Closest Pool Contractors to Portland, OR

Choosing a contractor to build your Portland pool is the toughest decision you make. Sorting the list of the closest Portland pool contractors takes time. Otherwise, you could pick an experienced contractor, but has no expertise in your pool needs. Hence, you need to have patience and spend time in researching your available options. So,

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Who Are the Best Pool Builders to Work with in Portland?

You might be in search of the best pool builders for your new pool in your Portland home. Wherever you look, you see fabulous pools. But they seem to pose some maintenance problems or others.  You have asked around for recommendations from your friends and coworkers. But these left you even more confused. So, how

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Can My Portland Backyard Be Eco-friendly?

People are becoming more conscious about the environment these days. If you are one of them, then get yourself an eco-friendly backyard. Plus, you don't need some elaborate steps to make this happen. But, you can do this by adding a few natural elements. A natural pool and proper maintenance of your landscaping save the

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How to Make My Portland Pool Eco-friendly?

Your Portland swimming pool is the best spot to hang out in your home during the summer. Lounging by your pool amidst the serene surroundings is very relaxing. However, as a nature lover, you might worry a tad bit about using harsh chemicals in your pool. But there are ways to make it an eco-friendly

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Maintenance of Your Fiberglass Spa Pool in Portland

Fiberglass is fast becoming the choice of pool material of homeowners across the Portland / Vancouver area. Your loved ones will fall in love with the low-maintenance, durability, and beauty of a new fiberglass spa pool from Premier Pools & Spas of Portland. From the fiberglass pool's initial design to final construction, we’ll provide you

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Landscaping Options for Your Portland Backyard Oasis

You might wish to get the most attractive backyard oasis for your Portland home. But if you are new to designing, the plentiful landscaping options seem intimidating. However, the design depends on various factors, including the size and shape of your site. Hence, do your research properly and choose one that suits your style. Here

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How Many Pool Design Options Are There?

You might be looking to construct an inground pool for your Portland home, but can’t decide on its shape. While it is exciting to get a brand new addition to your backyard, you must consider the needs of your family. Hence, do some research as to in the planning phase and find a design that

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Create a Fun Easter Sunday Pool Party in Portland

What is even better than a regular party is to host your Easter Sunday pool party. In other words, you can give your kids and their friends the most memorable Easter party ever. When you think of Easter, what comes to mind are the eggs, bunny, and chocolates. In addition to the great ideas you

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The Portland Pool Installation Process: Be Prepared for Pool Building!

A Portland pool installation can be a nice experience. Our pool experts have the skills and expertise to make the project run without a hitch. The job will be carefully planned before we begin working, and all information discussed. Communication and organization will continue right through the construction. The following is a general idea of

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