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Boise: 5 Ways to Do Backyard Redesign to Make Your Backyard More Inviting

Backyard redesign is one of the fastest ways to make your Boise backyard more inviting. In this article, we are going to talk about 5 ways to do backyard redesign.
backyard redesign
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Backyard Redesign – 5 Ways to Make your Backyard Amazing

When you want to redesign your backyard, there are plenty of things you could do to spruce it up. These are our top 5 picks. backyard redesign #1 – Add a Hammock Adding a hammock is relaxing and fun. Whether you want to soak up some sun or you want to relax in the shade, a hammock is going to allow you to experience the vibe that you need. Besides for having great function, a hammock makes your backyard look fun and enjoyable. #2 – Add a Fire Pit A fire pit is a fun way to make your backyard more friendly. You can put chairs around the firepit and have a warm place to sit and talk with your friends. Some people still love making smores and enjoying marshmallows around the fire. Kids especially find this fun. Enjoying a good book by the fire is also a good use of a fire pit. #3 – Redo Your Deck Redoing your deck is a quick way to make your backyard look refreshed quickly. Whether you get a whole new deck put in or you are just refreshing the one that you already have, it is going to make a big difference. #4 – Put in a Nice Fence Putting in a nicely designed fence can make the area look inviting. When it comes to backyard redesign, you want to think of not only how the fence looks but you also want to think about how it functions. Having a fence of at least 4 foot high with an automatically latching gate will help ensure that no one will wander into your pool without you knowing about it. #5 – Get a Pool Installed If you really want to make a big change with your backyard redesign, you can get a pool installed. Whether your pool is large or small, a pool is going to change all of the other elements in your backyard. A pool is a great focal point or you can have it as an accent piece. It really depends on what you want out of your pool and how big you want it to be. Having a pool that is big enough to enjoy but not too big for what you need is the sweet spot. Having a pool in your backyard redesign plan is a great step to making your yard a backyard oasis. If you aren’t sure how to move forward with your pool, you can get professional help.

Your Backyard Redesign Oasis

backyard redesign When you are working on your backyard redesign, you can work with one of our pool professionals to help you create a backyard oasis that you can be proud of. No matter what part of the planning process you are in, you can work with us to get the results that you want.

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Perdido Key: Make Your Backyard Dreams Come True

Are you having backyard dreams about your Perdido Key home? In this article, we are going to talk about how to make your dreams come through so you can have the beautiful backyard that you desire.

Backyard Dreams Become Reality

backyard dreams There are so many amazing things you can do for your backyard. When you are experiencing those backyard dreams, you have to think about what you want most. I am sure you have a lot of ideas, but if your yard is not a limitless space, all of those backyard dreams are not likely to become reality. Outdoor Movie Over the Pool Being able to watch a movie outdoor over the pool is one of the backyard dreams many people have. There are some DIY options you can figure out but you can also buy kits that easily allow you to set up your screen and the projects can easily display on the screen. Backyard Bar backyard dreams Creating a small wooden bar in your backyard isn’t expensive and you will be able to easily get it set up without having to worry about a big bill. You can DIY or you could find a contractor to put the small bar up without breaking the bank. A backyard bar is a great thing to pair with a pool. Imagine overlooking your pool while standing at your bar and fixing some fancy drinks. Outdoor Kitchen When you have backyard dreams, you should know that an outdoor kitchen doesn’t have to be something you keep dreaming about. Having a kitchen outdoors isn’t as difficult as you might think. An outdoor kitchen can consist of a grill, shelving with various cooking equipment you may need and an outdoor table and chairs. When you get creative, you will soon see you will be able to have almost any of your backyard dreams you can think of. Pools & Spa If you don’t have a pool and spa already then one of your backyard dreams is sure to be about having one of your own. Pools and spas are often paired together to create an amazing environment for people to enjoy and relax in after a hard day at work. If you are tired of having to go swim outside of your own yard, now is the time to make your dream come true. Having your own pool and spa allows you to have more time for relaxing and less time for stress. Being able to have a pool to swim in and invite friends over to take a dip doesn’t have to be an unrealized reality. backyard dreams

Creating Your Backyard Dreams

As you are creating your backyard dreams, if you need help with your pool, we would be glad to help you. We’ve been working with pools for years and understand how the process works so we can guide you through every bit of the process. Just call us today and speak with one of our professionals who can help you get started.

