your fitness. Swimming Laps If you want a quick way to burn calories then swimming laps in a pool is a great way to burn. Depending on your body size, you could burn up to 931 calories per hour by simply swimming for one hour during the freestyle swimming. There are plenty of other strokes you can use when you are swimming laps such as the breaststroke, backstroke and if you really want to burn calories, the butterfly. All of these strokes are low impact and are great for people that have joint pain in their back or knees, arthritis or injuries in their feet or legs. No matter how much you weigh, you will burn calories and get a good workout from swimming laps. pool exercises Aquatic Exercises Aquatic exercises allow for regular exercises that are similar to an aerobic gym class but they are done in the water. If you do water walking it is a simple exercise that you walk through the waist-high water while you swing your arms. Other exercises include leg exercises with pool noodles, arm exercises with water weights, yoga in the water and deep water walking or jogging wearing hand webs. If you workout in the water vertically you can strengthen your muscles since 75% of resistance is great than swimming horizontally. You should be in water that is between waist and chest height or you might lose your balance and cause too much impact on your joints.

Doing the Right Pool Exercises

When you are selecting your pool exercises, you should always consult your doctor to see if you are healthy enough to do any given exercise. While exercising in water is much easier than exercising out of the water, it is still wise to check with a medical professional. Once you have gotten the okay, it is time to get to work and start enjoying your exercises. pool exercises If you are ready to get your pool project started, give us a call and we will be glad to help you. We have over 30 years of experience in the pool industry and can help you through each part of the process so you get the pool of your dreams and the exercise that you want.

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Pool Workouts – Getting a Workout In Everyday

If you are serious about getting a workout in every day, pool workouts are a great way to make sure you get it in. Pool workouts are a lot of fun and when you are having fun with your pool workouts, it makes it a lot easier for you to make it happen consistently. In this article, we are going to talk about pool workouts you can do to keep yourself working out every day. pool workouts

Pool Workouts – 10 to Do In the Pool

#1 – Squat Jumps Squat down and have your arms extended at your shoulder’s height then jump as high as you can while you raise your arms over your head. Do two to three sets of fifteen reps. #2 – Bicycles Lean back against the side of the pool and have your arms stretch to the edge of the pool then you pedal your legs at the water’s surface for three to five minutes. #3 – Crunches Go into the bicycle position, extend your legs while keeping your feet together. Both of your needs need to be pulled into your chest, return to the starting position then do two sets of twenty reps. pool workouts #4 – Flutter kicks Hold onto the pool’s edge with your arms extended outward and kick your legs quickly. Keep doing this for two to three minutes. #5 – Outer Thigh Lifts Put your side near the wall with your feet together and hold the edge of the pool with your hand. Lift your leg out to the side. Do twenty reps on each of your sides. #6 – Knee Twists Cross your elbow towards your opposite knee to your waist and alternate sides. Do two to three sets of ten twists on each side. #7 – Sidestepping Face your pool’s wall and take sideways steps with your body and toes facing the wall. Take ten to twenty steps in one direction and then go back. Repeat two times in each direction. #8 – Arm Raises Hold your arms at your sides and bend your elbows until they are at 90 degrees. Raise and lower your elbows and arms toward the surface of the water but keep your elbows bent to 90 degrees. Use webbed gloves or arm paddles to add resistance. You can repeat for three sets of ten. pool workouts #9 – One-Legged Balance Stand on one leg while you raise the other knee to hip’s level. Place a pool noodle under your leg that is raised so the noodle makes a U with your foot in the center of the U. Hold it as long as you can hold it (about 30 seconds) and then switch legs. Do one to two sets of five on each of your legs. #10 – Jogging Do forward and backward walking in chest or waist-high water. Walk around ten to twenty steps forward and then walk backward. You can increase the speed to make it more difficult. Jog in place gently to increase the intensity. You can alternate from thirty seconds walking to thirty seconds jogging. Continue this for five minutes to finish your workout.

