What is the Best Type of Swimming Pool for Small Backyards?

Are you looking for a way to make your Dallas outdoor living space more interesting and appealing? You can try an inground pool. It is the best feature to transform a dull yard into a big appeal for the entire family. It’ll It will always be perfect for entertaining guests. And do not give up

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Small Pools – What is a Spool?

What is a Spool? Spools are small pools that are typically 1–2 meters deep, used for swimming or other water-based recreation. A typical backyard pool is about 9 meters long and 4.5 meters wide, with a depth of 1.4–2 meters. Small pools are typically less expensive to construct than large ones because they require

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Small Pools to Fit in your Austin Backyard

Small pools let you transform any outdoor space in Austin into a paradise. You might have thought you did not have the ability to own a pool, since your yard was so limited, but that's not the case at all. Now that spools are increasingly becoming popular, everybody is raring to have a pool in

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Small Pool Ideas – Don’t Be Limited By Space!

Even though you have a small outdoor space it does not mean you cannot enjoy a pool of your own. Small pool ideas come with a range of designs for homeowners with limited space. The two factors that often discourage people to have their own personal pool, is cost and space. Many homeowners consider swimming

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Small Yard? Small Inground Pools Might be For You!

Pools swimming can be an amazing addition to a home in Santa Clarita, but not all properties have space for a large inground pool. What should you do if you do not have enough space to set aside for large pool? Don’t worry; there are lots of ideas for small inground pools that might work

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Small Pools to Fit Your Santa Clarita Backyard

If you’ve always wanted a pool in Santa Clarita but have insufficient space to work with, it might be worth thinking about a small backyard pool. Small pools are available in a range of sizes and shapes. They can be the best option to a big backyard pool if you have limited space. With some

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Spools in Your Backyard – Welcoming Spools Open-heartly into Your Tucson Backyard

Spools are smaller than an inground swimming pool and twice as large as a standard spa. It's the best solution for an oddly or small shaped Tucson outdoor space, but large enough for entertaining both the old and young. During warm days, you can have cool water temperature. It can also be quickly warmed up

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Las Vegas Spools: Pools Can Fit in Small Backyards Too

If you are wondering if you can fit a pool in your Las Vegas yard, you should know about spools. What are spools? Spools are small pools that are all the rage right now. People that used to think they couldn't fit a pool in their backyard are now finding out that they are able

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