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Your New Pool Needs an Attached Spa

You’ve got your beautiful new pool in the works and you’ve been thinking about an attached spa. Do you really need one to go along with your pool? In this article, we are going to talk about the benefits of having an attached spa as well as what you can expect. attached spa

Attached Spa Benefits

People have had outdoor hot tubs for years but they have been detached hot tubs, usually on the deck near the house. In years gone by, having an attached spa was something you only saw at upscale hotels and people were pretty impressed by it. Now, more and more people have attached spas put in with their pools because of the benefits that spas provide. Many high achievers in sports and success use spas to help their muscles relax after hard training. Some people also do water therapy that entails going from hot water over to the cold water to finish up their routine. The health benefits speak for themselves and there are countless pages of research talking about how spas help people with their circulation and with stress reduction. attached spa

Attached Spa – Increase the Beauty

When you have an attached spa designed to flow with your pool, you will see there are limitless options but they can all be beautifully integrated with the pool you are putting into your unique spa. There are endless shapes you can choose to use for your spa. You can include lighting, make it an overflow spa and more. If you aren’t sure about all of the options available, make sure to reach out to one of our pool and spa professionals so we can help you get the results that you want.

What Is an Attached Spa Going to Cost Me?

attached spa When you are looking at the cost of an attached spa, there is a great variance as to how much it is going to cost you in the long run. One of the rules to look at is that your attached spa is going to cost about 10-15% of whatever your pool is going to cost you. While where you live in Vacaville is going to play into the price, there is also the cost of materials, labor, etc. that is going to play into the price as well. When you are looking at the cost, you will tack more onto the price with each feature you want to add to your pool or spa. Some are going to be more expensive to install as well as more expensive to purchase but there are many options to fit just about any budget.

There is no reason to guess how much your spa is going to cost you and there is no reason to wonder about the process. We have been working with pools and spas since 1988 and can help you through the entire process. Call one of our professionals today and we can walk you through from start to finish so you can get the attached spa of your dreams.

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Infinity Pool Designs

Infinity Pool Designs That You’ll Fall in Love With

We have all fallen in love with infinity pool designs, but which of these pool designs are the best for us? In this article, we are going to show you three that you are going to love to help give you inspiration for your own Temecula backyard paradise.

Infinity Pool Designs Inspiration

pool designs If you are afraid of heights, this might not be the pool for you, but what fun is an infinity pool if you are not high above a steep drop off? This is a “cloud pool” that makes you feel as if you are floating in the clouds. Under the water is a swim-up bar as well as built-in stools right at the infinity edge. This ensures that the pools reflective beauty is not going to be disrupted. The pool also has a hidden automatic cover to cover the pool at a flick of a switch. There are also contoured seats with amazing massage jets. pool designs This beautiful sweeping curve of this infinity pool allows the swimmers to take in this amazing scene that is overlooking the city. The water flows from the water bowl into the spa but it does not disturb the calm surface of the pool. pool designs The beautiful in-pool lighting in this pool adds a mix of elegance as well as drama to this vanishing-edge pool. The connected raised spa walls are finished with a beautiful stone that matches the home’s facade. The two large planters and minimal landscaping make the greenery blend with the large trees that are right outside the pool’s edge.

Pool Designs for Your Pool Oasis

The pool designs above are beautiful but the most beautiful pool designs you are going to see are those that you are going to create yourself. If you are wondering how to create your own pool designs and make your backyard look like your personality, there are plenty of things you can do to make sure this happens. One of those things is to speak to a pool professional that can help you work through the process. Unless you have experience in design work, it can be overwhelming to try to plan your own dream pool. There may be new developments that allow you to get an even more beautiful pool than you have ever seen in photos. That is why you should give us a call today so we can start helping you walk through the process of getting your pool underway. Whether you are going to have a new pool or if you want a pool renovation done and need help with that design, we have been in business since 1988 and have helped thousands of customers create their ideal backyard with amazing pools that not only wow their friends but take their breath away each time they look out their door. Speak to one of our pool professionals today and we will help you through the design and installation of your pool so you get exactly what you want.

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Cantonment: Spa Relaxation

Relaxation is key with all the stresses of life that come at us on a daily basis in your Cantonment life. Having your own spa allows you to have a space that is warm, welcoming and relaxing. In this article, we are going to talk about spa relaxation and how you can use your spa as an environment to set yourself up for a more relaxed life. relaxation

Relaxation & What You Need to Know

Being immersed in warm water helps our bodies in many ways, but one of those ways is helping us to de-stress. Stress is a factor in many illnesses and even deaths in this fast-paced world and few people take the time out to relax so their bodies can come down from the fight or flight mode we are almost constantly forced to operate in. When you relax in your spa, you are helping yourself with both mind and body health. Besides for sitting in your spa and experiencing relaxation, you can also mediate in your spa. This is a great place to put yourself in a state of mind that is going to be perfect for relaxation. relaxation