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Pool Exercises to Tone Your Stomach

When you are thinking about pool exercises to tone your stomach, you may be preparing your bikini body for pool season. One of the quickest ways to get to a bikini-ready body is why having a toned and sexy stomach. In this article, we are going to talk about how to ton your stomach using pool exercises.
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Pool Exercises and Abs of Steel

Swimming is aerobic exercise but it also is great for toning your abs. The reason it works so well is that even the parts of your body that aren’t actively moving are still required to support you against the water’s resistance. The neat thing about pool exercises is that they provide firm resistance without the impact you are going to experience out of the water. You are able to build strength without a lot of risks when you do pool exercises. #1 – Kickboard Kicks Stretch your arms out in front of you as you are holding onto the kickboard and start kicking your feet. As you swim, imagine you are pulling your belly button in toward your spine and away from the pool’s bottom. Try to go the length of the pool but if you start getting tired, you can stop. #2 – Tic-Toc This is as simple as it gets when it comes to pool exercises. Stand in the pool to where the water is about waist high. Lean over to the side until that elbow is under the water and then go back to the other side and do the same there. Do a few sets and keep going until you can get a good burn in your tummy.
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#3 – Swimming with a Buoy Around Your Ankles Grab a buoy and place it between your thighs and ankles to keep your hips and legs floating to the surface of the water. If you want to make it more challenging, put it around your ankles. After you do this, freestyle swim but do not use your legs because this will isolate your upper body for the pool exercises. Always keep your core engaged and go as long as you can until you are too tired to go on.

Creating a Pool Paradise for Pool Exercises

pool exercises
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When you are working on creating a pool paradise, you may not be thinking about pool exercises. When you have a pool that you love and want to spend time in, it is going to be more likely that you workout on a daily basis. If you plan on swimming laps then you are going to need to have a big enough pool to do that in. If you plan on doing stationary pool exercises you could get away with a plunge pool or a spool. If you aren’t sure what type of pool you need to have installed, you can work with us through the entire process. We know how to help you pick the right pool design that is going to be functional for you. Give us a call today.

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Pensacola Pool Exercises: Swimming Benefits Your Health

Being on the beach or at the pool in Pensacola, you want to learn pool exercises to keep fit and looking swimsuit ready. Besides for how amazing you can look when you use the pool to stay fit, there are many benefits to your health because you are swimming. When you can combine fitness and fun, that is when things get to be a lot of fun. In this article, we are going to talk about how swimming benefits your health. pool exercises

Pool Exercises – Fun, Fit & Fabulous

The pool isn’t simply for cooling off. Pool exercises can help you with your health and fitness. Here are the benefits of swimming and pool exercises. #1 – Swimming is a great aerobic exercise and since the weather has warmed up, you can start swimming laps. No matter what age you are, swimming is a great exercise. It provides a full-body workout without having a big impact on your joints and your musculoskeletal system. Many people that have arthritis and other similar problems find that swimming is a great way for them to stay fit and keep themselves in optimal health. #2 – When you swim, you are able to increase your body’s flexibility. You will notice that you have more physical activity going on but your joints are being affected in a bad way by the extra activity. #3 – The risk of dying has been shown to decrease by nearly 50% when you are a swimmer according to a study from the University of South Carolina. pool exercises #4 – Swimming helps with lung capacity which means you are going to have fewer asthma symptoms. The reason it helps your lung capacity is since water is denser than air, your lungs are required to work overtime to supply oxygen to your blood while swimming. #5 – When you keep regular exercise in your routine, you will lower your blood glucose levels. Swimming and other aerobic exercises have been shown to improve blood sugar control in type 2 diabetics. #6 – When you swim for at least an hour and do pool exercises, you can burn at least 500 calories and work every body muscle without causing your body to strain. #7 – Swimming is also shown to help boost both men and women’s moods and in some can decrease anxiety and reduce depression symptoms. pool exercises

Pool Exercises and Health Improvement

There are a lot of different pool exercises that you can do besides for normal swimming. Depending on the type of swimming pool that you have, you may not be able to do some pool exercises so if you are planning your pool, make sure to ask us what the best pool is for the type of activity you are wanting to do. We have over 30 years of experience in the pool industry and we are here to help you through every step of the process. Whether you are planning out your pool or you are upgrading your pool, we are able to help you get the pool that you want. Give us a call today.

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Phoenix: Summer Workouts for Abs in the Pool

Phoenix residents are ready to get their Summer workouts going. Havings abs that are pool ready is one of the things people put up on their top Summer goals. In this article, we are going to talk about Summer workouts you can do for your abs in the pool.

