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Keeping up with your swimming pool maintenance

Installing a pool in your backyard is a demanding job. But maintaining it is even more difficult since it’s a daunting undertaking that will involve lots of hard tasks which can be costly. So you should understand your swimming pool maintenance routine to keep the pool safe, clean and neat for everyone to enjoy. Cleaning

How do pools aid a healthy lifestyle?

Get in that pool and get rid of your excess stress! A pool will give you a multitude of health benefits to aid in a healthy lifestyle. Premier Pools & Spas believes in a healthy life being important for happiness. Learn about the pool benefits below. Get Rid of that Stress! Relaxing in your pool

Pool Companies Near Me

How Should I Start Designing My Pool? Building a pool seems like a huge task — because it is! Searching "pool companies near me" will undoubtedly result in an array of different companies, but Premier Pools and Spas are the pool experts you’ve been looking for. When building a pool there are fundamental questions you will

The Advantages of a Vanishing Edge Swimming Pool

If you are looking for a great design for your vanishing edge swimming pool, you are on the right page. Although you can choose from a variety of designs, an infinity pool aka a vanishing edge swimming pool can be a great choice for a number of reasons. First of all, this pool type is

Design a Stunning Pool Deck Around Your Pool This Summer

If you want to make pool additions in your backyard to make it more lively, start with the deck options. Designing your pool deck is the first logical step to take as that is where you and your family will chill after a swim. Do not make the same mistake as most people do: that

How Long Do Phoenix Pool Builders Need to Build Your Backyard Oasis

When Can the Project Begin? Most things in life are worth waiting for. Typically, when people have made that decision to purchase our services and start building their new dream backyard, they want to swim as soon as possible. Don't let the desperation of the finished product make you impatient and skew you from your

Why you Need Water Features in Your New Tucson Swimming Pool

Your Tucson swimming pool is the perfect spot to have a good time, unwind and workout. But incorporating a water feature can make the pool even more fun, as well as improving its design appeal and possibly increasing the value of your home. A backyard pool with a water feature is the ultimate in home

Elevated Pool – Elevating Your Pool Designs to Meet Your Lifestyle

An elevated pool can add amazing value to your property in Gulf Coast. From a space-saving viewpoint, these pools make sense economically. With smart design, elevated swimming pools can also add the wow factor for residents or guests enhancing the ambiance and exploiting views. However, an elevated pool's process of design and engineering can be

Considerations before Having a New Pool Installation

A new pool installation in your North Georgia home is a fun-filled addition for everyone to experience and enjoy the addition of water. Building a new custom inground pool requires budgeting and planning of time and finances before, during and after the actual installation. Here are things to consider before you decide on a new

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