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Swimming Pool Building Timeline

How Long Does it Take? Swimming pool building is a very involved task. From designing to installation, the expert pool builders at Premier Pools and Spas will full heartedly help along the way. To make sure you get everything to want out of your swimming pool dream the contractors will be thorough in the planning

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How to Save Money on Pool Expenses

Aren't We All Trying to Save? Saving money is a smart move! Enjoy your pool to the fullest by choosing to save on money on pool expenses. An initial investment in your pool is necessary, which make be a little pricey. The long term cost benefits will outweigh your initial investment. Premier Pools and Spas

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Swimming Pool Chemicals Myths

Truth or a Work of Fiction? Swimming pool's have a multitude of myths behind them, especially when it comes to swimming pool chemicals. Keep the family safe with these three myths busted. So, What are the Myths? Pool Water is Safe to Drink Because it's Disinfected  Pool water should never be consumed, but accidents happen

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LA Swimming Pool Features

What Are Some Ways to Make Your Pool Stand Out? Swimming pool features are a fantastic way to spruce up your pool space. While having a pool in general is a wonderful way to enhance your life, adding swimming pool features will give your pool that upscale look you've always wanted. Large or small, there

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Pool Deck Design Additions

Wintertime Sadness? So summer is over, the cool air brings in shorter days and less sunshine. This does not mean your backyard will become useless! If anything you are able to create a whole new experience for friends and family to enjoy. Wintertime can be the perfect time to add new features to your pool

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