Summer Workouts – Kickboard Kicks

This is something like a beginner swimming lesson. Put your arms out overhead, hold onto the kickboard in front of you and begin to kick your feet. As you start swimming, think about pulling your navel toward your spine and away from the pool’s bottom. Travel the pool’s length or until you cannot safely continue. This allows you to start working on your ab muscles for Summer.
summer workouts
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Summer Workouts – Flutter Kicks

This exercise works your muscles of your hips, buttocks and your core muscles. Your core will begin getting stronger and you won’t need a floating device but in the beginning, you can use the floating device. Hold onto the floating device or the edge of the pool to keep your upper body afloat. Allow your legs to hang toward the bottom of the pool and scissor kick your feet front to back to keep you floating. Point your toes and keep your legs out straight. Keep repeating this movement as long as you can.
summer workouts
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Summer Workouts – Dolphin Kick

You can do dolphin kicks on your stomach or you can flip over onto your back to make it easier so you have easier breathing and increased use of your core. Stretch your arms out overhead and clasp your hands together without holding a kickboard. Make sure to tighten your core muscles and move your back in a wave-like motion to move forward. Push your chest down while keeping your hips up. Push your hips down and allow your upper body to move up. This may feel a little tricky at first. Keep repeating this while you travel the length of the pool.
summer workouts
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Summer Workouts Benefits

While your goal may need to make sure you get stronger and more attractive abs you can be proud of during pool season, if you do the above workouts, you are going to notice that you feel better overall. You are going to notice that you get a better body overall. Working out in the pool is a great way to burn fat, build muscle and keep from hurting your joints from high impact exercises. If you don’t have your own pool, you may find Summer workouts more difficult to achieve because you don’t want anyone to see you before you get your Summer body. If you have your own pool, you will be able to do your workouts in private and make sure you are looking good when you invite friends over for a swim. Those of you that need help installing or upgrading your pool, feel free to reach out to us to learn more about how to get started. We have over 30 years of experience in the pool industry and will be glad to help you.

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Top Benefits of Pool Workouts

Whether you are in Bryan, College Station, Victoria or La Grange, pool workouts are great for any fitness level. In this article, we are going to talk about the top benefits of working out in your pool. pool workouts

Pool Workouts for All Fitness Levels

Some people think about pool workouts and immediately picture someone injured or elderly, but this is not the case. Some of the fittest people that work out regularly use swimming as one of their workouts. Professional swimmers are extremely fit and have to be so they are able to compete. #1 – No Equipment Needed When you are working out in the pool, all you need is water. The water is enough resistance to work your muscles and give you the effort needed to give you a workout. #2 – Weight Loss When you enjoy your workout, you are more likely to show up. Pool workouts are fun and enjoyable and this is why so many people find themselves losing weight after starting pool workouts. Consistency is key to weight loss and if you keep showing up to your workouts, you’ll start to notice results. pool workouts #3 – Cardio Endurance When you are in cooler water, the blood moves through the body at a faster rate so it can warm you up. When you have an aerobic program and cooler water combined, you will begin improving your cardiovascular performance. #4 – Low-Impact Exercise Whether you are injured, elderly or ready for a recovery day, low-impact exercise can help you keep your body moving but keep from doing something to injure yourself. There are many workouts you can do in the pool that are not going to hurt you because the water helps support your weight. Depending on your fitness level, you may be able to do things like squatting that you wouldn’t have been able to do without the help of the water. #5 – Stress Relief In this day and age, we are a stressed-out society. When you do pool workouts, get your body moving and stay consistent, you are going to notice that your stress levels are reduced and you are able to think clearer. It’s also often easier for you to relax the rest of the night after you’ve blown off some steam in the pool. pool workouts

Pool Workouts In Your Own Pool

If you don’t already have your own pool, you may want to get one. Having your own pool allows you to get pool workouts in without having to go out to a gym, find a friend with a pool or go to a club pool. When you have your own pool to do your pool workouts, you are much more likely to get into the water and get your workouts in. If you need help getting your pool project started, we would be more than happy to speak with you and help you through every step of the process. We have been working with customers just like you for years and would love to create another happy client.
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Exercise Routine: Dumbbell Exercises

When you are looking for a great exercise routine, you may find that dumbbell exercises are right for you. Some people find it difficult to lift dumbbells without some support. One of the ways to get support is to do dumbbell exercises in the water. In this article, we are going to talk about some dumbbell exercises you can do as well as other ways to keep your fitness at the highest level.

