Small Pools – What is a Spool?

What is a Spool? Spools are small pools that are typically 1–2 meters deep, used for swimming or other water-based recreation. A typical backyard pool is about 9 meters long and 4.5 meters wide, with a depth of 1.4–2 meters. Small pools are typically less expensive to construct than large ones because they require

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Is There Enough Room For a Swimming Pool in Your Boise Backyard?

A well-designed pool in your backyard makes an excellent addition to your outdoor living area. Great outdoor pool ideas are possible when you make optimum use of your backyard space. Place the pool in a perfect position. The rest of the space in your backyard must seamlessly elevate its beauty. Here are some backyard facts

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Redding Spools: Small Backyard Pools and Designs

If you are looking out at your backyard in Redding and thinking that you do not have room for a pool then spools (small pools) might be what you need. In this article, we are going to talk about small backyard pools and designs that could fit your small space. Spools Make Life Better When

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