How to keep a saltwater pool clean

If you have a saltwater pool, then you know how essential it is to learn how to keep it clean. The better you understand the importance of maintaining it, the easier it’ll be to keep your saltwater pool clean. Keep in mind, after all, a badly maintained saltwater pool can be hazardous for swimmers. A saltwater

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Why saltwater pools are better than chlorine pools

If you want to install a pool, you might want to think about saltwater pools. There are several health benefits of salt water compared to chlorine. You might find that your pool is clean and maintenance is easy, as well. In addition, there are various benefits of this type of pool on your skin, which

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Salt water pool health benefits

For centuries salt has been used in holistic health and relaxation. Salt water pools offer numerous other health benefits that range from soothing your skin to decreasing stress levels. They do require chlorine to sanitize and disinfect the water, but not as much as the typical swimming pool. Let's take a look at some salt water

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The Benefits of Building a Salt Water Pool in your Tucson Backyard

A salt water pool in your Tucson backyard is much more than simply a relaxing spot to swim. Salt water pools also provide many health benefits, ranging from reducing your stress levels to soothing your skin. Though these pool types do require some chlorine for disinfecting and sanitizing the pool water, they are best for

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How Do Salt Water Chlorinators React to Different Types of Swimming Pools?

What Is A Salt Water Chlorinator? Everyone within the in ground pool industry is raving about salt water chlorinators! However, you may be wondering what exactly salt water chlorinators are. Salt chlorinators use salt to create chlorine for your swimming pool sanitization. Salt chlorinators do this by using a process of electrolysis. This process creates

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Salt Water in Your Palm Springs Pool

Why Do People Find Salt Water Pools More Desirable? Many people often prefer salt water to chlorine because of the hazardous chemicals chlorine pools need. Chlorinated water is known to irritate the skin and eyes after some time. The chemicals needed can irritate the skin even faster by just handling with bare skin and can

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Swimming Pool Chemicals Myths

Truth or a Work of Fiction? Swimming pool's have a multitude of myths behind them, especially when it comes to swimming pool chemicals. Keep the family safe with these three myths busted. So, What are the Myths? Pool Water is Safe to Drink Because it's Disinfected  Pool water should never be consumed, but accidents happen

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