Dumbbell Exercises in the Pool

When you think about pool workouts, your mind may go to the elderly. This isn’t always the case and you may find yourself looking for pool workouts at a much younger age. Working out in the pool is going to allow you to enjoy the benefits of a good workout without the high impact of working out without the support of water. When doing dumbbell exercises, you are going to find that most dumbbells for water workouts are made of foam circles with plastic handles. When you put the dumbbells in the water, you will notice you get a good amount of resistance as you are pushing down. This helps you get those toned arms you have been wanting. Getting Your Cardio In Being able to get a powerful cardio workout while having a low impact on your body and being easy on the joint is a perk of working out in the pool with dumbbell exercises. You can also walk or run in water at least chest deep to raise your heart rate. Swing your arms under the water while doing this to have a more intense workout. Holding the dumbbells in front of your stomach while walking or running is another great way to create resistance.

Dumbbell Exercises for Your Chest

dumbbell exercises
Photo courtesy of youtube
Put your dumbbells at chest level to work the chest muscles. Straighten your arms out from your shoulders and bring them to the center. Make sure to stand in water that is at least chest deep but if you want even better results, stand in water that is shoulder deep.  Want to do a modified chest press? Pull the dumbbells in toward your chest, bend your elbows and push them forward and straight out from your chest.

Dumbbell Exercises for Your Shoulders

dumbbell exercises
Photo courtesy of youtube.com
To work the shoulders stand in shoulder-deep water with a flotation belt. This will help you stand up straight if you are not comfortable in deep water. Your dumbbells should be held at your sides and then lift to shoulder level with straight arms. Hold your dumbbells down by your sides and then lift them to shoulder level while keeping your arms straight. Do this same thing with your arms out in front of you so you can lift to chest level and then lower down to your legs. Your back should be kept straight at all times.

Dumbbell Workouts for Arms

dumbbell exercises
Photo courtesy of swimandsweat.com
Water dumbbells can help you work your biceps and triceps. To work your biceps go to the shoulder-deep water while keeping your back straight. Hold your elbows to the side of your chest while the dumbbells are beside each hip. Lift your dumbbells to your shoulders and bend your elbows and then release. Even the release part of the exercise works your arms. To work the triceps, put your arms behind you while they are bent. Then you want to straighten them.

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Charlotte: How to Use Pool Workouts to Get Toned

If you want to use pool workouts to get fit in Charlotte, you can make it happen without high impact exercises that could hurt your knees and other joints. In this article, we are going to talk about how to use pool workouts to get toned. pool workouts

Pool Workouts to Tone & Tighten

Pool workouts aren’t just for the elderly or injured. Anyone can benefit from working out in the pool. Working out in the pool means you are going to be able to get a good workout in without having to sweat yourself to death. You will be able to keep cool in the pool while you are keeping up your activity. #1 – Leg Lifts To get in position, go to the side of the pool and put your arms out to the side and resting on the poolside. Once you have relaxed and are comfortable, put your legs together and slowly lift them toward the surface of the water and slowly back to the bottom of the pool where your feet make contact once again. Do this as many times as you can comfortably then take a rest and do another set. #2 – Side to Sides Go into the water almost covering your shoulders. Put your hands together and your arms stretched out straight. Your feet should be firmly on the ground with your feet more than shoulder length apart. Now with your arms almost in a locked position, move your hands to the right side, back to the middle and then over to the left side, back to the middle and over to the right. Repeat this ten times, rest and do another set. #3 – Marching in Place Get your steps in while you’re in the water. March in place for as long as you’d like and rack up the steps. If you get too bored, you can put some music on or let a video play on a projector so you can be entertained while you are keeping up with your stepping. While marching in place doesn’t seem to take a lot of effort, it does burn calories and tones your muscles. This is especially true when you are marching in place in the water. pool workouts

Working Out In Your Pool

The more convenient pool workouts are, the more likely you are to do the pool workouts. If you have to drive to a gym or you have to go to a friend’s house to do your workout, it is unlikely for you to keep up with your routine. If you want to keep up with your routine, you may want to think about getting your own swimming pool so you can do your pool workouts with ease. pool workouts Not sure where to get started with your pool installation? Call us and we will be glad to help you get started and show you how to best get everything in order so you can get a pool that is going to be the best for what your needs are.