Meditation, Relaxation &  Your Spa

There are different ways to meditate and some may work better for you than others. One of the things many people point out about meditation and say they cannot handle is they find it difficult to sit and be quiet. Quieting the mind is no easy task. The monkey brain starts running around and the more we scream at it to stop, the more it keeps going. If you are new to meditation, your spa can help you get into relaxation and you may begin to feel like your thoughts are literally melting in your mind. This is a great time to allow yourself to focus on the breath and just “be”.  When your mind starts to wander back to your work, kids, spouse or any topic that starts to take over your mind, use a process called “noting”, note you thought about it and allow it to float away into mental space. relaxation

Creating Your Relaxation Paradise

Going to a spa is one thing, but having your own spa where you are able to experience relaxation without being in a strange place is another. When you have your own spa, you are able to create the exact environment you want. If you are working with one of our spa and pool professionals, we can help you craft your spa to be your ideal relaxation space. If you are not sure exactly what you want, that is not a problem. We have been building spas and pools for many years and know how difficult it can be to come up with ideas of your own. We will help you find or create the spa of your dreams so you can have your relaxation space. Give us a call today to get started on your path to total relaxation in your very own backyard.

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Patio & Pool Renovations for Charlotte Homeowners

No matter what season it is in Charlotte, it is always a good season to talk about patio and pool renovations. If you’ve been wondering if you could revive your pool and patio and make it look new again, it is very possible. Many homeowners keep living with pools and patios that they do not love because they don’t want to go through the troubles of having pool renovations done. The truth is that if you wait too long to have pool renovations done, you may cause yourself more harm than good. In this article, we are going to talk more about patio and pool renovations and how they can help your Charlotte home. patio renovations  

Patio & Pool Renovations – What You Must Know

When you are getting ready to do patio and pool renovations, you could be overwhelmed with the thought because you don’t know what you don’t know. That is the scariest place that you can be. You could be wondering how much money it is going to cost, how much time it is going to cost. All of these things could keep you from moving forward with your dream pool or dream patio.   One of the things you should know is that if you do not like how your pool is at all, you may want to start from scratch and install an entirely new pool. Most of the time you are able to spruce up your old pool and make it look amazing but sometimes the structure of the pool will not allow for that. pool renovations Another thing to keep in mind is that your pool renovations could cost more than the initial projections. Make sure to set aside additional funds just in case so that you do not end up in a position where you are a not able to continue with the project. If you work with professionals that have been working in the field for a long time, you are going to experience fewer variations but some things are not foreseeable.
patio renovations
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Getting Your Project Started

When you decide you want to move forward with your patio or pool renovations, it is a good idea to speak with the pool professionals that can help you move forward in the process and steer clear of any bumps in the road so you will be able to move forward without incurring any avoidable costs. You can bring a renovation specialist in at any time but the sooner you do it, the better because the process will go much smoother for you. When you are ready to start your project, contact one of our pool professionals today so we can help you on your project and guide you toward the designs, materials, and everything that you need. We have years of experience and have done many jobs just like the one you want done so you do not have to worry about the project. You can get started today with peace of mine and see your project come to life.

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Pool Designs – Designing Your Pool for Your Lifestyle

When you are thinking about pool designs, you don’t just want to think about how your pool is going to look. Sure, a big part of pool designs is how the pool is going to look, but you have to think about functionality and how you are going to be using it as well. In this article, we are going to talk about designing your pool for yourself lifestyle so you can pick the perfect design for you. pool designs

Pool Designs that Work for You

There are a lot of questions that you need to ask yourself when you are thinking about pool designs. Here are some of them:
  • What is going to be using the pool?
  • Will there be young kids?
  • Will there be elderly people?
  • Will there be pets?
  • How many people will be using the pool at once?
There are most questions we could ask, but let’s start with these. Once you’ve answered them you are going to start seeing some designs that just aren’t going to work go out of your mind.
pool designs
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If you have a lot of kids or elderly people that are going to be in the pool then pool designs that are difficult to navigate most likely are not going to be at the top of your list. Maybe you can have a section that is a little more adventurous, but if you create the whole pool in a manner that the people who are going to be using it most will have a difficult time, it won’t be fun for anyone. Those of you that are going to have a lot of people in the pool at once definitely want to get a bigger pool and “spools”, which are just small pools, probably are not going to be an option because the pool will get too crowded. You may want to have poolside parties as well so you want to have plenty of “landing room” so that people will be able to walk around and even sit down in chairs if they want to.

Bringing Your Pool Designs to Life

Once you’ve finished going over your lifestyle and seeing how you can make your pool work with you to achieve your goals instead of just creating a pretty pool that is going to be in the way, you are going to need to have some help. The sooner that you bring professionals in on the process, the easier it is going to be for you. pool designs Instead of having to figure things out on your own, you can have the help of people that are going to be there for you every step of the way, just like they were there for the many clients that came before you. Check the customer reviews and see what other people that have gone before you have to say about their service and you’ll be more confident trusting someone to help with your dream pool.

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