Free Swimming Pool Plans for Your Backyard in San Diego

From the stylishly simple to the exotic, a custom inground pool constructed by the best Premier Pool, San Diego pool builders will transform your outdoor space. Check out our pool gallery to see the many examples of pools built pool experts. Our expert team will work closely with you to visualize and execute free swimming

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Pool Waterfall Lights- Enhance Your Backyard Oasis

With relaxing water flow and soothing effects, it's obvious to see why waterfalls are the ultimate features in outdoor waterscaping in San Diego. If you want to get the maximum effect from a waterfall and improve its intrinsic elegance, light up the night using well-placed pool waterfall lights. Well-lit waterfalls create magical poolside evenings by

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Transform Your Backyard with a Natural Pool Waterfall

Do you want to transform the appearance of your existing backyard pool in San Diego? It is possible to incorporate a natural pool waterfall to an existing or new pool. One of the most common features that San Diego homeowners like is a natural waterfall. These water features have made great strides recently. There are

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Benefits of Unique Small Pool Designs

You might have never thought about having a pool because of the size of your outdoor space in San Diego. Probably you have a small outdoor space, or perhaps it is an oddly-shaped area. Fortunately, Premier Pools, your San Diego pool builders provide an array of unique small pool designs that can fit almost any

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Swimming Pools Mosaic Tile – Finish Your Pool with Glass Mosaic Tiles

Glass swimming pools mosaic tile has become pool designers' preferred choice of construction material for swimming pools in San Diego. This tiling material is creative enough to help you get the space look you desire. Glass mosaic tile will also make a great option for artistic wall paintings and mosaic floors in living spaces. If

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Add Waterfall to Pool for a Stunning Staycation

Are you thinking about ways to offer your pool in San Diego that special addition? Incorporating a waterfall to your pool is a good way of enhancing the experience of your backyard pool. If you add waterfall to pool, it turns from a simple body of water to stunning oasis in your outdoor space. It

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Modern Pool Designs and Landscaping for Your San Diego Home

Landscaping a pool area in San Diego, CA, is a different challenge for every homeowner, in the same way, the design of each backyard and home is distinct. However, when it comes to selecting plants for your pool landscape there are a few common considerations. This includes scent, safety, privacy, the right size, and easy

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Square pool designs – Transform Your Yard into a Relaxing Retreat

Square pool designs feature equal length right angles and sides. Their elegant design provides a lot of originality to your backyard in San Diego. Since they are usually flat-bottomed, this kind of pool is ideal for family bathing. Things to Consider When it Comes to Choosing Square Pool Designs: 1. Don't Forget the Lighting A

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Pool Design Concepts – Design your Own San Diego Pool

It is important to remember that a backyard pool is only one part of the bigger landscape. So, you should work with our professional landscapers to help with the pool design concepts and also the rest of your space. All too often, a pool builder will design a backyard pool without an overall site plan.

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