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Daphne: Water Fitness Ideas

When we think about water fitness in Daphne, many times the elderly or someone who is injured come to mind. While it is true that the elderly and injured do benefit from water exercises, anyone is going to be able to benefit. In this article, we are going to talk about water fitness ideas. water fitness

Water Fitness Ideas for Anyone

Whether you are 15 or 50, you can use these water fitness ideas to start getting your muscles toned and melt fat away. Leg Lifts & Swimming Start at one end of the pool and do leg lifts. Lift your legs up to where your knee is even with your thigh and put your hands on your knees each time your knee comes up. Once you have done 10 – 15 of these leg lifts you swim to the deep end of the pool and come back. If there is not a deep end to the pool, you will be able to go to the other side and do leg lifts on the other side. water fitness Walking & Swimming Walking back and forth in the pool is a great way to add resistance but keep thing simple. Start out by swimming as much as you are comfortable and then go to walking in the pool until you regain your ability to swim. Do this as many times as you would like to burn calories and build muscle tone. Jumping Jacks When out of the water, jumping jacks are often too high impact for anyone. When you add water to the equation, you will be able to do jumping jacks without hurting your knees when you come down. If you still don’t want to come off the ground, you can modify the jumping jacks so you are more or less just picking up your feet and allowing them to go in and out.

Making Water Fitness a Routine

water fitness Once you have experienced how water fitness can allow you to enjoy your workout more and no longer experience injuries from high impact exercises and boredom from workouts you’ve done over and over again, you may start thinking about getting your own pool. Having your own pool to do your water fitness routine in can make a big difference in your ability to stick to your workout and ensure you are seeing the results you would like. If you are worried that getting a pool of your own is going to be a big struggle, you will be glad to know that when you work with a pool professional, you are not going to experience the annoyances you might have thought. Getting your own pool to be able to do your exercises and keep in shape will enable you to feel better and have fun while keeping healthy. If you aren’t sure where to begin or exactly what you want, give us a call. If you already know what you want, give us a call. Either way, we will be glad to help you move forward on your project.

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Best Pool Workouts to Burn Body Fat

Carrying around extra body fat around Modesto is no fun and when you have a swimming pool you can use to get rid of it, you can find pool workouts that are going to help you ditch the extra jiggling. In this article, you will learn the best pool workouts to burn body fat.

Pool Workouts Help You Achieve Your Dream Body

pool workouts Working out isn’t always the most enjoyable thing you can do, but when you do pool workouts that help you burn body fat, that is going to allow you to do some things that are more enjoyable and still get the results you want. Invite some friends, put on some music and your pool workouts turn into a pool party. Here are some of the pool workouts that can help you get the results you want. One point to note is that you should only be up to your waist in water when you are doing the following pool workouts. pool workouts Knee Lifts Doing knee lifts will get your entire body engaged and help you burn fat. The main areas you will be working are your legs, buttocks and your core. As you can see, the main areas of your body are going to be engaged and this will help you start to build muscle. The more muscle you build, the more fat you will be able to burn even when you are at rest. Knee lifts are as simple as they sound but you can do some modifications or amp up the difficulty if you want to. Here are some ideas for your knee lifts. For beginner level, you can simply lift your knee up to where it is even with your hip. For moderate level you can bring your hand to touch your knee. To add more intensity to your knee lifts you can twist your body and put your opposite elbow on your knee. The latter will allow you to get a more intense core workout. Breaststroke Doing a simple breaststroke gets your body engaged and helps you start burning that dreaded body fat. To do the breaststroke, sweep through and reach your arms over your head with your palms together. Rotate your palms outward and pool down until your hands are almost level with your chin. Bring your hands in by your chest and reach again so you can whip it. Bend your knees and bring your heels in near your buttocks. Toes outward and kick your legs back together. Think frog! And then extend your arms forward.

Getting Your Perfect Pool Workouts

pool workouts While you may feel a little nervous about doing pool workouts in public, when you have your own pool, it is a whole other thing. You will be able to enjoy your pool workouts without worrying anyone is looking at you and judging you. You can create your pool oasis that will allow you to get your workouts in and burn fat by walking right into your pool outside of your Modesto home.

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